Barbara Caldwell

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Name: Barbara J. Caldwell
Type: fan artist, fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek: TNG, The X-Files, Doctor Who, SeaQuest, Highlander
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Barbara Caldwell is a fan artist and fanfiction author best known for her zine work.

Sax 'n' Violins is a 1994 180-page gen anthology of fiction and art by Barbara Caldwell. It includes some net-published fiction.

Stories in anthologies include:

Fan Comments

From the editorial of Bridger's Folly (1994):

Our two artists, B. Caldwell and Sharon Palmer, aren't on the net, but who cares - these ladies can draw, making this a zine not only full of good stories, but beautiful art. [...] Barbara surprised me with not only gorgeous interior illos, but a fabulous front and back cover, and lots of support and friendly natter.

Sample Art

Star Trek: TNG

Other Fandoms