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Title: NCC-1701-D
Publisher: Jackie Edwards, authorized reprints by Jim Rondeau and Melody Rondeau
Date(s): 1988-1989
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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NCC-1701-D is an adult het Star Trek: TOS anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

NCC-1701-D 1 was published in January 1988 and contains 83 pages.

  • ... And to All a Good Night
  • "The Captain's Yacht
  • Galaxy Patrol
  • A Battle Won by Denise Tathwell
  • About Face

Issue 2

NCC-1701-D 2 was published in June 1988 and contains 86 pages. It contains nine stories.

cover of issue #2
  • Viva La Paris (Picard and Crusher's romantic vacation in 1940's Paris is foiled by pick pockets, sea sickness, and Beverly being arrested for soliciting.)
  • Battle Won (After 'The Battle' Picard finds a very painful link with the past.)
  • Into the Darkness (A freak lab explosion traps Crusher and Riker in one of the decontamination labs.)
  • Understanding Humans (Data's continuing plight.)
  • Fireworks (Celebrating the 4th of July on the Enterprise??)
  • Remembrance of Tasha, poetry by Vonne Shepard
  • art by Melody Rondeau and Christine Myers

Issue 3

NCC-1701-D 3 was published in November 1988 and contains 90 pages.

cover of issue #3
a flyer for issue #3
  • Luke by C.C. Calder ("Picard regrets beaming to a planet's surface to investigate a beautiful, mysterious. 'loom' when he is suddenly transported to a another Enterprise where is just Sgt. Luke Picard and Remick is his captain. Meanwhile, Luke Picard and is finding that he likes being a captain more than he likes the beautiful red haired CMO he finds there.")
  • All Saint's Eve by Jackie Edwards ("Halloween on the Enterprise? After hearing the holiday mentioned, Data decides they should have a costume party. The rules stat that costumes must not be be computer generated. Guess who comes as who (or what) and watch them scramble for the ingredients to make them work.")
  • Memories by Vonne Shepard ("A touching look at Data's reaction to Natasha Yar's death.")
  • poetry by Vonne Shepard
  • illos by Melody Rondeau and Barbara J. Caldwell
  • filks and other small unknown content

Issue 4

NCC-1701-D 4 was published in 1989 and contains 98 pages.

cover of issue #4, Barbara Caldwell
inside art by Barbara Caldwell, see Asbestos Envelope #2 for a another fanwork in this series
  • Galaxy Patrol II by Kelly Leonard
  • To Soar No More by Laurie D. Haynes
  • No Beach to Walk on by Amber Sinclair
  • Tiny Bubbles in the Wine by Kelly Leonard
  • Solar Disturbance by Ariane Bateau
  • Poetry Selection by Vonne Sheppard
  • Ain't Love Wonderful by G. Forret
  • Artwork by Barbara Caldwell
  • Front and Back Cover by Christine Myers
  • Filler Art Sue Kennan

Issue 5

NCC-1701-D 5 was published in 1989 and contains 82 pages

Reactions and Reviews

[review of issues #1 and #2]: It's hard to find fault with a zine devoted to Crusher/Picard stories, as they my favorite people on TNG, but I do. I'm not saying both issues of NCC-1701 -D are without redemption. There are some good stories in each, and if you like the Crusher/Picard relationship, I would recommend you get your hands on them (I believe there may now be other issues as well). But, gentle reader, I do have some criticisms. Let's begin, however, with what I did like. In issue 1, there are three good stories: "... And to All a Good Night," "The Captain's Yacht" and "Galaxy Patrol". Without giving too much away, "Good Night" is a Christmas story in which Wesley gets an X-rated movie from Worf, who reasons that that is what any red-blooded 15 year old boy would want. "The Captain's Yacht" states the 'real' purpose of such a craft, while "Galaxy Patrol" has Picard stuck in a closet. Why? You just gotta read this one. Issue 2, while not quite as fun, has an excellent short story, "A Battle Won", written by Denise Tathwell, where Picard finds something in his trunk from the Star-gazer that he Is able to share with the Crushers. This issue also contains "Vive la Difference", a humorous Holodeck story. OK, so much for the good stuff. The remaining story in Issue 1, "About Face' doesn't ring true to the characterizations of Tasha and Data, not to mention Beverly and the Captain. With elements of heavily implied sadism, I did not find this story well-written at all. Issue 2, excpet for the last "get story" and the two previously mentioned above read like the old "nurse novels." You know, where something dreadful is always happening to the main character, in this case Beverly Crusher. Besides not being a devotee of the Perils of Pauline school of romances, if Beverly Crusher was that much of a klutz, she wouldn't have risen to such a level. Last, but not least, both issues have numerous typos and different typefaces, which can be quite distracting. There is good work here, but it could all to easily get lost in the technical problems. [1]
[review of issue #4]: Of the four stories in the zine, two are reprints I've reviewed in previous articles, so I'll make this short and sweet The completed "Kathryne" (half of this was first published in issue #3), was a disappointment. In brief, Beverly finds herself pregnant and when she tells the Captain, his less than joyous reaction makes her doubt his love. Now, if the story dealt move with Picard coming to terms with parenthood than Crusher's doubts, it would, in the reviewer's opinion, have been a better story. I really expected more from Jackie Edwards. Her work is usually delightful. "Legacy of a Doppleganger" by Marilyn Wilkerson was a delight The best story here, matter of fact. Without spoiling any of the fun, it has to do with Beverly telling Jean-Luc what his duplicate did in "Allegiance" and his reactions. Tons better than "Captain's Holiday". I've read a lot of Ms. Wilkerson's work (including her segments of the infamous Next Generation fandom in-joke "Sweet Savage Star Trek") and this is just about her best But except for Ms. Wilkerson's story, I found the zine a complete disappointment. [2]
[a review of issue #1, though possibly #2 or #3]: Fair. This zine is devoted primarily to Picard and Crusher, and to a large extent, to the relationship (romantic variety) between them. I found little in this zine to irritate me outright. However, I found just as little to interest me. The prose was competent, but uninspired, the dialogue lacked imagination, and the entire effort never seemed to engender any kind of a response in me as I was reading, apart from an occasional flash of annoyance at bits that seemed out of character. I have to question the point of putting out a fanzine in which nothing stands out, both in this case and in the case of ERIDANI. Why not wait until the writing has been polished, or the majority of the submissions reflect a quality effort? [3]


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  3. from Treklink #14, commenting as much on the zine as the subject of how long fans should wait before writing fan fiction about a new show