Asbestos Envelope

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Title: Asbestos Envelope
Publisher: "is a "'That's Why' Generation (That's Why...)", later agented/distributed through Bill Hupe
Editor(s): Kimberley Junius and Lillie Deans, then Daniel Van De Wiele
Date(s): 1989-1990
Medium: print zine
Genre: gen, het, femslash and slash
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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Asbestos Envelope is a gen, het, femslash and slash Star Trek: TNG anthology with four issues.

Its emphasis is Picard/Crusher.

Issues were word-processor printed, photocopied, and hand-stapled. An ad by the publisher in Datazine #57 describes it as "sleaze on a shoestring."

This zine required an age statement to purchase as "these stories are for grown-ups."

Issue 1

Asbestos Envelope 1 was published in 1989 and contains 50 pages.

Cover of Issue #1
  • Moonlight Madness by Kimberly Junius (Jack Crusher shares more than a meal when his best friend Jean-Luc Picard comes to visit.)
  • Gamma Watch by Kimberly Junius (It's the graveyard shift on the Enterprise. What, oh, what do the Captain and the Doctor find to do for all those hours?)
  • a long poem by Kim
  • poetry and dialogues by Lillie Deans
  • some art

Issue 2

Asbestos Envelope 2 was published in 1990 and contains 56 pages.

Cover of Issue #2, Barbara Caldwell, see NCC-1701-D #4 for another fanwork in this series

"For all you P/C aficionados, here's take two on that sleaze on a shoestring from the Beverlyophiles."

  • a Wesley first time story "(no wonder he scr-... messed up with the nanites!)"
  • A Bev and Jack vignette ("a threesome, actually, but NOT what you think")
  • House Call ("The captain has need of the Doctor's... treatment.")
  • A Particular Need (a post-bonding comfort story)
  • excerpts from an original P/C story
  • poetry and dialogues
  • cover art by Barbara Caldwell, interior art by Barbara Caldwell and Kimberly Junius

Issue 3

Cover of Issue #3

Asbestos Envelope 3 was published in 1990 and contains 87 pages.

From Media Monitor #34: "Includes some slash, and Beverly/Wesley, Wesley loses his virginity, and loads more steamy sex."

  • Foreplay (editorial) (2)
  • Sleep Well, My Love by Jessica Francine Steele (5) (sweet)
  • Flesh and Blood by Chad Dean and J.F. Taylor (9) (straight)
  • Libido by Michael L. Kuhne (15) (salacious)
  • Domestic Fantasy No. 15 by Kimberly Junius (35) (sapphic)
  • Our Bodies Be Twisted, But Never Our Minds by Christopher Barrett (41) (shamel-less)
  • In Sight, In Silence by Shea O'Connor (49) (Story!)
  • art by Charlie Petruzzieloo, Christopher Barrett and Kimberley Junius

Issue 4

Cover of Issue #4, Adrian Flores

Asbestos Envelope 4 was published in 1990 and contains 54 pages.It contains both het and slash.

From the editorial: "Welcome to your latest injection of hot sex... I remember how I was introduced to this type of fan-friction. Lillie Deans had a book she lovingly called, 'The Binder.' That book had in it a story about a little triste between Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher called 'I get no kick from Champagne.' After picking my jaw up on the floor, I was hooked. Now, I find myself putting together the 'zine that was started as stories between two friends."

Summaries for stories come from the zine's table of contents:

  • The Question by Beth Kitterer (Beverly is given an offer by Jean-Luc Picard Will she or won't she? (2)
  • Higher Ground by Gamine (Remember Finn? Beverly does.) (4)
  • Just Another Day by Chad Dean (Wesley's dreams are hot. The counseling he gets is hotter.) (5
  • After All by Jeanne-Marie Martin (Beverly and Jean-Luc go for a ride.) (8)
  • Stars by Gamine (What do you see when you look at the skies?) (10)
  • Truth or Dare (no author listed) (Will, Ro, and Geordi have some time on their hands.) (according to key, gay or bisexual) (11)
  • Crusher.01 by Nyasia Marie (Beverly [and] some 'quality time' on the holodeck with a few ohter women.) (according to key, gay or bisexual) (19)
  • The Admiral's Question by Gamine (What does the Romulan admiral want to ask Beverly.) (25)
  • Being Human by Jasmine Hamilton (Wesley and Jono find there's more to being together together than sharing a sundae.) (according to key, gay or bisexual) (26)
key to some sex stuff from issue #4
  • Truth's First Time (Lights. Camera. Q? Q shows Picard and Crusher their future.) by Christine Davenport (30)
  • A Walk in the Woods by Alan Gibson (What happened between Wesley and Ensign DuMont.) (35)
  • When Alternate Worlds Collide by Sam Christian (Beverly looks into the alternatives.) (39)
  • A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That by C.P. Campbell (Beverly is a maiden fair in this romp through thee holodeck.) (40)
  • For Sexism to Live, You Must Die by Adrian Flores (Dr. Bev takes on the powers that be, or does she?) (48)
  • Art by Adrian Flores (cover), K. Kilometers, and A. Lippencot