Darwin's Log

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Title: Darwin's Log
Publisher: Prime Time Press
Editor(s): Mary Wardell
Date(s): 1995, 1997
Medium: print
Fandom: SeaQuest
Language: English
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Darwin's Log is a gen SeaQuest anthology.

Submission Request

From GAZ: "Follow the adventures of the crew of the seaQuest DSV as they patrol the oceans as part of mankind's attempt to preseve the Earth at the beginning of the 21st century. I am looking for submissions of stories, poetry, and art based on the adventures of Nathan Bridger and his crew including Ensign Darwin who may be the best observer of them all. Darwin's Log is open to almost any kind of story: long, short or in-between. Missing scenes are welcome as are written articles about theshow. No slash please."

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Barbara Caldwell

Darwin's Log 1 contains 136 pages. It was published in 1995. Cover by Barbara Caldwell, Interior art by Barbara Caldwell and K.A. Marshall.

  • Running Silent by Angela Field. Tim gets sick during important talks where he is needed to translate. (14 pages)
  • Peace of Mind by Loretta Greco. Set during Whale Song, Nathan has a special visitor to his island. (3 pages)
  • Flattery Lost by Betsy R. Miller. Nathan retreats to his island to recover with Wendy and Lucas by his side. (45 pages)
  • The Ghost by Martha Berry. An interesting short story about a picture of Carol and the seaQuest crew. (5 pages)
  • Safe Haven by Karen Garrison. A story set after "Special Delivery". (13 pages)
  • Rematch by Linda Chapple. An enemy of Bridger's escapes prison and Tim, Kristin and Lucas fall into his hands.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Mary F. Wardel

Darwin's Log 2 contains 144 pages. It was published in 1997. Cover designed by Mary F. Wardell, interior art by K.A. Marshall.

  • Secrets of the Deep by Angela Field. Katie, Tim and Miguel are trapped. (25 pages)
  • The Circle by Mary Lozinski. An third season story about an old Navy tradition. (4 pages)
  • Mind's Eye by Karel A. Black. Set after "The Siamese Dream" (5 pages)
  • Future Perfect by Betsy R. Miller. A post-SeaQuest story about Lucas' adult life. (10 pages)
  • Siamese Nightmares by Diane Kachmar. Set after "The Siamese Dream" (20 pages)
  • Matchmaker by Deanna Toxopeus. Jim Brody tries to teach Tim how to be a ladies' man. (8 pages)
  • Maneuvers by Birgit Stabler. (20 pages)
  • Changes by Pam Miles. The beginning of an adult series about Bridger and an old female friend (original character) he takes on board as his assistant.