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You may be looking for Beverlyophiles.

Title: The Beverly File
Publisher: Beverlyophiles, later agented/distributed through Bill Hupe
Editor(s): Kimberley Junius
Date(s): 1990-1991 (?)
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation
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The Beverly File is a gen and het Star Trek: TNG anthology focusing on the character of Beverly Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It contains fiction, poetry, art and reviews of Gates McFadden's other roles.

It was a 1990 Fan Q nominee.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Kimberley Junius

The Beverly File 1 was published in 1990 and contains 106 pages.

The art is by Barbara Caldwell, Kimberley Junius, Doug Griffin, and Polly Kuhne.


  • Diligently Seeking Cheryl, and incredibly brief bio [of Gates McFadden) by Lillie Deans (7)
  • Credit List compiled by Lillie Deans (8)
  • Reviews, copies courtesy of Barbara Caldwell, Lillie Deans (In the first print of this issue, these were clippings of reviews from various sources of Gate McFadden's appearances; in subsequent printings, they were removed with this note from the editor: "Due to possible copyright infringement (which the editor didn't consider when she first produced this zine) the reviews and articles in the section have been removed.") (11)
  • A Trip to "Emerald City" (play review) by Alexandra German (33)
  • The Quest for Gates McFadden, or Star Trek Fans Do the Darndest Things (a retelling of her harrowing trip on Chicago public transportation to pick up a package -- containing photos of Gates McFadden that a fan has taken -- at the post office) by Kimberley Junius (35)
  • The Gospel According to "Beverlophiles" -- First Season Ratings by Douglas Griffin III, and Melody Johnson (40)
  • St. Sashi, the Divine -- A Different View of the First Season by Alexandra German (46)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation Questionnaire Results (includes a long excerpt from "Theoretical principles" by McQuall and Gurevitch discussing fandom, fan writing, and TNG fans specifically) by Taylor Harrison (5=49)
  • Bev and Jean-Luc's Greatest Hits by Lillie Deans and Kimberley Junius (a very detailed description of a project some fans created, an audio round robin audio tapes (and one vid) which focuses on the Crusher/Picard relationship) (54)
  • Notes from All Over by The 'philes (In subsequent printings, this section was removed by the editor due to possible copyright worries.) (61)


  • Her Second Love by Lori Scott (79)
  • What's in a Name by Lori Scott (81)
  • In Space are the Dreams, poem by Angele Egarhos (83)
  • Friends, poem by Angele Egarhos (83)
  • The Lack of Miracles by Alexandra German (84)
  • Privacy, What a Concept by Lillie Deans (86)
  • Starfleet Ball by Ann Savage (87)
  • Cross That Bridge by Lillie Deans (94)
  • Going Home by Melody Johnson (95)
  • And To All, A Good Night by William O'Donnell (99)
  • I Will Always Remember Paris, poem by R. Cain (106)

Issue 2

The Beverly File 2 was published in 1990 and contains 167 pages. One story in this issue has a response fic in New Enterprise. Another story, Lillie Deans' TNG-crew-plays-softball comedy, "How You Play the Game," provided inspiration for "Paris at the Bat" in A RanDoM Zine #2.

cover of issue #2

From an ad in Datazine #44:

"Yes, we're still unofficial; yes, we're still unsanctioned; and yes, we're still off-the-wall! The Beverlyophiles, that group of Gates McFadden/Beverly Crusher fans (aka the 'philes) are back with a brand new, bigger zine. The first 'phile anniversary issue contains:

  • "Why We Love Beverly" - Lori Scott counts the ways (previously published in IDIC, a Scottish letterzine)
  • "To know him is to ... " - A 'philes-eye view of Gates' most recent play, "Viva Detroit".
  • PLUS: "In Defense of St. Cheryl-A "Discussion"',
  • Third Season Episode Ratings,
  • "The 'philes Do Bev & Jean-Luc's Greatest Hits".

"TBF2 also contains even more top-notch Beverly and P/C fiction (G-PG rated), including:

  • "A Certain Satisfaction" by Douglas Giffin, III - after the Captain's holiday, Bev doesn't get mad, she gets even!
  • "The Specialist" by Lori Scott - What if another doctor had been called in to save Picard in "Samaritan Snare'?
  • "Battle Scars" by Brenda Shaffer - A captain must always be in control. But that's not always possible. Bev helps Picard through the aftermath of his victimization by the Ferengi.

PLUS: Lots more fiction, both amusing and thought-provoking; Deans Dialogues, elevated to an art form (nine of 'em, not all written by Deans!); and some really nifty poetry.

Edited by Kimberly "so that's why your hair's so short" Junius. Cover artwork by Charles Petruzziello, interior art by Junius, Adrian Aores, Tanya Chang and anybody else I can get!"

Issue 3

cover issue #3, Adrian Flores

The Beverly File 3 was published in August 1991 and is 175 pages long. It contains articles and essays written by fans of Beverly Crusher ('Philes') along with fan fiction. Cover artwork by Adrian Flores.

Table of Contents, Issue #3, click for larger view

"This isn't reality...

  • The Birth Announcement by SuzAnne Wilson
    • Clippings from the 'philes
    • The 'Philes Rate the Episodes by Will O'Donnell, Jenny Fast and Doug Giiffin
    • ST: TNG Word Find by Denise M. Parker
    • Sightings from the 'philes
  • "... this is fantasy!"
    • Beverly Goes to a Funeral by Susan Deborah Smith
    • Name Calling by Maryn Bowman
    • Pins and Needles by Lillie Deans
    • A Medical Mission by Allison Hewett
    • Tears in the Night by Mary Libcke
    • Drunk and Disorderly by Christine E. Davenport
    • Without You by Dr. Beverly Crusher, MD
    • Still a Miracle by Carol Lombard
    • Echoes of the Past by Mary Libcke
    • The Other Show by Sherry A. Bass
    • A Locket for Beverly by Tanya L. Chang
    • Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow by Jenny Fast
    • Halcyon Days...? by Patience Sibeal
    • Pride Sisters by Sally Winchester


  • Adrian Flores (cover), pages 97 and 136.
  • Laura Miles, M.J. Millard, Kimberley Junius, Robbie Perkins, Chad Dean, Patience Sibeal, Beth Schmitz, Susi Leinbach, Aaron Erickson and Germain M. Hatcher