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You may be looking for the zine RanDoM Flight, a zine.

Title: A RanDoM Zine
Publisher: Bad Fan Art Productions/RanDoM Flight
Editor(s): issue #1 Jennifer Pelland and Brenda Antrim, issue #3 Brenda Shaffer-Shiring
Date(s): 1996
Medium: print
Size: full-size
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Language: English
External Links: http://members.aol.com/rdmfanclub/rdmzine.html
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A RanDoM Zine is "The Official Zine of RanDom Flight - the Robert Duncan McNeill Fan Club."

left, Jennifer Pelland

Issue 1

On the cover: "The Quixotic Moods of Tom Paris," and "brought to you by Bad Fan Art Productions tm (Jennifer Pelland)." It is a gen 98-page anthology.

It has art by Jackie Long, Madalena Mumford, and Jennifer Pelland.

Editor's introduction:

Welcome to the first edition of the RanDoM Flight Fan Fiction Collection. This selection of stories, poems and artwork is a strictly not-for-profit celebration of Star Trek: Xbyager and her pilot, the inimitable Thomas Eugene Paris, and is dedicated to the man responsible for bringing him to life (and for the existence of this fan club), Robert Duncan McNeill.

The offerings here range from musings on why we fans find Tom Paris so fascinating, to internal monologues from the character himself, to memories from his childhood, to scenes envisioned as following on or fleshing out or branching from aired episodes. Some of the stories are humorous, some are adventurous, some are contemplative. Cats make guest appearances, as do omnipotent beings and other Star Trek characters. Some of the adventures fit into the canon of the show, some do not. That is the fun of fan fiction. It allows the imagination of the writer and the reader to explore trails the aired episodes might not be able to follow. Several club members participated in a series of vignettes edited by Maddie Mumford that show the crew's reactions to Tom's changes in "Threshold"—reactions we fans knew had to be there but which we weren't given the opportunity to see. I hope these stories do more than entertain you. I hope they make you want to take up a pen (or sit down at a keyboard) and let your own imagination wander.

This is a true collaboration of talent, brought to you by volunteers who actually do this sort of thing because we enjoy it. Some of the writers showcased herein are first time authors, others have written for years, all are enthusiastic, and the combined talent is simply amazing. Thanks go to Jennifer Pelland for copyediting and formatting, Maddie Mumford for coordinating the "Threshold" project and all of the authors and artists for sharing their work with us. It has been a joy to put this together, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the result. And if I bring this up again next year you'll know I've finally recovered from putting this one together...

hugs and blessings,

Brenda Antrim

  • Introduction by Brenda Antrim and Jennifer Pelland (iii)
  • Tom Paris, The Boy Next Door, essay by Pam Buickel (1)
  • Turning Point by Marianne Lubianetzky—A first person perspective of Tom at the beginning of his journey. (5)
  • Surviving the Escape by Jo Jones—A dramatic follow on to "Dreadnought". (7)
  • She Followed Me Home by Sharon Prescott—A completely different view of the crew that cat lovers will adore. (13)
  • Dear Q, poem by Jennifer Pelland (15)
  • All Alone in the Night by Timothy Scallon—In which Tom asks his friends for help in facing his past. (16)
  • Not in Front of the Children by Glacis—A humorous look at the havoc that results when someone listens in on Tom's thoughts. (18)
  • Tom and Julian's Excellent Adventure by Kronette—A bittersweet story of an unlikely friendship between Tom Paris and Julian Bashir as boys. (24)
  • The Smallest Consequence by Maddie Mumford—A heartrending alternative universe ending to "Elogium". (28)
  • Monologue by Ruth Ann Jones (40)
  • The Dauphin Visits Paris by Jackie Lang—A delightful tale of an unusual rescue (another one for cat fanciers!).
  • Threshold of Time by Ruth Ann Jones—A fascinating "lizard-free" alternative view of "Threshold". (41)
  • The Threshold Logs, a riveting version of crewmembers reactions to Paris' death and rebirth in the episode "Threshold" told through a combination of log entries and narrative storytelling—this unusual group effort features twelve different authors bringing Tuvok, B'Elanna, Janeway, Kim and all the crew to life in a seamless flow of stories and entries edited by Maddie Mumford (47)
    • Tuvok by Lillian Lee (48)
    • Tom Paris by Brenda S. Antrim (48)
    • B'Elanna Torres by Wendi Christine Arant (48)
    • Kes by Madalena Mumford (52)
    • B'Elanna Torres by Tiara Rose (53)
    • B'Elanna Torres by Maxeen Kendall (54)
    • Chakotay by Jennifer Pelland (55)
    • Kathryn Janeway by Marianne Lubianstzky (55)
    • Harry Kim by Ruth Ann Jones (56)
    • Kathryn Janeway by Marianne Lubianstzky (57)
    • Harry Kim by Jo Jones (58)
    • The Doctor by Ruth Ann Jones (59)
    • B'Elanna and Tom by Brenda Antrim and Wendi Arant (60)
  • Freefall, a "Threshold" poem by Brenda Antrim (62)
  • Retrovirus by Jennifer Pelland—A frightening look at what can happen from a single scratch on an away mission, and how it can affect the entire crew. (80)
  • Travelling-Companion II by Debra Cooper (99)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

See reactions and reviews for Retrovirus.

Issue 2

  • The Admiral: Day and Night by Brenda Shaffer-Shiring
  • Angel of Mercy by Terri Zavaleta
  • Away Team by Terri Zavaleta
  • Bridging the Rift by Cheryl Palay
  • Day of Honor by Phyllis Sutherland
  • A Different Man by Brenda Shaffer-Shiring
  • Eagle's Flight by Phyllis Sutherland
  • Ghost of a Chance by Laura Tew
  • Good Enough for Now by Jennifer Pelland (Siubhan)
  • Guilty, Until Proven Guilty by Lee Lickliter
  • Happy Holidays, Cadet Ro by J.A. Toner
  • I am Tom's . . .
    • Hope by Richel Darrah
    • Eyes by Kronette
    • Conscience by Kimberann Claar
    • '57 Chevy by Jo Jones
    • Navigation Console by Ruth Ann Jones
    • Replicator by Marianne Lubianetzky
    • Commbadge by Kristina A. Olson
  • Impressions by Phyllis Sutherland
  • The Last Goodbye by Cheryl Palay
  • Memories of Failure by Riss
  • No Hiding from the Truth by Ann B. Harding
  • Paris at the Bat by Brenda Shaffer-Shiring ("Acknowledgements: Lillie Deans' TNG-crew-plays-softball comedy, "How You Play the Game" (published in "The Beverly File 2"), provided inspiration for this story, but it was the fact that Robbie McNeill's a huge baseball fan that really made it inevitable.")
  • Q, Jr. by Candace Durand
  • Reminders by Abra Mitchell
  • Self-Confidence by Ann B. Harding
  • A Sneak Preview of Season 10 by Kadda Schöneborn

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Maureen Lesher

RanDoM Zine 3 was published in 2002 and contains 124 pages. On the cover: "The Last Time I Saw Paris." It was illustrated with line art by Maureen Lesher.

  • Flights of Fancy, editorial by Brenda Shaffer-Shiring (3)
  • Misdirection? by Sarah Tindall—Now that Voyager is again in contact with the Alpha Quadrant, Tom's dad has finally said the words Tom's waited all his life to hear. Why, Janeway wonders, isn't the pilot happier? (4)
  • A Little Free Time by Brenda Shaffer-Shiring—After a friendly game of catch, Tom and Chakotay reflect on life since their return to Earth. (14)
  • Alternate Investigations by Sara Greenblatt—Tom's undercover mission is known only to Janeway and Tuvok. What—or who—might have persuaded Janeway to confide in Chakotay? And why? An alternate universe story. (18)
  • Tom and His Father: What Went Wrong? by Carol Kobel—As a boy, Tom apparently had a good relationship with is father. What turned it sour? Based on clues from the episodes, Carol Kobel develops a theory that may surprise you. (36)
  • A Guardian from the Past by Carol A. Cole—The shuttle Tom is flying crashes, stranding him, Chakotay, and an injured Janeway on a lonely planet. While the three struggle to survives and find a way to contact Voyager, Harry and B'Elanna search desperately for any clue to their whereabouts. (40)
  • Belated by Ann B. Harding—After the events of "Alice," guilt keeps Janeway from offering support and comfort to her injured pilot. Will Tom forgive her? Should he? (58)
  • Vignettes by Sara Greenblatt—Three short fics focus on pivotal moments during Tom's early career on Voyager. (67)
  • Do No Harm by Diane Klepper—A patient dies under Tom's care. Who can help him come to terms with the guilt he feels? (72)
  • "Thirty Days": From Bad to Worse, review by Sara Greenblatt—Was "Thirty Days" a chance for Tom to make a big splash? Or a dive into the murky waters of poor characterization and a haphazard continuity? A scathing look at a pivotal Paris episode. (76)
  • Thank You, Captain by Diane Klepper—As Voyager approaches Earth, a late-night encounter in the mess hall gives Tom a chance to express his gratitude to the woman who changed his life. (80)
  • Tom Belts the Captain by Karen Miller—When Tom tries to introduce a twentieth-century 'innovation' on the bridge, he finds his commanding officer in need of a little extra persuasion. (85)
  • Q and Consequences by Diane Klepper—Suffering from guilt on the anniversary of Caldik Prime, Tom wishes he could have handled the whole incident differently. But when a certain omnipotent being gives him the chance to do just that, the pilot discovers that every choice has a price. (92)
  • "Thirty Days" Revisited by Carol Kobel—Was Janeway's punishment of Tom in "Thirty Days" as out-of-line as Paris fen believe? This well-reasoned and thoroughly-detailed article uses evidence from subsequent episodes to show how the captain's harsh discipline forced her pilot to become a better officer—and a better person. (017)
  • Many and Many a Year Ago by Diane Bellomo—After Voyager's return to Earth, Tom attends a memorial service for those who died at Caldik Prime. What can he possibly say, or do, to comfort their families and friends? Where will he even find the strength to even try? (124)
  • About RanDoM Flight (124)