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Zine Publisher
Name: Unicorn Press
Contact: Pat Hayden & Nancy Borden
Type: fanzine publisher, print
Fandoms: many - see list below.
Status: defunct, 1994-2002?
URL: WayBack Archive link to Unicorn Press
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Unicorn Press was run by Pat Hayden & Nancy Borden in Pennsylvania from approximately 1994 to 2002.

They edited and published fanzines in a wide variety of fandoms (gen, het, and slash) and even offered "print on demand" services for fans who wanted to self-publish their work.

In the mid 1990s, they also composed and illustrated and published the Star Trek filk collection If I Had a Filksong... [1]. They routinely attended Eclecticon, MediaWest, and Shore Leave and had dealer's tables.

Published fandoms: Angel, Ares, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Due South, Early Edition, The Equalizer, Farscape, Forever Knight, FX: The Series, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Highlander, Lawless, Prey, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, SeaQuest, Sentinel, Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, The West Wing, Xena: Warrior Princess, X-Files and X-Men.

2001 Message from the Publisher

Have you written a story that you want printed in a fanzine, but you've found that most editors refuse it because it's already been posted on the Internet?

Try submitting it to us.

Many of our customers are looking for good stories that they know are on the net, but they don't have the Internet access. They'll enjoy your work.

Many of our customers do have net access, but don't have the time to download everything that they want to read...or the extra money for all the paper and ink that involves.

They also appreciate the written word - - it's hard to read off the monitor while soaking in a bubble bath (and dangerous, too!!!)

Please contact us for details and guidelines. [1]

Published Zines


Angel of the Morning | City of Refuge | Closing Time | Come Forth as Gold | The Daily Muse | Enchantment | The Slayer

Due South

A Time and a Place | Masquerade

Early Edition

Morning Headlines


In a New York Minute


Love Makes No Sense


I Feel a Filksong Coming On | If I Had a Filksong | Trekkin' Around the Christmas Tree

Forever Knight

A Little Knight Musing


Death and Deviance | Highland Dreaming | The Horseman | Immortal Love | Running on Empty


Outside the Law

Multiple Fandoms

A Walk in the Park | The Fanzine Yellow Pages


Escape | Reclamation | Recovering Love

Scarecrow and Mrs. King

Undercover Operations


All's Fair in Love and Revenge | Timquest


Time Marches On | Trust Your Senses

Star Trek: Enterprise

Faith of the Heart | Leap of Faith

Star Trek (mixed)

Beyond the Final Frontier | Galaxy Gourmet | The Mindsifter | Personal Voyages | To the Farthest Reaches of Space | Trek Tales | Trek Treats

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Here Comes Mr. J'Ord'aHn | Vintage: A Tribute to Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Original Series

The Continuing Missions | The Poet Warrior and Other Klingon Legends

Star Trek: Voyager

An End to the Nightmare | Among the Stars | Another Day in Delta | At the Edge of the Universe | Beyond Alpha | Blood and Wine and Roses | Blue Delta | Charlie's Tails | Coyote | Delta Desires | Diverse Pleasures | Downfall of Her Heart | Enemy of My Enemy | Forever | Fraternization Among the Stars | Exordium Future Steps | | Gallery of Souls | Guardians of Peace | Gloryfire | The Heart and Soul of Voyager | Infinite Diversities | Irremission | The Left Hand of Madness | Long Distance Voyagers | A Man Humming | Ménage a Torres | Meltdown | Once Upon a Quadrant | One More Round | Phoenix Rising | Q-ED Again | Quid Pro Quo | Revisions | Revisionist History | Same Time, Next Year | Second Star on the Right | Secrets, Deceptions and Lies | Shooting Stars | Sizzle Among the Stars | Smoke and Mirrors | Snare | Somewhere in Delta | Still Looking for Alpha | Star Crossed Voyagers | Those Who Are Left Behind | Transitions | The Trials Series | Twisting the Timeline | Under Different Circumstances | Unto Us a Son Is Given | Visions | Voyager Intrepid Class | Walking a Thin Line | Warmth | We'll Always Have Paris | Wings of Love | Would You Believe???? | You Can't Go Home Again

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Guardians of Peace | In a Galaxy Far, Far Away | Master and Apprentice

West Wing

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue | Dreaming in Technicolor | Just Winging It | It's Our Time | Once in a Lifetime | Whatever It Takes

The X-Files

April Fools | Enchantment | Moment of Truth | Safety | The Spirit of Friendship | Washington X | Y2K


April Fools | Blessings of Battle | The Brass Jar Series | By the Sword of Ares | Cooking Through Time | Dragons of All Sizes | History Cast in Amber | The Warrior and the Bard


  1. ^ from an ad in Blue Delta