Angel of the Morning

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Title: Angel of the Morning
Publisher: Unicorn Press
Date(s): 2001-2002
Series?: yes
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Angel the Series
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Angel of the Morning is a het Angel anthology fanzine featuring Angelus/Cordelia stories.

Issue 1

Angel of the Morning 1 was published in 2001 and contains 82 pages. It has stories written by Marleena. It has a cover by Sophia Kelly Shultz and art by Marleena.

cover of issue #1, by Sophia Kelly Shultz

Stories: "An Encounter with Death," "Embraced by Darkness" and "Soul's Embrace" by Marleena. Angelus sets his vampiric sights on Cordelia, but neither is prepared for the unexpected results. How will the gang handle the news? How will they handle these developments? Will Xander ever put down that stake?

  • An Encounter With Death (4 pages)
  • Embrace By Darkness (44 pages)
  • Soul’s Embrace (30 pages)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Angel of the Morning 2 was published in 2002 and contains 142 pages. It has stories written by Marleena. It has a cover by Jim McClure.

Stories. "Remembrance" and "Prophecy" by Marleena. Angelus and Cordelia are still trying to reconcile their relationship.

  • Remembrance (69 pages)
  • Prophecy (52 pages)