Beyond the Final Frontier

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Title: Beyond the Final Frontier
Publisher: Unicorn Press
Editor(s): Pat Hayden
Date(s): 1996-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Language: English
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Beyond the Final Frontier is a slash, het and femslash Star Trek: Voyager anthology.

Reactions and Reviews

This slash zine features some heavy Chakotay/Paris bonding and some really hysterical entertainment, with a great many stories by our own Siubhan, whose version in #2 of the Voyager crew performing The Rocky Horror Picture Show is screamingly funny even if you're not a slash fan. The stories feature same-sex couples in sexual situations and not a lot of Janeway or heavy-duty science fiction, just so you know what to expect.[1]

Issue 1

Beyond the Final Frontier 1 was published in 1996 and contains 74 pages. Commander Chakotay and Lt. Tom Paris find love isn't always easy. Color cover by R.R. Schmitt and Pat Hayden.

The zine has a typo on the title page, mislabeling it as Star-Crossed Voyagers.

cover of issue #1, R.R. Schmitt
  • Crier Hovot by Richel Darrah. Chakotay wakes up in bed with Paris and desperately tries to remember how he ended up there. It turns out that anger leads to sex, especially when drunk, but the alcohol is no excuse the morning after when Chakotay still wants that blowjob Paris is offering. Also, it turns out sex doesn't help to get rid of the tension and hostility between them. (1)
  • Sometimes It's a (poem) "by Davie Byrne, American entertainer" (9)
  • Quid Pro Quo by Richel Darrah. A sequel to Crier Hovot set immediately after the episode Investigations. Chakotay/Paris NC-17. In an earlier online version of the story Richel thanked "Bren - for the deep backstory used for Paris. After reading her stories, I can't imagine any other background for him. If you've never read the Nightingale series, I urge you to do so." (11)
  • Parallel Lines 1 by Jennifer Pelland (Siubhan) Trekiverse summary Part 1 (5/96): "Chakotay is tossed into an alternate universe where his Maquis ship and Voyager are *not* working together, and he is Tom Paris's lover." Author's summary Part 2 (6/96): "Back in his own universe, Chakotay is briefly visited by the alternate universe Tom, then initiates a relationship with our Tom." After the zine had timed out Parallel Lines was posted to ASCEM in 1998. (19)
  • Love Alone, poem "by Peirre Teilhard De Charding, French Philoposphre" (48)
  • Parallel Lines 2 by Jennifer Pelland (Siubhan) (49)
  • Life Has, poem "by Antoine De Saint-Exipery, French writer (74)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Beyond the Final Frontier 2 was published in June 1997 and contains 62 pages.

  • all fiction is by Jennifer Pelland (Siubhan). Features "Delta Quadrant Drag", "Rocky Horror" and several other "lighter" views of the relationship between Lt. Tom Paris and Commander Chakotay. Poetry by Heather Schmitt and Liz Gray. Color cover by R.R. Schmitt.
  • The Adventures of Helm Boy, and His Sidekick, Commander Chuckles by Siubhan (Chakotay/Paris) (1)
  • The Rocky Horror Delta Quadrant Show by Siubhan (B'Elanna/Donna Henley) (Paris/Chakotay) (11)
  • Inhibitions by Siubhan (18)
  • You Say... I Say..., poem by Liz Gray (24)
  • Hysteresis, sequel to Inhibitions by Siubhan (25)
  • Delta Quadrant Drag by Siubhan (40)
  • Kim's Whim, poem by Heather Schmitt (53)
  • Pillow Talk by Siubhan (Paris/Chakotay) (54)
  • What's a Helmsman to Do?, poem by Liz Gray (5 6)

Issue 3

Beyond the Final Frontier 3 contains 76 pages. It is edited by Pat Hayden. Dr. Crusher/Troi, Voyager: Janeway/Torres/Seven, Chakotay/Paris. Color cover and graphics by R.R. Schmitt.

From the publisher, "It all started when Beverly Crusher wanted to teach Deanna Troi line dancing and the "tush push" and what a push in "A Roll in the Hay" by Diane Bellomo; Captain Janeway teaches B'Elanna Torres and Seven of Nine about cooperation in "Chained Melody" by Diane Bellomo; Tom Paris helps Chakotay deal with the aftermath of torture in "Expectations" by Jennifer (Siubhan) Pelland and, in "Second Star" by Wolfrunner; B'Elanna Torres finds a reason to believe in a place called "Neverland." Poetry by Liz Gray."

Issue 3-L: All Ladies Edition

Beyond the Final Frontier 3-L is the All Ladies Edition. It contains 86 pages. Color cover and graphics by R.R. Schmitt.

Adult material, includes slash. Age statement required.

cover of issue #3-L

From the publisher: "Features: "A Roll in the Hay" (Troi/Crusher) and "Chained Melody" (Seven/Torres) by Diane Bellomo; "Second Star" (Torres/original Klingon woman) by Wolfrunner; and "Kathryn's Dilemma" (Janeway and original alien) by Sandy Weiss."


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