Paris Nocturne

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Star Trek VOY Fanfiction
Title: Paris Nocturne
Author(s): Brenda Antrim
Date(s): 23 June 1995, 18 January 1996
Length: Part 1: 19,720 words
Part 2: 16,995 words
Genre: gen, angst
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
External Links: Paris Nocturne I + II
(The Angst Archive)
Paris Nocturne & Le Rossignole
(author's site)
Paris Nocturne & Le Rossignole
(The Tom Paris Dorm)
Paris Nocturne & Le Rossignole
Paris Nocturne & Le Rossignole
(Paris Nights)

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Paris Nocturne is a Star Trek: Voyager gen story by Brenda Antrim. Paris Nocturne created the ultimate Tom Paris fanon which had a huge impact on his characterization in gen, het, and slash fanfic alike. The story was posted to a Star Trek newsgroup on June 23, 1995.

Summary (author's site): "An alternate back history for Tom Paris that sheds some light on why he is the way he is, and introduces his spirit animal."

Trekiverse has this summary: "Tom Paris is experiencing nightmares, black-outs and uncontrolled violent responses to being touched. What sort of suppressed memories are causing him such pain?"

Le Rossignole

Le Rossignole is the sequel to Paris Nocturne and is usually referred to as Paris Nocturne II. It was posted to alt.startrek.creative on January 18, 1996.

Summary: The rest of the story of Paris' past, and the beginnings of healing, with the help of his friends.

Recs and Reviews

This was one of the first Paris Angst stories ever written (can you believe June, 1995?) and it made a huge mark on Voyager fanfic. This is first-season Tom Paris at his angsty best - misunderstood and unhappy, a chip on his shoulder the size of the Delta Quadrant. It's amazing now, when I look back at this story I have a hard time telling how much of my own idea of Tom's character has come from the show, how much from the fanfic canon. I just want to say thank you to Brenda for showing us what Tom could be..."[1]
Considered by many to be one of the classic ‘tortured-Tom’ stories, Paris’ past comes back to haunt him in a bad old way. Brenda takes her readers right to the boundaries of h/c without going over the edge, as so many writers tend to do. A must-read for any Tom Paris fan. Note: This story contains graphic violence and rape."[2]
I just treat that as a very lovely, highly angsty look at the base, core and general template of the Tom Paris character. It was written a LONG time ago now but remains one of the best, if not the best, pieces of purely Paris fic on the web - and if you want to do Paris - no matter how domesticated he's become (Moneans aside) - this is what I'd recommend.[3]


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