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Name: The Angst Archive, the issues of consent archive, Amothea's Angst Archive
Date(s): 08 May 1999 or before - present
Archivist: Amothea
Founder: Amothea
Type: angst archive
Fandom: multifandom
URL: (archive) (2001)
angst_archive (LiveJournal)
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The Angst Archive, otherwise known as the issues of consent archive, is Amothea's Angst Archive, a multifandom fic archive maintained by Amothea.

Warnings: "This is a ANGST SLASH Fan Fiction Archive. If you are underage or do not like stories containing physical and/or psychological abuse, and non-consensual sex. Then this is not the archive for you. Also if you do not like slash stories (male/male stories) this is not the archive for you."

It was a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring and The Adult Fan-Fiction Webring.[1]

Submission Criteria

Submission Criteria for Angst Archive:

When you submit a story to this archive ask yourself the following questions:

Is someone raped in the story? Is someone molested or coerced into having sex? Is someone dealing with the after effects of a rape? Was the main/minor character abused as a child, physically or sexually? Is the main character almost raped? Is the main character tortured? This question relates back to the other questions, it's not as important, but it may decide whether or not I post the story. Is there a hurt/comfort theme in these stories?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions then please submit the story here. Submit Story

I accept stories in html, word documents, and text files. But no matter how you send it and unless you make a request otherwise, I post all the stories in the archive as text files.

What I do not accept are as followed:

Actor Fiction Original erotica (I'm sorry, but I'm only allowed so much space, however I am willing to make a link to page to angsty original stories) Stories where small children are raped and tortured without any reason. The story has to be in good taste, and since I'm the archivist, I decide what's in good taste. If the story makes me feel sick from reading it, I will not post it.

Now there are a few occasions where I run across a particularly angsty story that doesn't quite have rape or cocered sex, but they are so angsty I add them anyway. In these special cases I'll add a warning so people know it isn't a regular angst story.[2]


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