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Name: The Angst Archive, the issues of consent archive, Amothea's Angst Archive
Date(s): ? - present
Archivist: Amothea
Founder: Amothea
Type: angst archive
Fandom: multifandom
URL: (archive)
angst_archive (LiveJournal)
The Angst Archive.jpg
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The Angst Archive, otherwise known as the issues of consent archive, is Amothea's Angst Archive, a multifandom fic archive maintained by Amothea.

Warnings: "This is a ANGST SLASH Fan Fiction Archive. If you are underage or do not like stories containing physical and/or psychological abuse, and non-consensual sex. Then this is not the archive for you. Also if you do not like slash stories (male/male stories) this is not the archive for you."