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Title: Now Voyager
Publisher: Kate Mulgrew Appreciation Society, Kate Mulgrew's Official Fan Club
Editor(s): Michelle Erica Green
Date(s): 1995-2000
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: ezine
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
External Links: The Now Voyager Archive
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Now Voyager is a Star Trek Voyager fan club newsletter that was published in print and online between 1995 and 2000. During that time, it was the primary publication of Kate Mulgrew's officially sanctioned fan club, KMAS. 26 issues were published containing news about the show, letters of comment, episode guides and PG13 rated fan fiction.

{{Quotation| This fan club, presided over by Michelle Erica Green, publishes a literate, witty newsletter (I've contributed a number of times :-) ) and has a sprightly mailing list. It's the first sanctioned fan club I've ever belonged to, and I enjoy it immensely. Many of the members are going to Starfest in Denver this month to see Kate's appearances there, and to meet each other. I'll be there!

If you like Voyager and Janeway, you won't find a better place to discuss and celebrate them than this club. Air your gripes, as well! We left "Persistence of Vision" in shreds, and "Threshold" is a small grease stain in our path. Down with Lord Burleigh! :-)

To contact the club, email [email protected]. Dues are currently $25/year for the United States. Worth every penny. [1]

Issue 1

Now Voyager v.1 n.1 (WebCite) was published in February 1995. First issue, a little of everything.

Editor and club president Michelle Erica Green had this wish list:

OUR WISH LIST: We know: we make an awful lot of demands on people. But look at it this way: the more you do, the better we are! So, here's what we'd like to see in the next newsletter: volunteers, you know where we are, and if you tell your friends, your family, and people you meet on the street, just think what we can accomplish!

1. We need a club librarian. This person would be responsible for keeping and distributing the Kate Mulgrew film collection, meaning that people send you postage and you get the tapes in the mail. You also might be responsible for the Kate Mulgrew photo collection and eventually our entire "Star Trek" magazine collection; again, people tell you what they want to see, and you send it. Electronic access would be highly desirable/

2. We need someone to archive fan fiction for all of our enjoyment.

3. We need someone to be the Official Kate Mulgrew Archivist. Go to the library, get on Lexis/Nexis, find every review of every performance she ever gave, find those old Soap Opera Digests, track down her elusive agent and get an accurate copy of her resume...and make this available to all of us?

4. We need a roving con reporter. Your primary responsibility would be to keep a running list of upcoming cons and who's going to be at them. You don't have to GO to every con; you just have to be in charge of getting reports out of everyone who did, making audiocassettes available, and transcribing the good ones. Plus you could keep a con photo file of and for members!

5. Apparently we are going to have a crossword puzzle in the next newsletter; anyone want to do a comic strip?

6. We need someone to take responsibility for the column below: WE ARE FAMILY

Issue 2

Now Voyager v.1 n.2 (WebCite) was published in April 1995. San Francisco and Grand Slam con reports, interviews with preproduction coordinator Lolita Fatjo and Trek episode writer Eric Stillwell.

Issue 3

Now Voyager v.1 n.3 (WebCite) was published in June 1995. Interview with Kate's stand-in Sue Henley, Bellevue con reports.

Issue 4

Now Voyager v.1 n.4 (WebCite) was published in August 1995. Vulkon Janeway fan discussion, interview with special effects technician David Stipes.

Issue 5

Now Voyager v.1 n.5 (WebCite) was published in October 1995. Interview with Kate, full page publicity photo.

Issue 6

Now Voyager v.1 n.6 (WebCite) was published in December 1995. Four Captains and charity event photos/reports, interview with Robert Beltran and full page publicity photo.

Issue 7

Now Voyager v.2 n.1 (WebCite) was published in January 1996. Interview with producer Jeri Taylor, Robert Picardo interview, con report, and photos.

Issue 8

Now Voyager v.2 n.2 (WebCite) was published in March 1996. Heartbeat review and photo, interview with Trek novelist Christie Golden.

Issue 9

Now Voyager v.2 n.3 (WebCite) was published in May 1996. Kate's horoscope, review and full page photo from A Stranger is Watching.

Issue 10

Now Voyager v.2 n.4 (WebCite) was published in July 1996. Denver Starfest convention reports and Now Voyager club members' breakfast with Kate.

Issue 11

Now Voyager v.2 n.5 (WebCite) was published in September 1996. Florida Vulkon reports, pull-out Resolutions fanfic.

Issue 12

Now Voyager v.2 n.6 (WebCite) was published in November 1996. Minneapolis and Detroit con reports, Mosaic reviews.

Issue 13

Now Voyager v.3 n.1 (WebCite) was published in January 1997. MTR and San Diego con reports, interview with Pocket Books Trek editor John Ordover.

Issue 14

Now Voyager v.3 n.2 (WebCite) was published in March 1997. Chicago con reports and photos of Now Voyager meeting with Kate, interview with Kate's mother, Joan Mulgrew.

Issue 15

Now Voyager v.3 n.3 (WebCite) was published in May 1997. Kate's baby pictures, Portland con reports, interview with director Winrich Kolbe, sketches of Kate.

Issue 16

Now Voyager v.3 n.4 (WebCite) was published in July 1997. Kate's high school yearbook pictures, Dubuque, Grand Slam con reports, interviews with director Nancy Malone and Kate's stand-in Sue Henley.

Issue 17

Now Voyager v.3 n.5 (WebCite) was published in August 1997. Kate answers club members' questions, UCLA charity reading reports, photos from theatrical work and the Viacom Store opening.

  • an interesting bit on costs and length of content:
    Why can't we send messages to one another in the newsletter? This is the question I have the hardest time with, because in an ideal world, people would be able to send personal messages to one another in Now Voyager. I was a member of ENVY, Nana Visitor's first fan club, throughout its existence, and the Templegrams were one of my favorite parts of the newsletter. But they got out of hand--sometimes there were 15 pages per issue of nothing but personal messages--and club dues got out of hand to keep up with the printing costs associated with them. Moreover, ENVY's membership tended to run under 200 people; we have more than twice that, and growing. Now Voyager has an informal electronic mailing list, meaning that people with Internet access have the equivalent of a letterzine to participate in. It only costs $60 a year to keep it running, and nobody has to do any editing or printing, so the overhead for the club in terms of money and time is minimal. But that's no consolation for people who don't have computers or e-mail. I can only think of one solution, and that's to have someone else start a Now Voyager message newsletter, because I simply don't have time to publish one of those and get this newsletter out every other month. Since this is a sanctioned fan club and nobody would be editing personal messages, the relationship between the club and the message exchange would have to be informal; it would take a LOT of work. If anyone is interested in shouldering this burden and winning a lot of appreciation, you know where to reach me.

Issue 18

Now Voyager v.3 n.6 (WebCite) was published in October 1997. Heartbeat photos, Young Janeway novelists, Trek writers, fan fiction summaries and zine reviews.

Issue 19

Now Voyager v.4 n.1 (WebCite) was published in December 1997. Sojourn Seaside Soiree honoring Kate, Robert Beltran interview, reviews.

Issue 20

Now Voyager v.4 n.2 (WebCite) was published in February 1998. Kate speaking at Conference for Women, episode and book reviews, Roxann Dawson con report.

In this issue, the current editor steps down.

Issue 21

Now Voyager v.4 n.3/4 (WebCite) was published in August 1998. Special double issue! Reviews of twelve episodes, Grand Slam and FedCon con reports, interview with Robert Picardo, book reviews, zine reviews, and fanfic.

Issue 22

Now Voyager v.4 n.5 (WebCite) was published in December 1998. Interview with Kate on Voyager's fifth season and transcript of People Online chat. Reviews of Voyager season 5 episodes, Bellevue con reports, fanzine reviews and fanfic.

Issue 23

Now Voyager v.5 n.1 (WebCite) was published in March 1999. Technology for Kids and Tim Hagan Retirement Roast reports, stage photos, Robert Duncan McNeill and Anthony De Longis interviews, and episode reviews.

Issue 24

Now Voyager v.5 n.2 (WebCite) was published in July 1999. Short Kate interview, Scarlet Pomers interview, reviews, zine reviews, and fanfic.

Issue 25

Now Voyager v.5 n.3 (WebCite) was published in Nov 1999. Final Voyager season 5 reviews, interviews with Tim Russ and Mary P. Taylor, artwork, and fanzine reviews.

Issue 26

Now Voyager v.5 n.4 (WebCite) was Mar 2000. Sojourn, Galaxy Ball and ICC Gala reports, Voyager season 6 reviews, Marina Sirtis interview and fanfic.

Special Issue

All Good Things... (WebCite) is a collection of articles, reviews, commentary, and fan fiction submitted to Now Voyager between the publication of the last issue and the dissolution of the club in April 2000.

Sample Gallery

  1. ^ from L.R. Bowen