Take Me Home, Voyager

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Filk Songbook
Title: Take Me Home, Voyager
Date(s): July 1997
Medium: print
Subject: Star Trek: DS9
Language: English
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Take Me Home, Voyager is a 32-page, digest-sized Star Trek: DS9 filkbook.

From an ad in The New Monthly: "Husband and wife filk team, Charles H. Shiring and Brenda Shaffer-Shiring explore musical styles from rock to Christmas carols and most types in between. Enjoy songs from the serious (like the title tune, to 'Take Me Home, Country Roads') to the silly (The Insurrenction to 'The Locomotion') to the satirical (Look What They Done to My Show, Ma to 'Look What They Done to My Song, Ma')"

Reactions and Reviews

All-Voyager material ranging from the serious title song based on John Denver to the silly "Insurrection," based on "The Locomotion." Digest-sized, available from Charles H. Shiring. [1]


  1. from Now Voyager #18