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Title: Warmth
Publisher: Unicorn Press
Author(s): J.A. Toner
Cover Artist(s): J.A. Toner
Illustrator(s): J.A. Toner
Date(s): 1990s
Medium: print
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Language: English
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Warmth is a 206-page het Paris/Torres and Kim/Kes novel by J.A. Toner. Color cover and graphics by J.A. Toner.

It required an age statement to order.

Summary from the publisher: "B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris are stranded on planet with a severe climate and limited resources but find a way to survive using "biological means." After Tom and B'Elanna return to Voyager, they find there has been a change in the relationship of Harry Kim and Kes, while their own lives become complicated by some unexpected repercussions from their exercise in survival."