Sizzle Among the Stars

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Title: Sizzle Among the Stars
Publisher: Unicorn Press
Date(s): around 1996
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Language: English
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Sizzle Among the Stars is a 92-page explicit het Janeway/Chakotay, Janeway/Tuvok anthology of fiction by Delta Story. Cover art by Delta Story.

Adult content. Age statement required.


  • Fever: A tale in which sweat, bathtubs and disobeying orders play prominent roles
  • Fruitful Persuasion: What happens when Janeway and Chakotay run into each other in search of a midnight snack?
  • Ghosts: A flight of fancy into the fantasy of past and future -- and Janeway and Chakotay, of course
  • Parting Gifts: Kes' departure from Voyager brings bittersweet farewells all around; but she leaves special gifts with Janeway and Chakotay
  • Sex, Sighs and Holotapes: Seven little lessons for Janeway and Chakotay, via a 20th century subspace temporal anomaly
  • Twilight in Tuscany: Epilogue to "Scientific Method". Tuvok joins Janeway in Tuscany for that promised shared glass of wine -- and more
  • The Leola Plant: A User's Manual: Voyager's crew sums up the many uses of the versatile leola plant.