Bev and Jean-Luc's Greatest Hits

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Title: Bev and Jean-Luc's Greatest Hits
Creator: numerous fans, but originally instigated by Lillie Deans and Kimberley Junius
Date(s): 1988/1989-ish
Medium: mainly audio, one vid
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
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Bev and Jean-Luc's Greatest Hits is a mainly audio fan collaboration created in roughly 1988 and 1989.

It consists of many audio tape music compilations (and one vid) that fans created in a round robin fashion which focused on the Crusher/Picard relationship.

It is a fun look back on fan collaboration and organization, as well as on fans' finding fandom everywhere, including on the radio.

A Description of the Project

Two fans described this project in the first issue of The Beverly File.

"... Oh, yeah. The audio tape... I got a little crazy the other day and made a Bev and Jean-Luc Greatest Hits collection."

From little nuts do giant oak trees spring. Now, 15 moths and 27 volumes later we present... an explanation!

It all started when Lillie wrote me on October 18, 1988: "Ever heard "Sign Your Name" by Terence Trent D'Arby. Bev & Jean-Luc's song or what?" My reply was something like "Oh, but have you heard "Reservations for Two" by Dionne Warwick? It's them!" So she sent me a tape and I sent her a tape and she sent me three tapes and I sent her a tape and she sent me... And so it went, pretty much in those proportions. Then others got into the act. Daniel made a tape, and Chad made a tape. Cherryl and Lee suggested songs (and they're not even 'philes!), and then Dan made a music video. I shared my first dozen volumes with Connie... and then she made a tape....

A more eclectic music collection you'll never find. To say it has everything from Aretha Franklin to ZZTop, while true, would be much too limiting. B&JLGH is much more than a music collection, however. The songs on these tapes chronicle the development of a relationship. The playing and sharing of music, the fantasies that the music engendered, the stories that came out of the fantasies, all helped Lillie and me through those Beverly-less months and the nightmare of Second Season [of TNG].

Not all the songs are P/C related. Some relate only to Beverly or to those aforementioned stories. Some express our feelings for Gates and some are simply favorite songs we liked as children and wanted to share.

... I included "liner notes" for the first seven volumes only, since all twenty-seven would fill up a zine by itself.


And. By all means, make a tape of your own if you're so inclined.

The Liner Notes from the First Seven Audio Tapes