Thistle and Sabre

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Title: Thistle and Sabre
Publisher: Clan McHorny Press
Editor(s): Robin Schindler and Christine Reynolds
Date(s): 1994-1996
Medium: print
Fandom: Highlander
Language: English
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Thistle and Sabre is a gen and het Highlander anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Thistle and Sabre 1 contains 150 pages, was published in 1994 and was the winner of a 1995 FanQ. Front and back cover art is by Barbara Caldwell.

  • Hold Fast by Anne MacMurray; illos by Laura Miles (2)
  • Duncan MacLeod's Top Ten Pet Peeves by Jane Mailander (32)
  • left behind by Amy Lynn Hull (33)
  • Return Home by Julie Beamer (34)
  • Immortal Love by Jane Freitag (40)
  • Trilogy by Rene Gibson
    • The Minor Details, illo by Debbie Douglass (42)
    • Epoch's End (60)
    • Easy Target (63)
  • The Top Ten Ways to Cheer Up an Immortal by Jane Mailander (68)
  • Cartoon by Laura Miles (69)
  • Cries in the Night by A. Nonymous (70)
  • Relatives by Jane Freitag (71)
  • Top Ten Signs That Your Boyfriend Is an Immortal by Jane Mailander (78)
  • By the Sword by Robin Schindler; illos by Barbara J. Caldwell (79) (Highlander/Dark Justice)
  • Survivor by Amy Lynn Hull (114)
  • In Sleep, I Dream by Jimmi Smith-Schneider (115)
  • i defy you stars by Amy Lynn Hull (136)
  • Television Women by Jane Mailander (137)
  • Fangs for the Memories written and illoed by Laura Miles (138)

Issue 2A

Thistle and Sabre 2A contains 154 pages. It was published in 1996. Color cover by Caldwell & Miles

cover of issue #2A, Caldwell and Miles
  • The Teacher by Jane Freitag. Prequel to the story "Relatives." Without a mentor, teen Immortal Devlin Agree cannot hope to survive in Victorian London. But who will find him?--friend or foe?
  • Crossings by Jimmi Smith-Schneider. Duncan is forced to make a decision he hoped he would never have to face, when he is reunited with a friend who is dying of AIDS.
  • Highlander Surprise by Laura Michaels. There's a conspiracy brewing, and Richie seems to be at the heart of it.
  • The Decision by Rene Gibson. A Highlander/Doctor Who crossover. An inadvertent trip back in time tempts Duncan with an opportunity to change the future.
  • Young Man by Jane Freitag. "Born of a bullet, will you die from a sword?" Richie's destiny is examined in song.
  • The Visitation by Julie Beamer and Karen Harris. Trouble always seems to follow Duncan's old friend Riona...and this visitation is no exception!
  • Sweet Rain by Lisa Morrissey. Is the budding romance between Richie Ryan and Alexandra Sheridan doomed from the start?
  • If I Could Turn Back Time by Sandra McDonald (an epilogue to "Under the Color of Authority"). How can Duncan make amends for the words that sent Richie away?
  • Reasonable Addendum by Jimmi Smith-Schneider. Joe Dawson reads Duncan's final letter to the now-elderly Watcher...
  • more

Issue 2B

Thistle and Sabre 2B contains some het. It is 211 pages, was published in 1996, and has a color cover by Lynn G. Hocker.

  • Down The Rabbit Hole by P.J. Boston. Could Duncan MacLeod really be mortal...with a little inadvertent help from his "alter ego"?
  • Gentlemen's Rules by Marg Baskin. When an "old friend"--2000-year-old Immortal assassin Julian Carlisle--reappears on the trail of a Nazi war criminal, Duncan and Tessa are led into unexpected danger.
  • Dark Eyes by Jane Freitag. "What's behind those Dark Eyes" that define Duncan MacLeod?
  • A Promise Kept by Nancy Melito (sequel to "Epitaph for Tommy"). Duncan keeps his word and visits widow Betty Bannon in her new Scottish home.