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Name: Sandra McDonald
Type: writer
Fandoms: Highlander, Emergency!, The Sentinel, Planet of the Apes, The Magnificent Seven, others
URL: her personal website | 1999 verion of the homepage
her Sentinel fiction
her Highlander fiction
her Emergency! fiction
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Sandra McDonald is a prolific gen fan fiction writer, and a contributer to Fanfic Symposium with the essay: Why I Hate 1/??. Sandra is also a professional fiction writer.

One story, Florence Ellison, won a Burton Award.

A fan writes: "Sandra McDonald was long ago dubbed the goddess of Highlander fanfiction; her 'Tough Guy' is widely regarded as fan canon. Sandra is very strong on plotting, and it's safe to say she has a particular affinity for the first season 'family' of Duncan, Tessa and Richie, but her corpus defies categorization: it ranges from hurt/comfort to 4th-wall-breaking comedy to science fiction to end-of-the-world end-of-the-Game scenarios. While working to become a professional television writer, Sandra continues to dabble in fanfiction, saying "I love writing, I hate writing, writing is my life, it is my passion, I write because I have to, and Highlander is just a universe that won't stop talking to me." [1]



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