Travels With Mulder

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Title: Travels With Mulder
Publisher: Prime Time Press
Editor(s): Mary Wardell
Date(s): 1995-1996
Medium: print
Fandom: X-Files
Language: English
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Travels With Mulder is a gen X-Files anthology. Prior to its publication the zine had various names: "X-Philes" and "X-Treme Possibilities".

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Laura Miles
back cover of issue #1, Barbara Caldwell

Travels With Mulder 1 was published in April 1995 and contains 65 pages. The front cover and illustrations for 'Respite' and 'Field of Dreams' are by Laura Miles. Back cover and illustrations for "MIB" are by Barbara Caldwell

  • Respite by L.A. Adolf (1)
  • Some Truth by Melissa Mastoris (8)
  • Field of Dreams by Jane Tesh (9)
  • If You Give a Scully a Partner by Alyse Micki Wax (19)
  • If You Give a Mulder an X-File by Alyse Micki Wax (20)
  • M.I.B. by Peggy Li (21)
  • The Cross by Melissa Mastoris (33)
  • Sadness by Melissa Mastoris (34)
  • Waiting by Sheila Paulson (crossover with The Real Ghostbusters) (35)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

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Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Laura Miles

Travels With Mulder 2 was published in April 1996 and is 58 pages long. Interior art by Michele West. The front cover is by Laura Miles.

  • Obsession by Marie Tichy (1)
  • Daemon by Avril A. Brown (14)
  • Dana's Fear by Melissa Mastoris (16)
  • A Difference of Beliefs by Melissa Mastoris (17)
  • In Defense of Cancerman by PSI (18)
  • Watching Over by Marie Tichy (19)
  • Gargoyles by Elaine Batterby (28)
  • First Day by Avril A. Brown (29)
  • The Tender Dawn by PSI (31)
  • Skinner's Warning by Melissa Mastoris (37)
  • Road Trip by Eileen Roy (38)
  • Lapse by Avril A. Brown (46)
  • Phantom Warriors by Valerie DeVries (48)