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Title: This is It!
Publisher: Rich Volker
Date(s): May 1987
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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This is It! is a gen Star Trek: TNG anthology, published four months before the show was broadcast. There was only one issue. It was the first Star Trek: TNG fanzine published.

From a 2010 blog discussion:

I regret to inform Ms Roberta Tennant Debono that "The Hive" was not the first Star Trek: The Next Generation fanzine. The first was called "This is It!" and was published in May of 1987, even before the complete cast was announced. In fact, it had such complete details of the characters in its stories that Paramount asked us to stop it's sale after just one issue.[1]

From a 2015 Facebook post by Rich Volker:

Q. How did August Party influence ST:TNG before it aired?

A. A bunch of the AP committee was sitting around a small convention when the idea came up of creating a ST:TNG fanzine immediately, prior to ST:TNG being on the air, or even beginning shooting. It was debuted at Boskone, where David Gerrold got hold of a copy and brought it back to the ST offices. The following Monday I started getting calls they were angry at me for leaking some information I had gotten about the format. When I called the ST offices to beg forgiveness, I was told it was not an issue except that they only had David's one copy to pass around the office. I sent some more, along with a couple of pages of notes I had on the format, as I understood it (cheeky, wasn't I?) The result was that a couple of my suggestions made it into the writers' guide (and many didn't :)), and I got an invitation to see the sets, which turned out to be on the first day of shooting on-set (they had started on location). Later on, some AP committee members would have even more influence, but that's another story. [2]


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