My Enemy, My Ally

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You may be looking for the Star Trek pro novel by Diane Duane: My Enemy, My Ally.

Title: My Enemy, My Ally
Publisher: AngelWings Press
Author(s): Kel
Cover Artist(s): K9
Illustrator(s): K9
Date(s): 2003
Medium: print
Fandom: Smallville
Language: English
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cover by K9

My Enemy, My Ally is a 96-page Smallville slash novel by Kel. Color cover by K9. The cover art has the title, "A Moment in Time."

Summary from the publisher: "Comfort comes to Jonathan out of his dark past, even as Clark turns to Lex in the face of a tragic loss."


  • 2003 Sizzler winner: Best Zine
  • 2003 Screwz award winner: Best Novel, Smallville
  • 2003 Sizzler winner: Best Novel