Lone Star Knights

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Title: Lone Star Knights
Publisher: Of Dreams and Schemes Press
Editor(s): Catherine Schlein, Martha Crawford, and Debi Barbich
Date(s): 1989-1991
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Houston Knights
Language: English
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Lone Star Knights is a gen Houston Knights anthology of fiction, poems and artwork.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Kate Nuernberg

Lone Star Knights 1 was published in 1989 and contains 98 pages. Cover art is by Kate Nuernberg; interior art is by Catherine Schlein and Roseanne Rice.

  • The Contract by Rachelle S.--A liberal interpretation of the contract out on LaFiamma brings a Chicago hood to Houston. His idea: get Joe out of town. How: Kidnap Lundy. The results are nearly fatal for one of the Knights. (12 pages)
  • Lament of the Flame by L.A. Carr (filk)
  • Love Transcends by Donna Harvey--After Mother Minnie's death, a car crash leaves Levon slipping away...but his family won't let him go. (6 pages)
  • The View from 11939 Leland by Sally Budd (filk)
  • Sniper by Catherine Schlein--An investigation of multiple murders leads to a killer-for-hire who has one more hit--Joe La Fiamma. Holed up in an abandoned chemical plant, can the two partners survive? (14 pages)
  • Secrets by Elaine M. Batterby (poem)
  • Bad Karma by Elyse Dickenson--It's a bad day--a very bad day--but tomorrow will be worse. The Knights are saddled with transporting a claustrophobic embezzler to meet the El Paso police. What could possibly go wrong? (8 pages)
  • Heroes by Sue-Anne Hartwick (poem)
  • Crooked Paths by Catherine Schlein--Joe is lured back to Chicago, then disappears. Lundy travels to the Windy City to find his partner--before it's too late. (17 pages)
  • Embers by Sue-Anne Hartwick (poem)
  • The Christmas Present by Nancy Hildebrand--The Knights investigate a series of killings at a local college. (8 pages)
  • Brick by Brick by Lucy Cribb Walk (poem)
  • Broken Heart, Shattered Dreams by Rachelle S.--Just when Joe has begun to put down roots--found a nice, Texas girl--fate steps in to rob him of his future. Levon's left to help pick up the pieces--and solve a murder. (23 pages)
  • Head to Head by Sally Budd (filk)

Issue 2

Lone Star Knights 2 was published in May 1991 and contains 130 pages. Cover art is by Roseanne Rice; interior art is by Catherine Schlein.

cover of issue #2

From a July 1993 ad in GAZ: "Included: "In the Valley of Tomorrow" (Schlein)-the deaths of eleven youths have the HPD scrambling for clues. But what do snakes and gypsies have to do with the case? "A Match Made in Heaven" (Gillilan)-a camping trip goes bad when Levon is kidnapped. "Bonds" (Harvey)-the Knights meet the Simon brothers. Plus more long stories and short pieces."

  • A Match Made in Heaven by Cinda Gillilan--A vacation goes wrong when Lundy is kidnapped by an international criminal and LaFiamma must team up with a government assassin sent to take the man out. (24 pages) (reprinted in Black Magic #1)
  • Bank Shot by Elaine M. Batterby--LaFiamma gets caught in a hostage situation at Christmas. (8 pages)
  • Knight Lament by Donna Harvey (poem)
  • Lonesome Child by Merlyn--Tag for "Crime Spree". (2 pages)
  • Just be My Friend by Kathleen Condon--A mentally unstable man feels rejected by LaFiamma and takes revenge. (14 pages)
  • Sharing Secrets by Merlyn--Tag for "Secrets". (2 pages)
  • And Whom Shall I Blame? by JJJunky--An old friend of LaFiamma's comes to Houston for a visit...but it's not a friendly one. (7 pages)
  • Bonds by Donna Harvey. Crossover with Simon & Simon--When a case takes the Simons to Houston, Lundy and Rick run afoul of a serial killer, and LaFiamma and AJ must work together to get their partners back alive. (11 pages)
  • For Joe by Sue-Anne Hartwick (poem)
  • For Levon by Sue-Anne Hartwick (poem)
  • In the Valley of Tomorrow by Catherine Schlein (31 pages)
  • Partners by Elaine Batterby (poem)
  • Fatal Error by Elise Hill--When Lundy's father reappears in Houston, Lundy's none too pleased to see him...and that's before he almost gets Lundy killed. (22 pages)
  • Episode Guide by Catherine Schlein (4 pages)
  • The Joker by Catherine Schlein (3 pages)