Above & Below (Beauty and the Beast zine)

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Title: Above & Below
Publisher: Polaris Press
Editor(s): Lorraine Bartlett
Date(s): 1988-1989
Series?: yes
Medium: print zine
Genre: gen
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast
Language: English
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Above and Below is a gen full-sized Beauty and the Beast anthology. It has a sister zine, Above and Below's Dreamscapes.

Piracy and the First Issue

From the editorial of issue #1 (in later reprints: 1990):
Many of you may not be aware that Above & Below #1 has the distinction of being the only fanzine I've ever published that has been stolen. A woman in California, Bonnie V., has been selling large quantities of Above & Below #1 to dealers to sell at professional conventions (i.e. Creation Cons) for over a year now. Despite letters to her and to the people who've agented this issue for her, the selling of these unauthorized (bootleg) copies of Above & Below continues. Legally, there's very little I can do, since even publishing fanzines at no-profit teeters on copyright infringement itself. But I deliberately keep my fanzines priced low (by printing them myself in my basement on one of my mimeograph machines) and I don't make a profit. Selling unauthorized copies is pure profit (and she sells them for $4 a copy more than I do, too! Dealers are selling them for as high as $13 each! Authorized copies have (with this printing) a disclaimer printed in red on Page 1. lf you see copies without it, you know they are unauthorized duplicates. What can you do? Just be more careful when you buy a fanzine at a pro con. Make sure the person selling the zine is authorized to sell it (i.e. that they have a signed authorization form from the editors. Let's keep fandom a safe place for the work of our fellow fen.[1]
The editor also writes of zine piracy in 1992:
For those of you wondering why the price of 'Above and Below' #1 had been cut... In 1989, I was still getting a lot of mail inquiring if the zine was available, I printed it at the same price as the original -- $6 in person, $8 by mail. Unfortuneatly, about the same time, I discovered that bootleg (xerox) copies were selling at Creation Conventions for $10-20 each and those new or unfamiliar with fandom paid it. Consequently, I have only sold about 50 of a 200 copy print run. At this point [1992], I am desperate to recoup even a portion of my costs for this reprint and therefore have slashed the price of the zine; it is now available for $4. I will suffer a considerable loss.[2]

Issue 1

title page of a 1990 reprint, showing the anti-piracy stickers, red print, and hand-printed issue number
1990 flyer discussing the piracy of this zine
cover of issue #1, Ann Larimer

Above & Below 1 was published in 1988 (reprinted June 1990) and contains 150 pages. It was edited by Lorraine Bartlett. Art information: Cover by Ann Larimer, interior art by Ann Larimer, Rhonda Reece, Doranna Shirer, Frank Solomon, N.A. Stasulis. It contains three stories, crossword puzzles, cartoons and poetry.

  • Above...Below by P.L. Heyes
  • Editorial by Lorraine Bartlett (3)
  • In Gratitude by Jackie Paciello (5)
  • Until Now by Glenda Young (6)
  • Wintertide by Lorraine Bartlett. (Vincent and Catherine take their trip to Connecticut against Father's wishes. Remember how much fun new-fallen snow can be? Catherine does and if she has her way, so will Vincent. Think of it as an adventure, that turns deadly) (8)
  • A Beauty of a Crossword by Karen L. Mitchell (54)
  • Father by P.L. Heyes (56)
  • If There Be Unicorns by Susan M. Garrett. (When a long-time Helper commits a crime, Catherine has to resolve the situation. A series of thefts of antiquities stops when a suspect is arrested, but the man gets away and hides in the tunnels, and Father refuses to help bring the man to justice.) (58)
  • A Beast of a Crossword by Jackie Paciello (92)
  • The Hands of Time by Karen L. Mitchell (94)
  • Dreams and Fables by Jackie Paciello. (An exhausted Catherine agrees to spend a week Below with Vincent to rest, only to be caught in a deadly epidemic that sweeps through the underground society.) (96)

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Karen River, the back cover is blank
flyer for issue #2

Above & Below 2 was published in 1989 and contains 160 pages. Art Information: Cover by Karen River, art by Emily Penfield, M.A. Smith, Frank Solomon, Rita Terrell.

A publisher's flyer stated that: "This issue will not be sold at conventions."

From a 1992 ad in Zine Scene: "Winner of 1989 Fan Q award -- best B&B fanzine." [3]

  • Just A Few Words by Lorraine Bartlett (3)
  • Letters of Comment by The Loyal Readers (5)
  • Portraits by Marcia Brin (17)
  • No Spill Blood by Susan M. Garrett. (A file belonging to Catherine's father leads her to a meeting with someone who may know the secret of Vincent's ancestry: the last survivor of the island of Doctor Moreau.) (18)
  • Catherine by Sue-Anne Hartwick (50)
  • Noble Rapture by Susan M. Garrett (52)
  • Where the Heart Is by Lorraine Bartlett. (After twenty years, Mouse's parents have found him...but Mouse doesn't want to be found, and for good reason.) (54)
  • Terribly Tacky Episode Guide by Justa Twitte (104)
  • Winter Under Ground by Susan M. Garrett (105)
  • Shadows by Marcia Brin (106)
  • Checkmate by Laurie Haldeman (108)
  • The Quality of Mercy by Jackie Paciello. (Lucy of "No Way Down" reappears, dying of AIDS. She seeks shelter in the Tunnel world, and Vincent, Catherine, and another new arrival must fight the Council on her behalf. A story about AIDS, compassion and facing death with dignity.) (110)
  • The Pipe Song by Susan M. Garrett (158)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[The Quality of Mercy]: ... was so heartwarming, I cried and cried. What a wonderful quest Vincent and Catherine were one.[4]
[The Quality of Mercy]: ... was beautifully done. The artwork is beautiful. I'm sure Above and Below 2 will do more than just be nominated for a Fan Q at Media*West Con this year.[5]
[The Quality of Mercy]: I cried buckets while I read and then reread The Quality of Mercy.[6]
[Where the Heart is]: I loved [it] -- it tore my heart in two.[7]
[Where the Heart Is]: I liked Where the Heart is best. It was tightly woven and the scenes of Mouse and Jamie were so sweetly honest. The antagonists were real people and that p.i. sounds like someone who should come back in another sttory.[8]
[No Spill Blood]: ... was certainly a creative twist on Vincent and those around him. The artwork by Emily Penfield was very lovely.[9]


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