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Name: Ann Larimer
Alias(es): Phosfate
Type: fanartist and Fanwriter
Fandoms: US TV shows
Communities: ACFF, CFAN, OTL
URL: do come in, Ann's GeoCities page (offline)
annlarimer on LiveJournal
phosfate on JournalFen
annlarimer on Tumblr
Phosfate on AO3
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Ann Larimer illustrated many fan publications in the 1990s, including The Karenina Continuity Chronicles (multi-fandom, mostly TV shows), The Cannell Files zine, Ahead of His Time (QED fandom), Magnum PI, and original fiction.

Other fans credit Ann for creation of the NOT The MediaWest*Con Program Guides.[1]

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  1. ^ There's absolutely no question that it was Susan M. Garrett and Ann Larimer who did these. Speaking as someone who's attended MediaWest*Con every year since 1986, and who has been friends with Ann even longer than that, I always looked forward to picking up this publication at each year's con. They may have been distributed at the flyer tables in the early years of their existence, however in the later years you had to actually pick them up at Susan's table in the dealers room -- and you were lucky to get one, as they had a very short print run! as being responsible - Cannellfan at User talk:Gozer, Dec 25/10