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Title: NOT The MediaWest*Con Program Booklet
Editor(s): anonymous
Date(s): 1988-1997(?)
Medium: print booklet
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The guides consisted of two legal-sized pages folded over to make an eight-page booklet or pamphlet. It was a parody of the MediaWest*Con convention booklet and would appear on the freebie table at each convention over the course of nine or ten years. No one ever claimed credit for it, though it was rumored that the issue was created when a group of fans got together at the convention itself to brainstorm topical jokes, type it up, then print it at a local Kinko's. The titles varied from year-to-year (see below.)

The content was mostly meta, mocking fannish conceits, behavior, and traditions.

It seems evident that the same fans were responsible for all the guides because in ten years, they never spelled the word "calendar" correctly. Not once.

For a clue to the identity of the perpetrators, go here.


NOT The MediaWest*Con 8 Program Booklet (1988)

front cover (1988)
Backcover (1988)
  • the inside front cover: Fannish Dictionary of made-up terms; for example, "Bidruptcy: A person who will bid on anything, to the detriment of their financial situation."
  • a PSA against Printer Abuse.
  • a 2-page spread: "The 1988 Old Fan's Almanac & Appointment Calender" (sic): e.g.; "5:00PM PANEL--"The Professionals...Non-Slash!" (Yeah... right.)" And "Start planning art auction strategy. Remember that psychological corecion [sic] is just as effective as physical violence, and lots more fun!" Also many notations to "Meet at Denny's".
  • What's Your Sign? with fannish horoscopes, for instance: "Libra--Fan Q's are yet another decision to cause you agony--who to vote for? Keep in mind who would be most likely to kill you if they lost. Take it from there."
  • an ad for "Y-Read-It Zine Service":
    Busy Schedule? Just don't have time to read all thosa zines you bought at the LAST convention? Do what the professionals do — HIRE someone to read the zines FOR you! The Y-READ-IT line service provides fast, efficient, and competent readers, each with a college degree in Literature and guaranteed not to miss a single word. Your reader will carefully study the zine of your choice and provide you with a general synopsis of the contents, a critique, and an easy to follow chart of suggested highlights — all for a low per zine rate! For an additional fee, the service will also prepare an LOC tailored to your personal and distinct likes and dislikes. Don't miss out on what's in print. Keep up with epics of unbelievable proportions and massive page counts. With no muss, no fuss, you too can keep current with your favorite lines despite your busy schedule. Become a member today! Why read, when someone else can do it for you?


NOT The MediaWest-Con #9 Program Book (1989)

front cover of the 1989 issue
back cover of the 1989 issue


NOT The MediaWest*Con X Con Booklet (1990)

1990 front cover
1990 back cover


NOT the mediawest program book (1991)


NOT The MediaWest*Con Program Guide 1992


MediaWest*Con the 13th Not The Program Guide (1993)


1994 cover
Ad for "The Few, The Proud, The ANGST Police."

NOT The Mediawest Program Guide 1994




NOT the MediaWest Program Guide 1996 ("IT'S NOT THE MEDIAWEST PROGRAM GUIDE 1996!") was credited to Susan M. Garrett and Ann Larimer: "Any resemblance to actual persons or situations, except for satirical purposes, is purely in your head, and you should probably see someone about it. Penguin Press."

This issue had a comics, Due South, X-Files, Wiseguy emphasis.

cover of the 1996 issue


1997 cover

NOT the MediaWest Program Guide 1997


NOT the MediaWest Program Guide 1999

1999 cover

Reactions and Reviews

Not the MediaWest*Con Program Guide. Yes, I know these are free and only six to eight pages long. They're still the cleverest little boogers fandom's got going, with more thought and imagination and evil little digs crammed inside than most 200-plus-page monsters. Hey, Harlan Ellison is only five foot five, Dorothy Parker was five foot two. Me, I'm five

one. And a quarter. [1]
I always looked forward to picking up this publication at each year's con. They may have been distributed at the flyer tables in the early years of their existence, however in the later years you had to actually pick them up at [their] table in the dealers room -- and you were lucky to get one, as they had a very short print run! [2]


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