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You may be looking for Nick Knight (TV movie), the 1989 TV movie starring Rick Springfield that was the inspiration for the television series Forever Knight.
Name: Nick Knight (at present), Nicolas de Brabant (in life)
Occupation: Present: homicide detective
Past: various careers
In life: knight
Relationships: LaCroix (master)
Janette (vampire sibling/lover)
Fleur (mortal sister)
Natalie Lambert (friend/colleague)
Don Schanke (partner 1)
Tracy Vetter (partner 2)
Fandom: Forever Knight
Other: brought across in 1228 A.D., in Paris

artist is Betsy M. Mott, from Dark Fantasies #3 (1995)
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Nick Knight is a fictional character that was the protagonist of the television series, Forever Knight.

The part was played by Geraint Wyn Davies. (In the original 1989 pilot for the series, Rick Springfield played Knight.)

Nick is a vampire who has long since rejected his bloody past and now seeks a way to become human again. To expiate his feelings of guilt, he is working as a Homicide detective for the Metropolitan Police in Toronto.

Character History

Throughout the series, the voiceover to the opening sequence provides viewers with the basic information that Nick was brought across in 1228; and several of the ubiquitous flashback sequences focus on the events just before and after this event. If these scenes were to be seen consecutively, the differences in costuming and sets would be obvious. However, these flashbacks were actually spread out over the first two seasons, gradually filling in the pieces.

Over the last couple of centuries, Nick has made several attempts to return to the human condition, employing various means, both scientific and supernatural. Through this period, he became certain that, in becoming a vampire, he had damned his soul (assuming he still has one, about which he seems ambivalent).

Although in the medieval period, Nick called himself "Nicolas de Brabant", in the last few centuries he has adopted a number of different aliases. Until the mid 19th century, he presented himself as a gentleman; but he has since claimed a number of different professions, including surgeon, archaeologist, and police officer. Although he is usually referred to as "Nick Knight", this is really only the latest of his many assumed identities.


Fan Response

The many aspects of Nick's character mean that he has a broad appeal to fans. Some are attracted to the romantic side of Nick: his quest for true love may have doomed many mortal lovers down the centuries; but, in the present day, there is Natalie Lambert, who will be a true partner to him in the future if she can only find a cure for vampirism. Or, of course, there is Janette, who offers a different future.

Other fans are fascinated by Nick and his master, LaCroix. Originally depicted only as antagonists, a more nuanced bond between them emerged as the series progressed. A slashy subtext inspired many fans to explore their relationship in sexual terms, either in the past alone, or also in the present day. Other fans saw LaCroix more as an abusive father, or recognized a real concern for Nick's future, should he achieve his quest for mortality.

Nick's centuries of life appeal to fans with an interest in history. Much fan fiction is either set wholly in the past, or includes an extensive flashback in imitation of the episodes of the series. Some fans intensively research their period before writing, and may provide footnotes to their stories in order to expand on the historical background.

Nick's relationship with the vampire community has been explored by some fans, who often see his deliberate alienation from his peers as a potential threat to his future, especially if he should come close to a cure or his activities risk exposing the existence of vampires to mortals.

Then there is Nick's current role in human society: as a homicide detective, he solves murders. Although many fans only tuck his cases in around the edges of their stories, there are others who are fascinated by the cop show aspect of Forever Knight: not only the advantages his vampire abilities offer him, but also his relationships with his colleagues.

Nick-Centred Factions

There are a number of groups within Forever Knight fandom who focus their interest on Nick Knight more than the other characters. These factions interact on mailing lists and groups, write fan fiction about Nick, and play as groups in Forever Knight Wars.

Followers of Nick are referred to collectively as Knighties. Since this faction early demonstrated a tendency to prefer Nick's quest for mortality to succeed, there is also a separate fraction faction of Dark Knighties who favour Nick's vampire side. Eventually, there even emerged "Twilight Knighties" (or "Knights de Soir"), who prefer to balance his two sides.

In addition, the following factions are devoted to relationships involving Nick in conjunction with one or more other Forever Knight characters:

There have always been fans interested in Nick's physical attractions; and, at one time or another, these have formed small lists and loops for more-or-less private discussion. These include Nick's Knightstick Brigade, the See-Through Knighties, and the Knaughtie Knighties. The names of these factions are occasionally mentioned on longer faction lists.

One group of fans in particular formed a writing group, Nick's Harem. Though most of them nominally created characters to star in their stories, these were unabashed self insertion fic about romantic encounters with Nick; and the members referred to themselves as "Nick's wives".

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