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Forever Knight Faction
Name: Nick and NatPack or Nick and Natpack (collective)
Nick and NatPackers or Nick and Natpackers (plural)
Abbreviation: NNatPack, N&NPack, NNPack, NNP
Date(s): 1994? to present
Leaders: Soulseeker
Founder: Soulseeker
Type: couple faction
Focus: Nick/Nat pairing (Natalie Lambert / Nick Knight)
Wars: 5-15
Community: NNPack Yahoo Group
URL: Mortal Love
Original faction symbol for the NNPack, created by Susan Garrett & Calliope Monsoon in 2005.
Current faction symbol, as used on the NNPack's faction website.
Faction icon for the NNPack, created by Greer Watson in 2012.
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The Nick and NatPack were one of the first Forever Knight factions based on a pairing, specifically Nick/Nat (i.e., the relationship between Nick Knight and Natalie Lambert), usually interpreted romantically. Individually, a member of the faction is called a "Nick and NatPacker" (plural "Nick and NatPackers").

Also see Dark Nick and NatPack.

Faction Websites


Faction Headquarters

During a Forever Knight War, the Nick and NatPack use a theatre in Toronto as their headquarters.


The following history was provided by Soulseeker, founder and leader of the Nick and NatPack:

I was desperate to chat with like minded fans so I started an email list. As it quickly took off, I held a contest for a logo design and a slogan to cement the idea of a pack. The list built a steady stream fans eager to post fiction or jjust chat. At it's height we had 321 N&NPackers on our main list, 285 on our fiction list and 180 on our adult fiction list. The N&NPack have had 6 Mini Conventions where anyone who could make it spent a weekend playing tourist together as well as having a FK themed auction, with the money raised being donated to the Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids. Many of the N&NPacks became lifelong friends and have kept on the lists to keep in touch, even if the posts are sporadic at best.[1]

Since their inception, the Nick and NatPack have regularly taken part in Wars. The first in which they participated was War 5, held in 1995.

By 2004, the NatPackers had become too few in number to play as a separate faction. Those members who still take part have therefore tended to play with the Nick and NatPack, which has consequently assumed the traditional NatPack role of supporting Natalie in addition to its main role as a couple faction.

Faction Symbols

The Nick and NatPack existed early enough to be included among the factions that had faction pins created for them by Susan M. Garrett and Calliope Monsoon. The symbol they created superimposed a heart monitor display on a large heart.

Members of the faction decided, however, that they wanted to create a new symbol; and it is this that appears on their website. The new NNPack symbol has a caduceus-and-sword (with ribbons instead of snakes) superimposed on a wooden, shield-shaped window that looks out on a sunrise. A banner across the bottom displays the name of the faction (in its plural form).

Faction Icon

In 2012, Greer Watson created an icon for the Nick and NatPack as part of her project to create a set of icons for all the Forever Knight factions. The design composits a screencap of Nick and Natalie on a sunrise background. Between them is a winged caduceus-and-sword-with-ribbons symbol based on the one used on the Mortal Love website.


  1. ^ From a letter sent to FORKNI-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU on October 28, 2010 by Soulseeker, the N&NPack Faction Leader.