The Not-So-Gentle Art of Nick-Picking

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Title: The Not-So-Gentle Art of Nick-Picking
Creator: Susan Garrett
Date(s): 1995
Medium: essay
Fandom: Forever Knight
Topic: character analysis
External Links: The Not-So-Gentle Art of Nick-Picking, Archived version
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Susan Garrett's "The Not-So-Gentle Art of Nick-Picking" is a character analysis of Nick Knight, the protagonist of Forever Knight. The focus is on the negative aspects of Nick's nature, though the tone is facetious.
He's a brick with fangs. Aw, com'on, it's true. You know it's true. Yeah, he's sort of sweet and goofy in his own way, maybe he's got that noble-angst thing down to a fine art, but . . . . well . . . he's kind of dense (the Knighties in the back of the room just passed out in a dead faint).

Throughout, there are several jabs at the Knighties (the faction of fans who particularly favour Nick Knight). It should be pointed out, therefore, that Susan was not herself in that faction, being a Light Cousin and Ravenette. Nevertheless, the essay concludes with a cogent point:

They do, however, have at least one good line of defense-- As one Knightie was heard to comment--"If it wasn't for Nick, there wouldn't be a show."


The essay was originally posted to FKFIC-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU in 1995, and later posted to Susan's website.