Dark Knighties

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Forever Knight Faction
Name: Dark Knighties
Abbreviation: DK
Date(s): Dec 1995 to present
Type: fraction faction
Focus: Nick Knight
Wars: 7-9
Community: Dark Knighties Dungeon Yahoo!Group,
DarkKnighties Yahoo!Group
URL: Tales of Dark Nicholas (fanfic archive)
Embrace the Darkness
Faction symbol on the affiliation pin.

Faction symbol for the Dark Knighties, drawn by Jan J.

Faction icon for the Dark Knighties, created by Greer Watson in 2012
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Dark Knighties are one of the factions in Forever Knight fandom. Dark Knighties are fans of Nick Knight who feel that he should embrace his vampire side. They are considered a "fraction faction": that is to say, a spin-off from one of the original factions, the Knighties.

E-Mail Lists & Yahoo!Groups

The faction began in December 1995 in loop mode. They officially went to list on 29 October 1997. On 29 August 2000, the list was moved to egroups.com (later purchased by Yahoo!)

The following Dark Knightie Yahoo!Groups exist:

Faction Sites

The original faction website was "Dark Knighties", a page on Jan J.'s Dark Knight Lair website. There is also an official archive of Dark Knightie fan fiction, Tales of Dark Nicholas,[3] managed by Becky J.[1] The site has not been updated since 7 April 2001.

A new faction site, Embrace the Darkness has been created by Kristin Harris.

Forever Knight Wars

The Dark Knighties have participated in the following Forever Knight Wars:

  • with the Knighties faction in War 7.
  • as a faction in their own right in War 8.
  • as the "Circle of the Dark Knight", a cadet branch of the Cousins, in War 9.

The Dark Knighties did not participate as a separate faction in later Wars. From War 9 on, Dark Knighties were welcome to play with the Cousins, if they so chose.[2]

Other Faction Events

The Dark Knighties held an interactive fiction event called the "Dark Revel" on their own mailing list.

Faction Symbol

A symbol for the Dark Knighties was created for the affiliation pins created by Susan A. Garrett and Calliope Monsoon. It reverses the symbol used for the Knighties, having a black background on which, in white, is the figure of a knight wearing a medieval helmet.

A better-drawn version of the same symbol was created by Jan J. for use on her Dark Knighties' faction page. In her version, the knight wears a white surcoat and cloak over dark armour, and bears a white shield with the initials of the faction (i.e., the letters "DK") on it.

Faction Icon

In 2012, Greer Watson created an icon for the Dark Knighties as part of her project to create a set of icons for all the Forever Knight factions. The design composits a screen capture of Nick in vampire mode (red eyes and fangs) with the following:

  • a darkened version of a medieval great helm, looking to the left (i.e. reversed from the orientation used on the Knighties' icon), to represent Nick's origin as a 13th century crusader
  • a night view of the CN Tower, to represent his present life in Toronto
  • a glass of blood, to represent his "dark" side

The background of the icon is a night sky, again to indicate Nick's dark side, in contrast to the bright sunset sky used on the Knighties' icon.[4]


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