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Forever Knight Faction
Name: Nick's Harem
Date(s): 1997-2008
Leaders: defunct
Founder: Amy Reed (Randora)
Type: writing group
Focus: Nick Knight/Mary Sue
Wars: 10
URL: Official Nick's Harem Web Site (Wayback Machine copy)
Faction symbol for Nick's Harem, drawn by Jan J.

Faction icon for Nick's Harem, created by Greer Watson in 2012
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Faction symbol for "Nick's Harem," by Jan J

[1]Nick's Harem was a writer's group of Forever Knight fans who, besides forming a community of the like-minded, were interested in writing romantic fiction pairing the character Nick Knight with original female characters who were explicitly Mary Sue avatars of the writers themselves.

The group's most notable characteristic is their schtick of referring to themselves (and/or the OFCs they wrote about) as Nick's "wives", which was much elaborated. They considered Natalie Lambert to be an honorary "wife". As their website says, "We are a group who love Nick Knight so much, we wanted to marry him, so we did."

The factions will take us seriously. Sooner or later. -- Randora

Faction Websites


In 1997, Amy Reed asked the following question on FORKNI-L: "I have a question, since Nick isn't really alive, but he's not really dead either, would he be a bigamist if he were married to more than one person?" In the same post, she "married" him. When other fans demonstrated interest, she started a mailing loop and, on May 1, 1997, took the loop to a regular mailing list, thus launching Nick's Harem of Wives.

Subscribers to the list were polled, and decided that Nick would be permitted to have 35 wives, i.e. the list could have a maximum of 35 full members. Natalie Lambert was subsequently voted to be an honorary wife.[2]

Throughout the faction's website, a notice was repeated warning prospective members of the limit on membership.

We have a limit on how many wives can be in the Harem, so the sooner you get your request in, the faster you can join us. - notice on the faction website

However, the full slate of wives never seems to have been completely filled. In February 2008, Amy officially disbanded the Harem, citing a lack of interest on the part of the members in keeping the faction going.[3]

FK Wars

Nick's Harem took part in War Ten. The following is a list of members who played: Amy Reed (Randora), Ann Bridges (Amethyst), Nitra Seidel (Mesha), Karol Chandler-Ezell (Kalyx), Kim West (LadyMuse), Kalira Rael Isbell, Jan Jones (Ja'Niece), DragonLady, Estelle, and Cynthia Faut (Bronwyn Skye).


The "wives" in the Harem were numbered by when they joined. Most used pseudonyms ("wife names").[4]

It should be noted that, in the lists of wives, the numbers associated with the wives varied as people left/joined the faction.

  1. Randora (Amy Reed)
  2. Amethyst
  3. Zebella
  4. Lady Mesha
  5. Kalyx Kandleknight
  6. Knight Owl
  7. Vamp
  8. Melissa
  9. Lady Muse
  10. Jasmine
  11. Lady Tasia McLeod
  12. Ja'niece (Jan J.)
  13. DragonLady
  14. Tears ("Estelle")
  15. Bronwyn Skye
  16. Enid
  17. Cerise
  18. Ceilidh
  19. StarryKnight
  20. Knightwalker
  21. Adrienne De La Nuit

Members' Profiles

Some of the members wrote profiles of the characters they played in their stories of their encounters with Nick. The following are examples:

I am in truth over 300 years of age, but to the human eye I appear the sweet age of 27. I was born in Scotland and raised in an all girls school in England with my younger sister, Mesha. I fell in love with the man who brought me over but never saw him again after I moved to the United States. I married a man and later killed him for his dishonour and waited for over 100 years before I met with my darling Nicholas and was married October 15, 1998. I am much happier to have found Nick and to have found my Sister Wives. - from Lady Tasia McLeod's profile
Ja'niece volunteered to be list assistant to NK-Harem-L and was thrilled to find out she had the added perk of marrying Nicholas Knight and becoming one of his many wives. - from Ja'niece's profile
DragonLady is a Scottish vampire who was brought across in the early 800's A.D. when she was about 36 years old. As a mortal, she was a storyteller and healer. Her heritage is rich in dragonlore and gallant deeds, hence her passion for collecting anything related to dragons.

She met Nick in a London museum in the late 1800's while viewing a dinosaur exhibit. Her fascination with dinosaurs, so similar to dragons and Nick's love of archeology drew them together.

Presently she enjoys adding to her vast dragon collection, reading, scuba diving (night diving, of course), various crafts that exercise her creativity, and spending time with her luscious Nick. - from DragonLady's profile
[Enid] was born May 12,1580 on a small island in the Caribbean now known as Puerto Pico. Her father, a Spanish nobleman and explorer. Her mother, was of the island's native tribe. Born out of wedlock, she was sent to Madrid to be trained as a hand maiden for Janette DuCharme. As a mortal, Enid served her mistress with respect and loyalty.

Enid met Nicholas at one of Janette's lavish balls. Nicholas became enchanted with Enid's wit and courage. He felt she held a remarkable amount of poise for a servant.

They befriended one another. Sharing their poetry and other writing, they grew more fond of one another.

On May 12, 1599. On Enid's 19th birthday, she was reborn into the vampire world and married to her master. However, they were unable to ever share a wedding night.

Over the years Nicholas and Enid have had little contact. Enid finally earned her father's property and fortune. Enid now resides in New York City. She owns the vampire bar "Esmeralda" located in the East Village. Enid has also been trained and was accepted into The Enforcers. A select few of vampires who uphold the code.

Nicholas doesn't approve of Enid's addition to the Enforcers, but to Enid they are the family she never had in her mortal life.

Nicholas and Enid, have yet to have a reunion. However, Enid thinks of her love often and remained true to him by staying chaste vampire. Until there paths cross some night.....

- from Enid's profile


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