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Forever Knight Faction
Name: Unnamed Faction
Abbreviation: UF
Type: couple faction
Focus: Nick and LaCroix
Wars: 7 to 13
URL: http://www.psnw.com/~deb/wendy/uf/
Official Website at Forever Knight Site
Unnamed Faction in Forever Knight Wiki
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"We have a very special relationship."
— LaCroix to Nicholas, "NiQ"

The Unnamed Faction is a Forever Knight fan faction devoted to the sexual involved relationship between Nick Knight and Lucien LaCroix. So called in reference to the "love that dare not speak its name". Often abbreviated to "UF", hence the adjective "UFfish". Members are sometimes referred to as "UFfers".

The title of the Unnamed Faction comes from the poem "Two Loves" (1894) by Alfred Lord Douglas, Oscar Wilde's lover. It was used as evidence against Wilde in his first "indecency" trial in 1895.

About the perspective of this faction, the FAQ informs:

The UF does not deny that Nick and Lacroix have been and are attracted to these women, and many others. But we celebrate the specially intense relationship between Nick and Lacroix. As the vampires of Forever Knight seem to us to be highly sensual beings, we do not classify their sexuality within the current, common world view (which is bound to change, as all social mores do, over time and place).

In October 2001, the site was saved and hosted on the Forever Knight Website Archive by Desiree, as part of the initiative of www.foreverknight.org in order to save-hosted Geocities-based sites prior to Yahoo!'s purge.