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Title: Ecto
Publisher: Ecto Press
Editor(s): Sheila Paulson
Date(s): 1992-1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Real Ghostbusters
Language: English
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Ecto is a gen Real Ghostbusters anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Ann Larimer

Ecto 1 was published in 1992 and contains 143 pages.

Art by Ann Larimer (front cover), Barb Johnson, J.R. Dunster, Suzie Molnar, Rolaine Smoot, Sheila Paulson, and Deb Walsh.

  • New Year's Resolutions by Christina Kamnikar--Janine's new boyfriend seems perfect at first, but soon serious problems emerge. Can the guys save her from an evil fate when she isn't sure she wants rescue? (1)
  • Ghost in the Machine by Kitty Woldow--Two of the team face death, the other two attempt to live with its results. Is this the end of the Ghostbusters? This story is a sequel to Sheila Paulson's Quantum Leap crossover story "Ghost of a Chance" in Play It Again #2. (41)
  • Inside Moves by Sheila Paulson--What happened to Egon, Ray, and Winston while they were trapped inside Nexa before Peter rescued them? (49)
  • Heaven Will Have to Wait by Kathy Hintze--When Peter and Ray walk in on a bank robbery, Ray is shot and the two men are locked in a bank vault as Ray's condition worsens. Is his survival dependent on ghostly assistance or will it mean his doom? (61)
  • Thoughts in the Night by Julie Jay--Janine has been lured away by an evil entity and the guys race to find her before her transformation is complete. As Egon searches, he attempts to come to terms with his feelings for the redheaded secretary. (97)
  • Goblins by Sheila Paulson--When a horror novelist creates nasty characters with a taste for blood that come to life and start terrorizing rural Iowa, who is he gonna call? How can the guys defeat the entities when their proton packs are ineffective against the goblins? (101)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Thoughts in the Night is Julie Jay's somber and bittersweet 'missing scene' story for Janine, You've Changed...

Verdict: only 12 stories, more of h/c than not. Worth the price for the J. R. Dunster "real life" RGB drawings alone! [1]

Issue 2

a 1993 flyer, printed in Below the Surface #6, click to enlarge
cover of issue #2, Ann Larimer

Ecto 2 was published in May 1993.

Art by Ann Larimer (front cover), Sharon Palmer, Phil Hester, Kimberly Marshall, Suzie Molnar, Joy Riddle and Deb Walsh.

  • Photo Opportunity by Sheila Paulson--Describes what happens when a camera is possessed by a hungry demon who draws its prey through the lens to the Netherworld. What happens when Egon falls victim to the demon's appetite? (1)
  • Girls' Night Out by Mary Orwig--A comic tale of poltergeists, a hilarious "dance revue", Egon's mother and Janine, and interesting new uniforms for the guys. (21)
  • Carry Me Back to Old Purgatory by Kathy Hintze--Describes the events that follow when a bust at a haunted house proves more lethal than anyone expected. How can the Ghostbusters carry on without Ray and who is trapped within a shrinking universe? (53)
  • Humbug by Sheila Paulson--A tale of Peter at Christmas when he was only ten years old. (73)
  • The Ghosts of Christmas Past by Mary Robertson--The Ghostbusters go to Peter's favorite place, New Jersey, where the four of them must solve the problem of a haunted library. (77)
  • Home for Christmas by Brenda A.--A tale of Christmas at Ghostbuster Central. Peter, of all the guys least comfortable with Christmas, finds himself spending it alone. (101)
  • The Listener by Jeanne O'Donnell--The story of a haunted Monastery where the Ghostbusters can't use their throwers to defeat an entity that has been there for many years. Just how powerful is this spirit and why does he always manifest in church? (113)
  • The Wizard by Brenda A.--A tale of a cursed comic book which draws Peter into a intriguing fantasy realm. Trapped there, he must overcome the curse to survive, and even Ray's help can't change what must be. (133)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Ann Larimer

Ecto 3 was published in May 1994 and contains 197 pages. It won a 1995 FanQ.

Art by Ann Larimer (front cover), J.R. Dunster, Suzie Molnar, Joy Riddle, Sandy Schreiber, Marty Siegrist and Deb Walsh.

  • Neither Here Nor There by Brenda A.--An encounter with a bespelled mirror makes Peter think he's eight years old again. Trying to find the counterspell puts the Ghostbusters on the trail of a powerful spirit, a mercenary occultist, and the book they both want. (1)
  • Egon Spengler's Personal Journal by Mary Robertson (37)
  • Occupational Therapy by Cassandra Yuk Ip Kam--Young Egon's experiences of the Boogieman. (39)
  • Once More With Sizzle by Shirley D. Sipe--The Ghostbusters try and save a small town from a ghost that lives on electricity. (43)
  • Preventive Medicine by Cindy Rancourt. Takes place during the episode "Treasure of Sierra Tamale"; Peter warns his dad not to let anything happen to Ray. (55)
  • Highway Out of Yesterday by Imajiru Mackenzie--Crossover with Quantum Leap. (59)
  • Cobwebs and Spiders and Cold, Oh, My! by Elaine Batterby (75)
  • I Heard a Stranger Call My Name by Sheila Paulson--A vicious ghost takes Peter captive...and makes the other Ghostbusters forget Peter ever existed. (89)
  • Psychologist, Heal Thyself by Elaine Batterby (125)
  • Strangers in the Night by Kate Nickell--On his way to interview with the Ghostbusters, Winston helps a woman solve a murder. Crossover with Murder, She Wrote. (133)
  • Out of the Depths by Jeanne O'Donnell (137)
  • Peter Venkman's Little Black Book by Mary Robertson (159)
  • A Trip Down Memory Lane by Jane Tesh (161)
  • Private Phantoms by Mary Robertson (175)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

Jeanne O'Donnel's Out of the Depths is quite serious and involved story, with lovely 'realistic' illos by JR Dunster.

Verdict: recommended [2]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Ann Larimer

Ecto 4 was published in May 1995 and contains 172 pages.

Art by Ann Larimer (front cover), Petra B., Suzie Molnar, Sharon Paulmer, Sheila Paulson, Joy Riddle, Sandy Schreiber, Marty Seigrist and Kitty Woldow.

  • Spirit of the Season by Mary Robertson--Peter encounters a helpless old lady in a store on Christmas Eve--but is she more than what she seems? (1)
  • Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Sneezes by Elaine Batterby--The team faces a phantom trucker. Does Peter have a solution to the threat that he poses? (13)
  • What Price Friendship by Ann Leonhart--When Ray attends a science fiction convention he does not expect danger from an ancient sword. (19)
  • Sortie by Mary Lozinski--Winston had a life before he joined the Ghostbusters. Now he faces those memories. (31)
  • Word Search by Sheila Paulson (34)
  • Perchance to Dream by Cindy Rancourt--The team is summoned back to Columbia to confront a monster out of a nightmare. (51)
  • The Juggler by Sheila Paulson--An egotistical entity pits his intellect against the Ghostbusters--will this mean the end of Peter Venkman? (57)
  • Ghost Fever by Claire Cross (66)
  • Remember Lupusville by Jeanne Hutton--Gregor's followers seek revenge on the Ghostbusters with a special "treat" for Egon. (67)
  • Down for the Count by Kitty Woldow--The crash of Ecto-2 in a remote wooded area puts Peter and Egon into grave jeopardy. (85)
  • Take My Word For It by Cassandra Kam--A camping vacation turns into a devilish nightmare for the Ghostbusters and Janine. (97)
  • Everything's Fine by Birgit Stabler (108)
  • Twister by Brenda A.--It was meant to be a simple visit to Egon's uncle in Ohio; the tornado had other ideas. (109)
  • Blizzard by Sheila Paulson--A killer storm complicates a bust in which it appears that Egon has been murdered by an old enemy. (131)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

Jeanne Hutton's Remember Lupusville is quite interesting, dealing with the surviving servants of Gregor; it might be a little bit over the top for some readers, though.

Verdict: recommended. [3]


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