Seeing Double

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Title: Seeing Double
Publisher: Seeing Shadows Press
Editor(s): Patrice Heyes and Ann Larimer
Date(s): August 1986
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Shadow Chasers & Seeing Things
Language: English
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Seeing Double is a gen split-book anthology of Shadow Chasers and Seeing Things fiction.

The Shadows Chasers half is subtitled "The National Register" and contains 73 pages; the Seeing Things half is subtitled "Toronto Gazette" and contains 23 pages.

The cover art is by Ann Larimer, and the interior art is by Ann Larimer and M.D. Bloemker.

This zine was to have had a second issue, one that was all Shadow Chasers called "Shadow Play," but despite a four-story summary in Pop Stand Express #12, it never made it off the ground.

Short Descriptions of Both Shows

From a flyer printed in The Midnight Special #2:

SEEING THINGS: A Canadian comedy-drama about an ordinary guy with an extraordinary problem: he gets visions. Louie Ciccone is a reporter who has psychic flashes about murders, and then sets out to solve them. How many TV heroes are fat, forty and bald?? SHADOW CHASERS: The show about two guys (one wild and crazy, the other with a LOT of patience) out looking for the out-of-ordinary. Will Benny drive Jonathan crazy, and will Dr. Moorhouse ever live this down?


Shadow Chasers

cover of the Shadow Chasers half of the zine, Ann Larimer
  • Editorial (1)
  • Shadow Chasers Cast List compiled by Ann Larimer (4)
  • Shadow Chasers Episode Guide compiled by Ann Larimer ("A complete-as-we-can-make-it episode guide (thanks a lot, ABC.)") (5)
  • Chasing Shadows by Susan Garrett (7)
  • Foreshadowing by Patrice L. Heyes ("You gotta have a certain... something to do with the kind of work Benny does.") (8)
  • The Devil His Due (PDF) by M.D. Bloemker ("Benny and Jonathan have foiled a few nasty schemes as Shadow Chasers, and now one schemer is going to exact revenge for being thwarted.") (10)
  • Chasing Reality by P.L. Heyes (36)
  • Looking for Answers by P.L. Heyes (37)
  • A Paranormal Quiz (38)
  • Good Humours by Susan M. Garrett ("Benny really should have known better than to take a double dose of an untested potion from the mortar and pestle of Theo Goldberg.") (39)
  • The Middle of Somewhere by Teresa Sarick (43)
  • Double or Nothing by Mary Fall Wardell (44)
  • The Christmas Spirit by Patrice L. Heyes ("Jonathan wants a quiet holiday -- so he's taken steps to ensure it.") (71)
  • Afterword (73)

Seeing Things

cover of the Seeing Things half of the zine, Ann Larimer
  • Editorial (2)
  • Seeing is Believing by Mac (3)
  • I'm Seeing Things, Believe Me by Teresa Sarick (5)
  • Seeing Things Cast List compiled by P.L. Heyes (7)
  • Seeing Things Episode Guide compiled by P.L. Heyes ("A complete 5-season episode guide, descriptions of the major characters, and an introduction to the show's premise.") (8)
  • Seeing in the Dark by Patrice L. Heyes ("Home and family have always meant a lot to Louie Ciccone, but now that he's got them back, why isn't it like he expected it would be?") (13)
  • When I Threw You Out the Door by Teresa Sarick (15)
  • Word Search (16)
  • Little Things Deceive Me by Teresa Sarick (17)
  • Eye Opener by Teresa Sarick ("Louie's nap is interrupted by the untimely arrival of a rather unusual visitor.") (18)
  • Afterword (23)