Dynamite and a Torch

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Title: Dynamite and a Torch
Publisher: Rook Press out of Alabama, US
Editor(s): Ellen Farris
Date(s): 1986
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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front cover by Dani Lane
back cover

Dynamite and a Torch is a gen Starsky and Hutch 113-page anthology. It has art by Dani Lane, Evelyn Farris, Ruth Kurz, and Cheryl Newsome. It originally sold for $11 (USA).

  • After the Deluge by Tabby Davis (A tag for the episode "A Coffin for Starsky.") (4)
  • Promises of Tomorrow by Leah S. (pre-series, S and H in Vietnam, Hutch has malaria) (8)
  • Atonement Day Gift by Ellen Farris (Hutch goes to Jewish services with Starsky.) (16)
  • First Time by Sue-Anne Hartwick (Starsky talks Hutch through a hard time.) (19)
  • Strange Justice/Sweet Healing by Ellen Farris (Hutch has a five-year old daughter named Krystal who lives with Vanessa Hutchinson in Duluth. This story takes place after the episode "Strange Justice.") (24)
  • Rap Sheet (27)
  • Big Picture by Dani Lane (A lengthy, complicated case study. In in, Starsky narrowly avoids a serious girlfriend.) (28)
  • Friendship (113)

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