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Title: Knightales
Publisher: Lorraine Bartlett/Polaris Press
Editor(s): Lorraine Bartlett
Date(s): 1984-1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Knight Rider
Language: English
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Knightales is a gen Knight Rider anthology.

flyer for the first three issues

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Lorraine Bartlett

Knightales 1 was published in 1984 and contains 174 pages. It contains four stories, an episode guide and a crossword puzzle.

  • Welcome by Lorraine Bartlett (3)
  • Episode Guide for Seasons 1 and 2 by Judy Maricevic (6)
  • Good Knight, Michael by Lorraine Bartlett (Life is looking pretty good for Michael Knight. Back from a short vacation, he's to testify against a known mobster. Then he meets a reporter from LIFE magazine who makes him feel like he's shaken hands with the devil himself.) (12)
  • A Really Odd Couple by Karen L. Mitchell (83)
  • K.I.T.T.'s Crossword by C.L. Jenkins (84)
  • Resolution by Susan M. Garrett (Goliath went over the cliff, but is that really the end of Garthe Knight?) (86)
  • Knight for a Day by Anne C. Malcolm (Michael and KITT have a close encounter of the third kind while investigating charges against an honor student. Devon and April are doubly worried when Michael thinks he's KITT and KITT thinks he's Michael.) (90)
  • Artwork by Lorraine Bartlett (front cover), Mary Bloemker, Jessie Craig, Ann Larimer, Dave McCoy, and Lucy D. Williams

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

The first story in the zine is GOOD NIGHT MICHAEL written by Lorraine Bartlett. The story begins with Michael returning from vacation. Michael goes to the Knight Industries Estate for a meeting with Devan only to find he is in an interview with-a reporter from LIFE Magazine. Devan introduces Michael to the reporter, a plain woman, and somehow familiar to Michael, a Miss Tessa Grant. When Michael takes her hand a strange, cold feeling comes over him... a feeling as if he somehow knows this woman. Tessa also has the same feeling of familiarity and that evening she makes a phone call to a friend requesting information on Michael Knight. She discovers that three years ago Michael Knight began working for Knight -Industries almost to the day that Michael Long, a Nevada cop was shot and fatally wounded. Too many coincidences begin adding up and she deduces that they must be one in the same. At this point the reader isn't sure why this information is important, but you are lead to believe that it is. Several strange events begin to happen to Michael -- for instance, one evening Michael is taking a bath -- and a chill runs thru him. He slips beneath the water as if being pushed down. He comes up finally gasping and coughing from swallowing some water. He grabs his robe and runs to Kitt e~pecting Kitt to have picked up something on his sensory mode. But Kitt detects nothing. After several more interesting and intriguing close calls he and Kitt go thru all Michaels past arrest records and so.ething finally falls into place. It turns out that Tessa has been using mind control on Michael to fulfill a promise made to her grandmother. I could really go into a lot of detail about this story - it is extremely well-written, well thought out and executed. It maintains a strong story line and was consistant with the series. The second story in the zine is KNIGHT FOR A DAY written by Anne C. Malcolm. This story revolves around. Jorge Dominquez a young Foreign Exchange Student who receives a scholarship from the Foundation. The story opens with Jorge surrounded by police on a highway in Mexico. His car was destroyed by what he claims was a UFO. As the police search thru the car they discover a kilo of cocaine - naturally they arrest him. Michael and Kitt are sent in to rescue Jorge. Turns out that Jorge is being set up by Juan Rodrigues a no good drug runner and all around bad guy. Seems that Juan was responsible for Jorge' s sisters death - and before she died she gave Jorge a book containing names, numbers and plans that could ruin Juan' Nasty business, these drug types! The most interesting twist in this story happens while Michael and Kitt are examing the crash site. The same UFO suddenly appears which drains Kitts power cells and causes Michael to lose consicious. When they wake up they have somehow exchanged personailites - making Kitt - Michael and Michael - Kitt. How they both cope with this and solve Jorge's problem is up to you to find out. All in all I really enjoyed this zine. The artwork was rather sparse, but the stories are strong. I would highly recommend this zine to KNIGHT RIDER fans. [1]
This is an all-Knight Rider fanzine with three stories and an episode guide for the first two seasons. I was very happy with the episode guide because the local NBC affiliate didn't show the first season until summer reruns and I could use the guide to see what I had missed. The stories are very good, with interesting plots and accurate characterizations. All are set in the second season. "Good Knight, Michael" deals with a psychic who tries to kill Michael by planting self-destructive suggestions in his mind. "Resolution" is set after the episode "Goliath Returns" and discusses whether or not Garth Knight is still alive when his body is not found with Goliath's wreck. "Knight for a Day" contains a number of plot elements. Basically it is about the Foundation's efforts to clear one of their scholarship recipients of a false drug charge. However, it also brings in a UFO that puts Michael's mind in KITT's cpu and KITT's programming into Michael's body. This sounds preposterous, but the author manages to pull it off quite well, with wit and style. Both KITT's and Michael's personalities remain believable in spite of the switch. This story has only two minor weaknesses: the use of the word 'conscious' for 'conscience' and overuse of the phrase 'hot lead' when referring to bullets. In the two longer stories (the first and last), Michael, KITT, Devon, and April have roles proportional to their appearances in the series. I'm a KITT fan myself, and I was pleased to see that my favorite piece of artificial intelligence had a number of good lines. In summary, I think any fan of the series will enjoy this fanzine. [2]
I like it. Fairly well-written, keeps your interest well. One point, in the last story the mention of favorite t.v. programmes is just a bit unnecessary. Giving Michael a consistent lifestyle is a good point even Gonzo Gates has his trailer! Perhaps next; time "Knighttales" could go overseas as the Foundation is supposed to be an International Organization. Having the screening guide is a definite plus for us fans. [3]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Knightales 2: Knight Templar and was published in 1986. It is a 132-page novel by Lorraine Bartlett. The art work is by Pamela D. Loomis.

From an ad: "Michael thinks something's fishy when Devon orders him to investigate a well-known TV Evangelist. His instincts prove right—dead right, and Devon must take steps to rectify the situation, something that doesn't sit right with Bonnie & the rest of the Foundation staff, & threatens Michael's very survival." [4]

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

KNIGHTALES II is a fan novel called KNIGHT TEMPLAR, written by Lorraine Bartlett. The main plot concerns the Foundation's investigation of a well-meaning faith-healer who is being used by criminals for their own ends. The subplot concerns Michael Knight's concurrent investigation of the death of his lover. The main obstacle to the resolution of the conflicts, however, is Michael's physical condition, which is poor from page one right through page 128. He is recovering from a concussion at the beginning, and in the course of the story gets hit in the head at least twice more — not to mention that the bad guys inject him with a near-overdose of PCP, which results in even more physical injury. In short, this can be summed up as a "get-Michael" story, and will thrill enthusiasts of the genre to the very core. This does not mean, though, that the story has nothing else to recommend it. The flow is smooth, the plotting competent, and the characterization is believable. One thing that I watch for in a Knight Rider story is whether KITT plays an important role, has good lines, and acts according to programming. I am happy to say these conditions are satisfied. There is even a nice little part where KITT argues programming directives with Devon. In addition, the appearance of the fanzine is first-rate. One would not guess it was mimeographed (electro-stenciled) without reading the editorial. The printing is non-reduced and clear — no smudges. It is bound securely. Pamela D. Loomis' illustrations are sharp and distinct. Overall, I'd say this is a good buy and a good read for a Knight Rider fan. [5]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Connie Faddis

Knightales 3 was published in 1987 and contains 132 pages.

  • Welcome by Lorraine Bartlett (3)
  • Letter of Comment by The Loyal Readers (5)
  • Episode Guide, Pt. 2 by Lorraine Bartlett (18)
  • When Devon Calls by Sue-Anne Hartwick (25)
  • How Many Angels Can Stand on the Head of a Spark Plug? by Guy Clayton Brownlee (KITT wants to talk to God, but Michael isn't sure how to advise him.) (26)
  • First Love by Sue-Anne Hartwick (30)
  • Best of Enemies by Susan M. Garrett (April Curtis is back in L.A. and avoiding the Foundation, but after she's kidnapped by Garthe Knight, she wishes she'd visited her old friends.) (31)
  • Devon's Lament by Sue-Anne Hartwick (79)
  • The Smell of Skunk Cabbages by M. Octyme (After suffering a head-denting injury, Michael Blight discovers he's bored with his job, bored with his partner Twitt, BORED with his life: And sleaze could be just what he needs.) (80)
  • Dark Knight of the Soul by C.R. Faddis and Lorraine Bartlett (When a self-aware computer goes berserk and must be destroyed, alarmed federal officials force Devon to test KITT's emotional stability by faking Michael's death. Will KITT remain sane or must he be destroyed, too?) (84)
  • Incredibly Bad Knight Rider Jokes by Anne Tenna, Kay Bull, and Justa Twitte (121)
  • Hard Day's Knight by Lindsey Thompson (Sometimes just getting up in the morning can be a trial for all the Foundation's employees.) (122)
  • A Nit-Picker's Episode Guide by Anne Tenna (132)
  • Artwork by Connie Faddis (front cover), Guy Brownlee, Dani, Pam Loomis, and Doranna Shiner

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Knightales 4: A Knight in Hell and was published in 1992. It is a 75-page novel called "A Knight in Hell" by C. Corinne Lindley. The original cover (not the one shown here) is by Lorraine Bartlett.

"Michael Knight becomes involved in the investigation of a religious crusade and its leader, while coping under extreme pressure. Chronologically fits into series between 3rd and 4th season."


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