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Title: X-Talk
Publisher: Anime House Press
Editor(s): Marg Baskin and Heather Bruton
Type: fanzine, letterzine
Date(s): 1994-?
Medium: print
Fandom: X-Files
Language: English
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X-Talk is a gen digest-sized letterzine that was first published in September 1994 in Canada. Intended to have four issues a year. There are at least three issues.

Issue 1

X-Talk 1 was published in September 1994 and contains 32 pages.

cover issue #1, artist is uncreditd


Issue 2

cover issue #2, artist uncredited

X-Talk 2 was published January 1995 and contains 32 pages.

  • Season 2 episode guide
  • Fan Clubs
  • InterNet Information (a new Usenet Mailserver dedicated to the X-Files, plus other usenet newsgroups, addresses for a few "homepages," and some "ftp sources")
  • Fanzines
  • Glen Morgan's Online IRC Chat Interview
  • Letters of Comment
  • Articles about the show and actors
  • there is a review of the first tie-in X-Files book, "Goblins": "Mulder and Scully end up investigating strange murders near an air force base in the US. It soon comes out that there are rumors and stories of Goblins in the area, strange creatures that can hide inside walls, trees and any other sort of object, stepping out to kill and then retreat again. But there is more to this than just the murders, and our heroes are teamed up with another FBI team to seek out the truth and track down the killer(s) using all their skills and resources. Some folks on the net have called this the worst book they've ever read, but I don't agree with them. It's not a fantastic book, but it does have some good points. I think the characters are handled well and I like the other two agents who are major characters in the book. The story does jump around a lot and focuses too much on too many odd characters. I get the feeling this story was "filmed" in Twin Peaks. Still it's an interesting read and if you're a fan of the show you might enjoy the story."
  • a short review of XXX Files: The Frisky Project, see that page
  • a review of The Manifest #3, see that page

Issue 3

X-Talk 3 was published May 1995 and contains 32 pages.

  • The Rumor Mill
    • "A couple of months ago, the editor of an X-Files fanzine received a cease and desist letter from FOX Television, which started a wild rumor mill that Fox was trying to quash all fanzine production. As far as we know, that was an isolated incident which may have resulted from a misunderstanding. To date, we haven't heard of any further action, and the X-Files-related fan press is doing business as usual."
front cover of issue #3, artist remains uncredited, but is signed 'JEM.' May be JEM (fan artist). Cover is a crossover between Quantum Leap and XFiles
    • "David Duchovny is reported to have signed on to the alt.tv.xfiles group on the Internet recently, and been seriously annoyed by the level of nitpicking/negativism. This is a common reaction from anyone in show biz who tries the net, and a more than legitimate one, IMHO. "Tis an unfortunate fact that the motto for most of the entertainment/recreation groups on the Internet could be "if you can't say something bad, say nothing at all."
  • AOL Convention in Las Vegas - set for July 1995 and called 'AOL X-Files Gathering '95.' The editor notes that the event "is very expensive ($65, if you register after April 15th; $75 at the door), especially since it sounds like it's only a relaxicon (the only "organized function" is a lunch) and definitely non-fannish."
  • X-Files Merchandise
  • Fan Clubs
  • InterNet Information
  • Letters of Comment
  • Benevolent Aliens and Other Fairy Tales - a brief commentary on the X-Files episode

"Fearful Symmetry" by Raymond Gilford

back cover of issue #3, artist remains uncredited, but is signed 'JEM.' Cover is a crossover between Star Trek and XFiles
  • Season Two Episode Guide (cont)
  • X-Files Fanzines
  • Articles and mews about the actor and show