JEM (fan artist)

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Name: Jean Elizabeth Martin
Alias(es): JEM
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: X-Files
URL: some of her art is archived here (Wayback Machine link)
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JEM was a fan artist who displayed her art at MediaWest and other conventions. She also was a GOH at conventions. She passed in Feb 2005. A memorial was set up for her at the 2005 ConDFW convention.


  • "The [ConDFW] art show included a memorial to Jean Elizabeth Martin (or ‘JEM’). She usually displayed at Media West—I’m sure that many of you remember her picture of Michael Rennie and Jane Seymour as ancient Egyptians. She was going to be a guest of honor at Con DFW but died shortly before. Her friends are trying to assemble a collection of her work and I intended to link to their website, but I haven’t found one yet. Many of her originals were damaged by back mold, so if you own copies of her art they may want your help."[1]
  • "Jean Elizabeth Martin passed away on February 17, 2005. Respected, admired, and loved by the fandom community, Jean was an artist and writer of the rarest and most amazing caliber. Known mostly for her fantasy and Egyptian-themed watercolors, Jean’s work spanned decades of interests and included publications in print, media, and historical societies. Among her most recognizable works were art published in TSR books, including the seminal second edition Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide. Her cover art could be seen in Steve Jackson games products and Amazing Stories and Dungeon magazines. Texas has lost one of its most wonderful personalities: a versatile creative soul, her art showed remarkable diversity and she brought startling insight, light, and romance to her work and to the people who had the honor to call her friend." (archived link)