Revenants and Roses

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Title: Revenants and Roses
Publisher: Shady Lady Press
Editor(s): Sharon Dickerson, Kate Nickell and Joy Riddle
Medium: print
Fandom: Real Ghostbusters
Language: English
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Revenants and Roses is a gen Real Ghostbusters anthology with three issues.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Marty Siegrist

Revenants and Roses 1 was published in 1995. Art by Marianne Howarth, Joy Riddle, Sandy Schreiber, Melody Rondeau & Marty Siegrist (front cover).

  • Marian (The Real Ghostbusters/Indiana Jones) - Sheila Paulson (1)
  • Gonna Put It in the Want Ads by Robin Cloward (24)
  • The Way of the Fist by Jeanne O'Donnell (32)
  • Sorcerer's Gambit by Diana Smith and Pat Dunn (63)
  • Where Were You When the Lights Went Out by Julie Jay (86)
  • Plague by Cindy Rancourt (91) (Author's comments: "One reason I write is because of an inborn need to reconcile discrepancies in series I enjoy. The Real Ghostbusters contained several that I felt required explanation. Two of them occurred between season two to season three, those being the shift in Ray Stantz weight from heavy to light, and the change of Peter's voice. This story was written to correct those apparent discrepancies." -- from online version)
  • The Mermaid's Children by Jeanne Hutton (152)
  • Legion by Kate Nickell (179)
  • As Time Goes By by Sheila Paulson (211)
  • Cupid Venkman by Diana Smith and Pat Dunn (216)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Julie Jay's Where Were You When the Lights Went Out is a slightly risque bit of fluff in which Egon's cleverness gets him a little over his head. Also, includes Sheila Paulson's delightful Marian.

Verdict: A Marty Siegrest cover (she did ALL 3!) and enough stories to choke a horse. Quite entertaining. Contains romance stories. [1]

Issue 2

Revenants and Roses 2 was published in May 1997 and contains 133 pages. Cover art is by Marty Siegrist; interior art is by Marianne Howarth, Kate Nickell, Joy Riddle, Melody Rondeau, Sandy Schreiber, Marty Siegrist, and Peggy Spalding. It won a 1998 FanQ Award for Best Zine.

cover of issue #2, Marty Siegrist
  • Foxhunt by Birgit Stabler (1)
  • Only Fairy Tales End with Happily Ever After by Julie Jay (27)
  • Channel by Sheila Paulson (30)
  • A Friendly Push by Annita K. Smith. (60)
  • Catch Me If You Can by Diana Smith & Pat Dunn. Crossover with Shadow Chasers. (66)
  • The Date by Annita K. Smith (109)
  • More Deadly Than the Male by Kate Nickell (114)
  • Buster in (Brief) Bondage by Sheila Paulson (129)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Julie Jay's Only Fairy Tales End with Happily Ever After is a story set after the episode Janine, You've Changed... from a slightly different perspective.

Verdict: Nice. Contains romance stories. [2]

Issue 3

Revenants and Roses 3 was published in May 1998 and contains 151 (131?) pages. Cover art is by Marty Siegrist; interior art is by Marianne Howarth, Christine Renner, Joy Riddle, Melody Rondeau, Sandy Schreiber and Peggy Spalding.

cover of issue #3, Marty Siegrist
  • The Curse of Medusa by Jeanne Hutton (1)
  • Spilt Milk by K. Hanna Korossy (10)
  • Peter the Great by Sheila Paulson (15)
  • From London with Love by Diana Smith & Pat Dunn--When werewolf Randi Wallace and her companion Ian are inadvertently stranded away from shelter on the night of the full moon, they come to the Ghostbusters for help. Crossover with She-Wolf of London. (32)
  • Unfinished Business by Christine Renner--Crossover with Men in Black. (51)
  • Friendly Fire by Sheila Paulson (won a 1999 FanQ) (70)
  • Scavenger Hunt by Joy Riddle (93)
  • The Unicorn by Kate Nickell (128)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

Christine Renner's Unfinished Business manages to resolve the conflict between GB2 and RGB nicely in a Real Ghostbusters/MenInBlack story that delights. Also, Joy Riddle's Scavenger Hunt and Kate Nickell's The Unicorn are very sweet. Jeanne Hutton's Curse of the Medusa is a very good bust story with Winston as the focus.

Verdict: shortest of the three R&R's, but still in keeping the blend of romance and bust stories going. [3]


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