Men in Black

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Name: Men in Black
The Men in Black (comics)
Men in Black: The Series
Abbreviation(s): MIB, M.I.B.
Creator: Lowell Cunningham
Date(s): 1990-1991, 1997 (comics)
1997, 2002, 2012 (films)
1997-2001 (animated series)
Medium: comics, films, animated series, video games
Country of Origin: Canada, United States
External Links: Franchise Wikipedia page
Men in Black/Memories
Men in Black by BenSmith128
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Men in Black, or MIB, is a franchise that originated as a comic series, but was later adapted into films starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones which branched the franchise into an animated series and various video games.


The Men in Black are a secret organization that monitors and suppresses paranormal activity on Earth (including aliens, demons and mutants), while keeping the populace ignorant of its happenings.

The films and animated series popularized two weapons used by the MIB: Neuralyzer (the size of an average cigar tube that gives a bright flash which erases the memories of the past hours, days, weeks, months or years, depending on the chosen settings) and Noisy Cricket (first gun used by Agent J and is small but packs a powerful punch).

With the release of the films Men in Black II and Men in Black III, most if not all elements of the Men in Black animated series have been verified as noncanon.

Main Characters


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Although the fandom is quite small, it's mainly focused on the films and animated series. Various fansites were available in the early 2000s focused on at least the animated series, they were usually located on free sites such as GeoCities. However, now the fandoms seem to exist solely on Archive of Our Own and, with some fanart posted at Deviantart.

Fanworks in the fandom are mainly of fanart and fanfiction.


Fusions or Alternate Universes where other fandoms take place in MIB world is fairly common found in MIB works.

Phil Coulson of the MCU fandom is frequently used as a son of Agent K (its a fairly common headcanon); even Darcy Lewis is sometimes related to him (Example: The Family That Fights Together by em_iloveyou_d) or simply in a crossover (Example: K is for K by Blinded_Kit).


The main slash and fandom pairing is Agent J/Agent K. Various other pairings are more rare.


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