Oaken Heart

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Title: Oaken Heart
Publisher: Peers Press
Editor(s): P.L. Heyes
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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cover by Marty Siegrist

Oaken Heart is a gen Robin of Sherwood 105-page anthology. It was the winner of five Major Oak Awards.

The art is by Kitty Gamarra, Susan M. Garrett, Ann Larimer, Grace Meisel, Todd Parrish, Francis Quinn, Peggy Spalding and Mary G.T. Webber.


From a flyer: "A Collection of Prose, Poetry and Art based on Robin of Sherwood. In the heart of Sherwood Forest, there are tales to tell, dreams to dream, and songs to sing. Come into the greenwood, and see what awaits." From Media Monitor: "Join us in Sherwood Forest, where there are tales to tell, dreams to dream and songs to sing.... Material from all seasons. The zine features laser-pring text on vellum-finished recycled paper, and a surprise with every issue."


  • Mother-Of-Acorns by Grace Meisel (2 pages)
  • The First Calling by Ruth Dempsey ("A winter's tale of Sherwood's past, as told by Leanna, the White Lady.") (7 pages)
  • Miller’s Sons by Todd Parrish ("What can shatter the bonds of brotherhood?") (11 pages)
  • Treading the Royal Road by Grace Meisel ("Terror can be found anywhere, even in the green depths of Sherwood.") (5 pages)
  • Feet First by Cindy Fairbanks (" What truths will Much find at the bottom of a dungeon!") (8 pages)
  • Thy True Heritage (11 pages)
  • False Impressions by Janet VanMeter and Tina Evans ("A good deed ensnares the outlaws in plots and treachery.") (18 pages)
  • The Major Oak’s Tale by Kitty Gamarra "One "entity's" story of Sherwood, past and present.") (6 pages)
  • Revels, filk by Patrice L. Heyes (also in On Target #11 and The Silver Arrow #5)
  • other poems and filks by Sheila Foley, Susan M. Garrett, Hilda Marshall, Rache, Mary G.T. Webber, Janet VanMeter, and P.L. Heyes