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Title: Ouch!
Publisher: Neon RainBow Press
Editor(s): Cinda Gillilan & Jody Norman
Date(s): 1997-2008
Series?: Yes
Medium: Print zine
Genre: Gen
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Ouch! is a multifandom anthology. It was billed as "a gen multi-media over-the-top hurt/comfort zine."

There are twenty issues.

Issue 1

cover issue #1

Ouch 1 was published in 1997 and is 200 pages long.

The zine was dedicated " to the men and women who made my latest passion possible, the cast and crew who gave us Counterstrike."

  • poems by Sue Ann Sarick
  • The Last Ride by Valerie DeVries ("Kid's on his last ride for the Pony Express when he runs up against an Indian war party. The results? A concussion and amnesia. When he then falls in with the wrong men will it spell the end of the line for him?") (The Young Riders) (11)
  • The Forget-Me-Not Affair by Paula Smus ("Napoleon's forced to blow-up a building while Illya's still inside. Thinking he has killed his partner and best friend, Solo decides that no partner is better than making the same mistake twice. But Illya's not dead, he's just concussed, with no memory of his true allegiances - not good when it's THRUSH who's found him.") (The Man From UNCLE) (24)
  • Sweet Revenge by Joyce Strohm ("Ray's sister is out to get him, unfortunately a certain Mountie and his wolf get caught in the crossfire, and the consequences might be deadly.") (Due South) (34)
  • From the Sea by Alison Wilson ("Magnum's rescued by Higgins and both reveal more than they planned.") (Magnum PI) (48)
  • White Knuckle by Jamie Hector) ("The team's kidnapped and tortured while a madman tries to break Peter Sinclair. The problem is, the man just might have succeeded.") (also in Black Ops #9) (winner of 1998 FanQ) (Counterstrike) (52)
  • Caught in the Crossfire by Londa Pfeffer ("Trivette drives an old Narc buddy home after a party and both men are ambushed. Walker hunts down the shooter while his partner fights for his life.") (Walker, Texas Ranger) (80)
  • The Opportunist by Peta-Jo Ford ("When an old gorilla sees an opportunity to bring in the two humans and their chimp companion, he takes it. Now Pete's paying the price and if they can't find an antidote soon, he'll die.") (Planet of the Apes) (110)
  • All The Years Till Midnight by Sheila Paulson ("Egon and Ray have made some modifications to the P.K.E. meter which calls for a test. Peter plays the mouse in a game of hide and seek that turns deadly.") (winner of 1998 FanQ) (also in Author's Choice) (Real Ghostbusters) (130)

Issue 2

cover issue #2

Ouch! 2 was published in 1998 and is 173 pages long.

  • Blind Man's Bluff (by Jill Thomasson) Star Trek. Spock and McCoy crashland on a planet. The doctor is blinded, there are sand crabs the size of professional wrestlers (with a taste for human flesh), and the local inhabitants would just as soon kill you as look at you. Not one of their better days. (24) (updated and reprinted in The McCoy Files)
  • Restoration (by K. Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. After being forced to shoot a dirty cop, Hutch is questioning all he's held dear and true. The only problem is that that soul-searching carries him right into the middle of a hit and he ends up the hunted in an all-too-real game of life and death. It's up to Starsky to reach him before the bad-guys do. (16)
  • Need (by Joyce Strohm) Highlander. Kronos is dead, but Methos' part as a member of the Four Horsemen is more than Duncan can accept. Their friendship in ruins, both men search themselves for answers and forgiveness. The resulting revelations give Joe Dawson a whole new appreciation for the brutality Kronos embraced, and what Methos had to suffer at his hands. (This story contains some adult content.) (30)
  • One Last Breath (by Londa Pfeffer) Walker, Texas Ranger. A missing scene from the two-hour Walker special, The Sons of Thunder. Trivette's on the trail of a cop-killer, but his best lead brings him right into the gunman's sights. Being dead isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when you're given glimpses into the pain your friends will suffer when you're gone. (12)
  • Masks (by Sheri Young) Riptide and Real Ghostbusters. In San Francisco for a conference, both groups face the possibility of losing a team member when an earthquake traps Nick and Peter in a collapsing parking garage. Unable to walk, Peter must be Nick's eyes, when a concussion gives the detective a bad case of double-vision. The trouble is, the aftershocks are bringing what's left of the structure down on them and their air is rapidly running out. (78)
  • Art work by C.P. Foster.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

See reactions and reviews for Restoration.

Issue 3

cover issue #3

Ouch! 3 was published in 1998 and contains 169 pages.

From the editors:

Not much else to say, except for this warning. . . these stories range from mild H/C to some rather graphic stories. You were wamed! But then again, that's probably why you're here, right? We just wanted to say that while this is called a hurt/comfort zine, these stories reflect the depth and intensity of these characters' friendships, and that is something we really enjoy reading. We hope you do, too.

Now, go enjoy some nice bash 'em, trash 'em, hug 'em stories!

  • The Search for Justice (by Lori Schultz) Lost in Space. The Robinson family and their compatriots find themselves on trial for a crime they didn't even know they committed. When it looks like Will might pay the ultimate price even Dr. Smith can't stand idly by and watch. (19)
  • Physician, Heal Thyself (by Valerie DeVries) Deep Space 9. Dr. Bashir is critically injured and his assistant killed during an ion storm. While his life hangs in the balance, Bashir has to learn to let go and accept that some things are just not under his control. (13)
  • Promises (by Whitethorn) Space: Above and Beyond. Admiral Ross is missing, so McQueen and a hand-picked team are dispatched to find him. But nothing is as it seems, and there are dangers at every turn. (17)
  • The Walking Wounded (by Londa Pfeffer) Soldier of Fortune. A missing scene from the episode "Broken Play." The team escaped from Bosnia, but there are still some wounds to be healed – both inside and out. (9)
  • Fox Hunt (by Sheila Paulson) Real Ghostbusters and Riptide (guest appearance by Airwolf). An old enemy from Vietnam is stalking the men who know a terrible secret, including Winston, Nick, Cody, and Hawke. However, the ghost of one of the victims is able to warn the Ghostbusters, who in turn warn the Riptide detectives. But is it too late? As the hunter closes for the kill no one is safe. (84)

Issue 4

cover issue #4

Ouch! 4 was published in 1998 and is 169 pages long.

  • All This For A Piece of Paper (by Lynn Gill) Alias Smith and Jones. With a posse hot on their heels, Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry split up, with plans to meet again later. Problem, both men are hired to acquire a piece of paper - for opposite sides of a range feud. Reprinted from Ghost Riders #7. (26)
  • The Ultimate Hurt/Comfort Story - Without the Comfort (by Heidi M) The Fugitive. The title says it all, and we refuse to give anything away! (2)
  • Pushing (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. When a practical joke gets out of hand both Starsky and Hutch have to reevaluate their relationship. (14)
  • Promises Kept (by Sheri Young) Riptide. Cody meets a woman he thinks he wants to marry, but she has very different ideas. (60)
  • I Talk to Trees (by Sheila Paulson) Real Ghostbusters. The team is sent to look into the mysterious disappearances of loggers and find much more than they ever expected. Now, if they can just get Ray back before it's too late! (36)
  • Sacrificial Lamb (by Valerie DeVries) Stargate SG-1. A general is out to shut the project down, and in the process he might just get Daniel Jackson killed. (21) (won a 1999 FanQ)

Issue 5

Ouch! 5 was published in 1998 and is 182 pages long.

cover of issue #5
  • Comfort's Cost (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. Slip into Hutch's thoughts as he weathers Starsky's fight for life and recovery after being shot in a small Italian restaurant ("Shootout"). (14)
  • Dear Dad (by Christine Jeffords) Simon and Simon. While in therapy Rick pens a letter to his father. (9)
  • When the World Wants Too Much (by Sheri Young) Riptide. Nick's recovering from emergency surgery, and doing well. Not well enough, though, to travel back East with Cody and Murray. But circumstances conspire to pull Nick into following, and force him into a wrenching choice. (42)
  • Shades of Grey (by Londa Pfeffer) Walker, Texas Ranger. Hatred can poison a person's mind, but it can also stain a good friendship, and get people killed. Alex and Walker race to find Trivette before it's too late. (43) (winner of a 1999 FanQ)
  • The Lion Queen (by Paula Smus) Stargate SG-1. On an apparently friendly planet Carter is lured away from the team. Can they get her back? (17)
  • Travois (by Sheila Paulson) Stargate SG-1. Jack and Daniel are abducted by a mechanical bird and delivered into the hands of primitives, who attack and wound the Colonel. Daniel and a local friend struggle to get Jack back to the Stargate before his condition becomes critical. (46) (also in Author's Choice)

Issue 6

Ouch! 6 was published in 1999 and is 163 pages long.

  • The Journey (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. A tag to "A Coffin for Starsky." Starsky's adventure on the "Other Side" as he fights his way back to the waking world. (8)
  • Waiting Room (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. Starsky and Hutch develop a new understanding of themselves and each other while waiting to hear about a friend. (6)
  • Mutual Support (by Christine Jeffords) Simon and Simon. A tag to "Into Thin Air." Rick is there for an injured A.J. (15)
  • Second Swell Soliloquies (by Christine Jeffords) Simon and Simon. A tag to "Second Swell." A.J. and Rick each do a little soul searching. (5)
  • Ain't Gonna Mow No Mo' (by Teri Sarick) Highlander. Duncan meets with an unusual adversary, or is she? (3)
  • The Flower That Shattered the Stone (by Gillian Holt) War of the Worlds. An unexpected visit from Paul's nephew turns deadly when the Blackwood Project encounters the aliens' latest plans to destroy mankind. (40)
  • Bonding (by Sandy Fiore) Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Master might be dead, but all is not right in Sunnydale. Can Cordy help set Buffy straight? (6)
  • All the King's Horses (by Valerie DeVries) Stargate SG-1. SG-1 heads to a planet where SG-9 has disappeared, a planet ruled by Seth, the God of Chaos. Daniel becomes the sacrificial lamb in an attempt to gain power. (26)
  • Trapped in Amber (by Jacqueline Moleski) Poltergeist: The Legacy. Derek receives an unexpected gift of great power. When that power is unleashed it's up to the rest of the Legacy House to solve the mystery before Derek has to forfeit his life, or his sanity. (14)
  • Experience (by Sheila Paulson) Real Ghostbusters. When Pete misses a bust and Ray is hurt, Egon gets mad, and he's not in the mood to listen to excuses. (23)
  • When a Man is Lost (by Tara MacKenzie) Space: Above and Beyond. A missing scene from "Stay With The Dead." McQueen fights to save West's memory, and rescue the 58th. Reprinted in Black Ops #7. (6)
  • Poetry by Laura Brush, and art by Clare Solomon.

Issue 7

Ouch! 7 was published in 1999 and is 170 pages long.

  • Risk (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. Hutch is taking care of Starsky after his encounter with Simon, but the roles are switched when Hutch is mugged. (8)
  • The Partnership Paradox (by Jacqueline Moleski) Emergency! On a call to rescue a small boy, Johnny is severely hurt and Roy has some soul-searching to do. (13)
  • Moving Day (by Christine Jeffords) Simon and Simon. Little did A.J. know that the case he and his brother put on hold so he could move into his new house would almost get him killed. Good thing Rick was out there to help him. (32)
  • Sophia (by M.D. Bloemker) Shadow Chasers. Jonathan finds himself at the mercy of vampires. And Benedek finds himself at the mercy of Jonathan. (22)
  • Sacrificial Lamb (by Leesa Warren) Walker, Texas Ranger. Trivette thinks his older brother is a man gone bad. And he might be right, but Walker decides to trust him with his partner's life. (14)
  • Resignation (by Christine Jeffords) Gunsmoke. Matt Dillon decides to hang up his guns, but that decision cannot stand. (11)
  • Stranger in Town (by Alison Wilson) Gunsmoke. A young man in town to help his family raises questions for Matt, especially when Kitty seems to find him interesting. (12)
  • Mind Games (by Becca Koldfurr) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. Benny Ray and C.J. are captured and brainwashed to carry out an assassination. Matt, Margo and Chance race to stop their teammates, and save their lives. Also in Watch Your Six #1. (42) (winner of a 2000 FanQ)

Issue 8

cover issue #8

Ouch! 8 was published in 1999 and is 177 pages long.

  • When half-gods go... (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. An old nightmare is happening all over again. Starsky is missing, and Hutch is convinced Simon knows why. (29)
  • Moon Shadow (by Mary Bloemker) Shadow Chasers. A hunt for the unusual turns deadly for Jonathan and Benny. With one Shadow Chaser dead and the other refusing to believe, can there possibly be a happy ending? Of course! (47)
  • One-on-One (by Sheila Paulson) Real Ghostbusters. Egon finds himself pitted against a powerful demon in a game of wits. Too bad he loses! Can he survive with the knowledge that he failed his friends? (40)
  • Contagion (by Jeanne Powers) Burning Zone. Cassian has resigned and the rest of the team are having serious doubts about his replacement. When they discover that Cassian is really dying, they begin to investigate the new project director and quickly find themselves in over their heads. (33)
  • Everyone Comes Home (by Kathleen A. Klatte) Special Ops Force. A mission gone bad puts Margo's life in danger. But Nick and Benny Ray refuse to leave her behind. Reprinted in Watch Your Six #2. (7)
  • Incentive (by Fallon Zane) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. A missing scene from the episode "Broken Play." Chance thought there was no way he could be broken, but he was wrong. Reprinted in Watch Your Six #1. (7)

Issue 9

cover issue #9

Ouch! 9 was published in 2000 and is 181 pages long.

  • The Day They Shot Mr. Lincoln (by Drena Hills) Alias Smith and Jones. Heyes and the Kid run into the man responsible for their parents' death. Can they put their pain behind them, or will they do something they'll regret? (12)
  • The End of the Mile (by Christine Jeffords) Gunsmoke. Quint has lost the woman he loved, but he has friends who are there for him. Will it be enough? (14)
  • ...the gods arrive (by K. Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. A sequel to "When half-gods go..." in Ouch! #8. Starsky is recovering from his kidnapping ordeal, but it's a slow, painful process. And not just for him, but for his partner as well. But they have each other and that's always been enough. They just hope that will be the case this time, too. (34)
  • Peace Be With You (by Catriona MacKay) Highlander. Celina and Duncan mourn over the loss of a good friend - Darius. (6)
  • Aftermath (by Katie Steuer) Starsky and Hutch. A sequel to "The Fix." Hutch is still recovering from his forced addiction, and Starsky is doing all he can to help. And just when Starsky finds the right medicine for his partner, fate plays a terrible joke on the partners - Starsky is kidnapped by men who know what has happened to Hutch, and who think it would be downright hysterical if Starsky understands it too, first hand. (54)
  • False Fire (by Sheila Paulson) Real Ghostbusters. Early in their partnership, someone stalked the city, killing winos. When that someone turns out to be a demon, and one of the victims Peter Venkman, what's a good ghostbuster to do? Egon pushes aside his grief to hunt down the entity who murdered his best friend. Luckily he has some help - Edgar Benedek, a reporter for the National Register. (45)
  • Dancing With the Dead (by Fallon Zane) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. A missing scene to "Surgical Strike." While being held hostage by the same men who killed his brother and broke him once before, C.J. has an interesting encounter with Danny's ghost. Reprinted in Watch Your Six #2. (6)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

Issue 10

cover issue #10

Ouch! 10 was published in 2000 and is 180 pages long.

  • Exceptions (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. Hutch's world has been turned upside down - Starsky is missing, and presumed dead. But he won't believe it, he can't believe it, and so he looks, and looks, and looks. What he finds isn't at all what he expected. (21)
  • The Green-Eyed Monster (by Sheila Paulson) Real Ghostbusters. Winston and Ray return to the firehall to find Egon near death and Peter in shock as he works frantically to keep his friend alive. What happens next is a fight to the death with a demon and an old friend. (52)
  • Resolution (by Katie Steuer) Starsky and Hutch. A sequel to "Aftermath," in Ouch #9. Hutch thought that Starsky's recovery was going well, but he was wrong. Now his partner is sullen and withdrawn, and getting worse every day. When all else fails, he takes a huge chance and forces his partner on a trip - to New York and his mother. But there's another reason, Hutch knows the man responsible for Starsky's condition is in New York as well, and he has plans to see Sabatelli dead. (94)
  • Plus poetry by Teri Sarick.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

[Resolution, and Aftermath]: For me these two stories are perfect. I love first person POV, I love Katie Steuer’s style and I love that she sees the guys exactly as I see them. The first story takes place right after The Fix and this time it’s Starsky who needs Hutch’s help. In the second one – that takes over right after the first one we learn so much about Starsky’s past that for me it’s my personal canon. It’s the most incredible explanation why Starsky was sent to California when he was a kid. [1]

Issue 11

cover issue #11

Ouch! 11 was published in 2001 and is 189 pages long.

  • After Obsession (by Lynn Harvey) Magnificent Seven. A long tag to the episode "Obsessions." Chris might be shot, but he doesn't want to stay at Ella's home, but the rest of the seven don't know why. (also in Magnificent Seven Special Gen Collection) (16)
  • The Lost Boys (by Drena Hills) Alias Smith and Jones. An injury brings the Kid to the home of a doctor and his children. But then another member of the gang arrives, and things turn ugly. Can Heyes get them out of this in time, and what kind of impression are they making on the kids? (13)
  • Ties (by Lynn Harvey) Magnificent Seven. Ezra is in a quandary, an old friend is dying, and another wants to give up the outlaw trail. By helping one he might be helping the other, or not. Chris and Vin ride along to lend a hand. (also in Magnificent Seven Special Gen Collection) (28)
  • The Best Laid Plans (by Sheila Paulson) Real Ghostbusters. The guys decide to pull a practical joke on Peter and it backfires, badly. (17)
  • Home is Where the Heart Is (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. After he almost died, Starsky just had to get away. But he didn't tell Hutch where he was going, and then Hutch gets hurt... can we say guilty! (19) (winner of a 2002 FanQ)
  • A Little Culture in Texas (by Lynn Gill) Houston Knights. Wanting revenge for the death of his son, a man targets Lundy for death, and he almost succeeds. Reprinted from Rough 'n Ready. (33)
  • Buried Alive (by Kristi Nelson) Counterstrike. Peter is captured and tortured. He survives, but the mental scars take longer than the physical to heal. (36)
  • A Long and Winding Road (by Fallon Zane) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. Benny Ray has to go sign his final divorce papers and he's hurting. Good thing he ends up on a friend's doorstep. Reprinted in Watch Your Six #4. (16)

Issue 12

cover issue #12

Ouch! 12 was published in 2001 and is 195 pages long.

  • Lucky (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. Starsky talks Hutch through a tough moment. (3)
  • The Last Goodbye (by Lynn Gill) Houston Knights. Mother Minnie dies and Joe accompanies Levon home for the funeral. Reprinted from Partners and Friends. (4)
  • The Chaste Moon (by Lynn Gill) Houston Knights. After Mother Minnie's death, Lundy begins acting a little strangely, but LaFiamma has plenty of "strange" to deal with himself – Mother Minnie's ghost is paying him visits. Reprinted from Partners and Friends. (10)
  • Absent Without Leave (by Denyse M. Bridger) The Equalizer. Gage is missing, and Robert and friends are determined to bring him home. (34)
  • Red, Red Rose (by Llyr Chaves & Gillian Holt) Shades of LA and War of the Worlds. A post-"Vengeance is Mine" story. Michael Burton meets another shade, a beautiful young woman who was recently killed by Colonel Ironhorse. Now all he has to do is help her complete her unfinished business, but that's hard when half that business is engaged in a covert war against invading aliens. (8)
  • Duty (by K Hanna Korossy) Due South. Irene is dead, Ray is hurting, and Benny is trying to find a way to help, but he's not sure he can, or if Ray wants him to any more. (10)
  • The Caller (by Denyse M. Bridger) Forever Knight. LaCroix is being haunted by a woman who wants something from him, something he eventually feels compelled to give. (6)
  • Murder at Devil's Hole (by Drena Hills) Alias Smith and Jones. When a man turns up dead at Devil's Hole, the Kid is the prime suspect, but Heyes knows better and sets out to prove his cousin's innocence. (10)
  • Life Force (by Sheila Paulson) Star Wars. When Luke crash lands, Han and Chewie do everything they can to save his life, but it's not enough. Han has to open his mind and embrace the Force to save his friend. (8)
  • Guilty Conscience (by Fallon Zane) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. A missing scene from "Apres Vu." Benny Ray blames himself for Matt's close brush with death, but a chat with a local priest helps him put things in a better perspective. Reprinted in Watch Your Six #4. (7)
  • A Stranger in the House (by Gillian Holt) War of the Worlds. A chance encounter with an alien device leaves Ironhorse with amnesia, and might just cost him his position in the Blackwood Project. (26)
  • Into Thin Air (by Robyn Jordaine) Walker, Texas Ranger. When Trivette is kidnapped, Walker is willing to pull out all the stops to find him, including calling in an old friend. But when they do find him, they're not sure he'll survive, or be the same man if he does. (59).

Issue 13

cover issue #13

Ouch! 13 was published in 2002 and is 176 pages long.

  • A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words (by Drena Hills) Alias Smith and Jones. Curry is behind bars, Heyes is dead, and a reporter is trying to set the record straight, or is he? (10)
  • Debts of Friendship (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. Hutch wakes up at the hospital, the victim of a vicious beating, but he can't remember who did it or why. That leaves Starsky to both protect his partner and find the one(s) responsible. (7)
  • Echo (by Denyse M. Bridger) The Equalizer. Scott is sure his father's life is in danger, and nobody seems to be listening, so he does the only thing he can - he goes to protect Robert, and in the process, almost gets himself killed. (26)
  • Recovery (by Denyse M. Bridger) The Equalizer. Scott is slowly recovering from his wounds, and getting a little more TLC than he can take. (15)
  • Up From the Abyss (by Jamie Hector) Counterstrike. Konrad Strand is back, and he has a plan to destroy Alexander Addington, but to make it work, he must first destroy Stone's mind. (24) (winner of a 2003 FanQ award)
  • Trust Me (by Kathleen A. Klatte) X-Files. Doggett finds himself caring for Scully. (4)
  • Choices (by Denyse M. Bridger) UC: Undercover. Alex is still dealing with the aftermath of the prison riot. (7)
  • Fond Farewell (by Fallon Zane) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. Matt says good-bye to Chance and C.J. and wonders how his life might change. Reprinted in Watch Your Six #5. (5)
  • Poised on the Edge of Forever (by Denyse M. Bridger) Forever Knight. Nick is ready to take the final walk. (2)
  • Ghost Trap (by Sheila Paulson) Real Ghostbusters. Ray is working on a modification to the traps when he's taken prisoner by a ghost, and there's no one there to save him, except Winston. (13)
  • Divide and Conquer (by Cedar J. Duel) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. A hostage rescue mission turns deadly and leaves Benny Ray in the hands of men who will do anything to get at the information he has. Also in Good to Go #1. (42)
  • Long Walk, Short Bridge (by Nancy Platte) Alias Smith and Jones. Heyes and Curry run across a most unusual woman who helps them when they need it most. Also in Just You, Me & the Governor #10. (11)

Issue 14

cover issue #14

Ouch! 14 was published in 2002 and is 182 pages long. It is a Special Issue called, "Oops!"

  • Some Days... (by Sharon Airey) Alias Smith and Jones. Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed, as a young Heyes and Curry discover. (4)
  • When it Snows in Arizona (by Lynn Gill) Alias Smith and Jones. Getting caught in a blizzard is just the last in a long string of trouble the boys find themselves in. And when they take refuge in a cave, things go from bad to worse. Also in Just You, Me & the Governor #3 and Anything Goes #4. (13)
  • A Fine Ol' Institution (by Lynn Gill) Alias Smith and Jones. One of Heyes' usual tricks lands the boys in jail, where things take a turn for the wacky. Also in Just You, Me & the Governor #11. (15)
  • Home From the Wars (by Michelle Fortado) Magnificent Seven. The Seven take on what they think will be an easy, enjoyable job, but they get more than they bargained for. (also in Magnificent Seven Special Gen Collection) (10)
  • The Love of Friends (by Sheila Paulson) Shadow Chasers. An old crime, a recent death, and a ghost sighting, all conspire to put Jon and Benny in the middle of an ivory tower mystery. (34)
  • Wishful Thinking (by Brenda A. & Gillian Holt) War of the Worlds. Of all people, Paul and Harrison should know to be careful, that you might just get what you wish for, and when they do, it's hysterical. Also in Green Floating Weirdness #7. (26)
  • Doctor's Orders (by Cheryl Benson) Stargate SG-1. The doctor decides that SG-1 needs a full time medic. (2)
  • Same Language (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. There are times when only your partner can really, truly understand you, and this is one of them! (10)
  • Killing Him with Kindness (by Keiko Jones) Starsky and Hutch. Poor Hutch, he really, really, really should have stayed home in bed! (12)
  • Million to One Odds (by Denyse M. Bridger) The Equalizer. Scott often turns up looking like death warmed over, and one of his friends decides it's time she did something about it. (4)
  • Compromising Positions (by Denyse M. Bridger) The Equalizer. When Scott tries to help a friend he finds himself included in a bust. Now he needs to get out of jail in order to help his friend, but who can he call who won't tell his dad? (11)
  • Last Call (by Lexi Jordan) Swift Justice. In the aftermath of a bad assignment, Mac installs some new security. (4)
  • Babysitting Duties (by Tammy. L. Croft) X-Files. Childhood diseases are a pain for children, but even worse on adults. (10)
  • Island Impression (by Fallon Zane) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. Never annoy the Island spirits. Never. Reprinted in Watch Your Six #6. (6)
  • Welcome to Comaland (by Cheryl Benson) Multi-media. One of the regulars in Comaland comes up with a bright idea. (4)
  • The Bar at the End of the Universe (by Outta Luck) Multi-media. Some fan writers are more powerful than they ever imagined. (7)

Issue 15

cover of issue #15

Ouch! 15 was published in 2003 and is 180 pages long.

  • Bittersweet (by Carole Seegraves) Starsky and Hutch. A post-"The Fix" tag. An innocent act on Starsky's part sends Hutch back into the memories. (4)
  • Reminders (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. An undercover assignment hits a little too close to home for Hutch, but when Starsky misses a check-in, he knows he has to go looking for the man, no matter what it costs him. (15)
  • Fly, Crash, Burn (by Laura Cathcart) War of the Worlds. A missing scene. Harrison's addiction to alien-tainted music reveals a great deal about his friendship with Paul. (6)
  • You Left Me (by Aline) Diagnosis Murder. A missing scene. Steve is feeling guilty about not being able to keep Jesse from getting hurt. (3)
  • Crossfire (by Denyse M. Bridger) The Equalizer. Mickey finds himself in the middle of a bad situation. (4)
  • Ricochet (by Denyse M. Bridger) The Equalizer. A sequel to "Crossfire." Fallout from the shooting comes back to haunt Mickey, but it's Scott who might pay the ultimate price. (16)
  • Sorry... Crystal (by Gillian Holt) War of the Worlds. A missing scene from "The Second Seal." The Project ends up with the alien crystal from the Fort Streeter vaults and it continues to play havoc in their lives. (8)
  • Turtle Soup (by Sheila Paulson) The Sentinel. Blair ends up in the hospital and doesn't remember why. (6)
  • By Any Other Name (by Laura Brush & Laura Grigsby) War of the Worlds and Starman. Summer camp turns out to be more of an adventure for Scott and Debi than either teen imagine! (13)
  • Split Second (by Erica Michaels) Magnificent Seven (ATF). While on an assignment Vin is shot. (also in Magnificent Seven Special Gen Collection) (14)
  • Conduct Unbecoming (by Cath Holt) War of the Worlds. Harrison almost ruins Debi's birthday, and it's Suzanne and Paul who end up in the hospital. (17)
  • False Alarm (by Lessa Warren & Lexi Jordan) CSI. A hit and run leaves Warrick in the hospital and the rest of the team tring to find out who the driver was. (33)

Issue 16

Ouch! 16 was published in 2004 and is 162 pages long.

cover of issue #16
  • Target of Opportunity (by Erica Michaels) Magnificent Seven (ATF Denver AU). When Vin sees that Chris and Ezra are in trouble he sets himself up as a target, an action with unintended consequences. (also in Magnificent Seven Special Gen Collection) (16)
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul (by Audrey Lynne) Real Ghostbusters. When Ray gets sick he learns the real meaning of friendship. (5)
  • Grief (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. Starsky is still recovering from Terri's death, but it's slow going. Tissue warning!(11) (winner of a 2005 FanQ)
  • Escape (by Gemini) Professionals. Bodie has been captured, but he's determined to make good on his escape. (7)
  • Links (by Denyse M. Bridger) The Equalizer. A spring break trip turns into a fight for survival and Scott isn't sure Gage will ever forgive him. (21)
  • Dialogue (by Gemini) Professionals. Bodie and Doyle are awaiting rescue, and needing to pass the time. (6)
  • You Know that Wyoming Will be Your New Home (by Susan Macdonald) Alias Smith and Jones. When Heyes gets shot, Curry has no choice but to surrender. That act lands the boys in prison for 20 long years, but they still have hopes the governor might come through. (16)
  • Operating Instructions (by Lynda Tysdal) Riptide. A missing scene from "Box Busters." Nick and Cody have to say goodbye when Murray heads out for his new job. (7)
  • Mr. Morton's Bachelor's Party (by Jill I. Collins) Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Getting married can get darn complicated when you have friends like Lee Crane! A simple bachelor's party goes horribly astray. (15)
  • Moments in Time (by Ariane Rivendell) New Mission Impossible. Max and Grant have a heart to heart. (4)
  • Sad Tidings (by Sheila Paulson) Real Ghostbusters. When Ray suddenly loses the Christmas spirit the others are worried, when he leaves them a suicide note, they panic. (19)
  • A Mother's Love (by Brate) Dirty Dozen: The Series. A letter from home has Leeds in a funk. (3)
  • Nothing but Trouble (by Ariane Rivendell) New Mission Impossible. Max believes that his mistake might have cost Nicholas his life, or worse. (20)

Issue 17

cover of issue #17

Ouch! 17 was published in 2005 and is 170 pages long.

  • Against All Odds (by JJJunky) Horatio Hornblower. A series of accidents befalls Hornblower, each one coming closer to ending his life. (43)
  • The Flower of Montana (by Susan Macdonald) Alias Smith and Jones. The Kid is captured and Heyes is forced to rescue him. Too bad he gets caught, too. (20)
  • The Portal (by Sheila Paulson) Real Ghostbusters and Lord of the Rings. Egon finds himself in Middle Earth, meeting interesting people and battling orcs. (27)
  • Lesser of Two Evils (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. An undercover assignment turns deadly for Starsky when his cover is blown. (17)
  • Responsible Parties (by Lynda Tysdal & Rachel Eiland-Hall) Riptide. The agency is busy, and Murray seems to be slipping when it comes to his usual efficiency. (33)
  • The Towers (by Teri Sarick) Now and Again. Michael is having dreams, at least he hopes they're dreams. (6)
  • Going Home (by Lessa Warren) The Dead Zone. Walt and Johnny have to break the news of his father's passing to Bruce. (7)
  • Alone in the Dark (by Kathleen A. Klatte) Medical Investigation. A missing scene from the series finale. (1)
  • A Light in the Darkness (by Kathleen A. Klatte) Medical Investigation. A missing scene from the series finale. (1)
  • Long Night's Journey (by Kathleen A. Klatte) Medical Investigation. A missing scene from the series finale. (2)

Issue 18

Ouch! 18 was published in 2006 and 180 pages long.

  • With Somebody (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. Starsky is there for his partner. (4)
  • The Rest of the Iceberg (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. Hutch knows there's more his partner needs to tell him. (7)
  • Company in the Darkness (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. A freak accident leaves Starsky alone in the silence and the darkness, alone except for one anchor. (12)
  • Before It's Too Late (by Lynda Tysdal) Riptide. Murray's need to write a eulogy forces the three friends to consider what's really important in life. (6)
  • Responsible Parties (by Lynda Tysdal) Riptide. Murray is feeling guilty, but his friends are more than ready to forgive him. (4)
  • The Best We Can (by Lynda Tysdal) Riptide. When Nick and Murray crash in the Mimi, Cody is left with nothing to do but wait for rescuers to reach them, wait and hope his encouragement can keep them going until help arrives. (30)
  • The Cascade Caper (by Susan Macdonald) The Sentinel and She Spies. Jim and Blair join with four feds to help protect an activist, but nothing ever goes that smoothly for these two! (22)
  • Looking for a Reason (by Kathleen A. Klatte) Medical Investigation. A missing scene from the series finale. (2)
  • Beached (by Mady Bay) Hawaii. Danny and Chris end up in trouble while crashing a drug dealer's party. (9)
  • Crash and Burn (by Mady Bay) Hawaii. A helicopter crash leaves Danny and Chris injured and the bad guys closing in. (11)
  • Who Live By the Sword (by Brate) Dirty Dozen: The Series and Jericho. The Jericho team needs the help of the Dirty Dozen to pull off an assignment in France, but the mission takes a deadly turn when four of the men head off to retrieve a priceless artifact. (32)
  • The Oath (by Sheila Paulson) Lord of the Rings. Pippin has an oath to make. (5)
  • The Denethor Solution (by Sheila Paulson) Real Ghostbusters. Charlie Venkman has really done it this time, a con has gone bad and it's Egon who might pay, a price far too high for Peter to accept. (25)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 18

[Company in the Darkness]: When an explosion blinds and deafens Starsky, Hutch is his only anchor. My favorite hurt/comfort story, it is awesome. [2]

Issue 19

cover of issue #19

Ouch! 19 was published in 2007 and 164 pages long.

  • The Archery Range (by Sheila Paulson) Lord of the Rings. A mishap at the range leads to an injury. (6)
  • The Princes of the North (by Susan Macdonald) Wizards & Warriors. When he is hurt, Dirk must accept help from those he'd prefer not to. (5)
  • Thirty Minutes (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. Half an hour can seem like forever when you think your best friend is mad at you. (10)
  • After the Storm (by Lynda Tysdal) Riptide. Murray's thoughts as he remembers back to what his life was like before he went to work with Nick and Cody. (4)
  • Bonds (by Denyse Bridger & JM McClure) Equalizer. Scott is hurt and Harley is paying the price. (54)
  • Lessons in White (by K Hanna Korossy) Supernatural. When Dean is hurt, Sam takes care of him - always. (5)
  • Soar Like an Eagle (by Rhiannon) McKenna. Brick McKenna knows that there is nothing he can do to make his father understand him, or love him for the son he is, but knowing that and facing the reality are two different things. (70)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 19

[Thirty Minutes]: K Hanna Korossy is a wonderful and prolific writer, and she excels at hurt/comfort. Thirty Minutes is a great example of her work. It’s a tightly written account of the first half hour after Starsky's been shot in a bank robbery -- told from Starsky's point of view as he fades between the grave reality of his rescue and dreamlike recollections of a falling-out with Hutch, all with the thirty-minute clock running. [3]

Issue 20

Ouch! 20 was published in 2008 and contains 204 pages.

cover of issue #20
  • Anybody's Partner (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. Starsky's old partner tosses a wrench into his current partnership with Hutch. (22)
  • Vienna (by Lynda Tysdal) Riptide. A missing scene from the episode "The Bargain Department." (7)
  • Grounded (by Mady Bay) Hawaii. A tag to the episode "Underground." (5)
  • The Binder of Souls (by Sheila Paulson) Stargate SG-1. The team runs into an entity they're not sure what to do with. (29)
  • Detained (by K Hanna Korossy) Supernatural. Sam ends up in the right place at the wrong time. (9)
  • Judgment Day (by Lexi Jordan and Harmony Miller) CSI Las Vegas. The team knew this day might come, now Warrick's life hangs in the balance. (43)
  • The Schoolmaster's Tale (by Susan Macdonald) Alias Smith and Jones. When the Kid is hurt, Heyes takes refuge in the only place he can. (16)
  • Could This Day Get Any Worse? (by Winter) Hawaii. The detectives end up at lunch in the wrong place at the right time. (32)
  • Closer to Home (by Winter) Hawaii. Chris and Danny end up in trouble. (31)


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