The McCoy Files

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Title: The McCoy Files
Publisher: Jill Thomasson
Date(s): 2015-2016
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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The McCoy Files is a gen Star Trek: TOS zine with stories by Jill Thomasson.

The stories are reprints from other zines and have been "updated."

Issue 1

The McCoy Files 1 was published in April 2015 and contains 115 pages.

  • Crossed Signals, 14 pgs. (originally published in 1992 in Idylls #8) Will Doctor McCoy find romance on the Enterprise? Or will cupid’s arrow go astray?
  • Tomb of Fear, 21 pgs. (originally published in 1992 in Orion #31) Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam down to a desert planet filled with Egyptian-styled ruins to find a team of missing research scientists and battle a murderous creature.
  • Winged Demons 22 pgs. (originally published in 1994 in Idylls #10) In response to a distress signal, a search party beams down to an uncharted planet in the Omega sector. But they soon find that the aliens are dangerous and McCoy may not survive. This is a sequel to Crossed Signals.
  • The Trojan Horse, 28 pgs. (originally published in 1995 in Encounters #4) A scientist once a friend of McCoy’s is working with Koloth to destroy the Enterprise. Will his destructive device fitted into a cyborg of the doctor blow up the ship or will he try a more devastating means?
  • Blind Man’s Bluff, 28 pgs. (originally published in 1998 in Ouch #2) When their space shuttle crashes, Spock and a blinded McCoy must battle dangerous scavengers, both human and alien.

Issue 2

The McCoy Files 2 was published in March 2016 and contains 109 pages. It is the "Golden Anniversary Edition."

  • Doubts, 10 pages, originally published in 1991 in Encounters 2. (McCoy is suspicious of Kirk’s current love interest and sets out to prove she is dangerous.)
  • Last Straws, 14 pages, (originally published in 1990 in DFKIAS and again in 1991 in Encounters 2) Both a research accident and Romulans threaten McCoy’s life.
  • Yeti, 39 pages, originally published in 1993 in Encounters 3. (When a transporter malfunction occurs, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are stranded on a planet’s frozen tundra, but sightings of a fur-covered creature that walks like a man proves more deadly than the harsh climate.)
  • Rebellion, 28 pages, originally published in 1993 in The DeForest Kelley Compendium Supplement 2. (Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam down to Zion II as Federation arbitrators. They are to meet with the opposing factions and bring a halt to an ongoing rebellion. But the Starfleet assignment may cost the doctor’s life after he disobeys orders to treat villagers suffering from an epidemic and is captured by rebels.)
  • Complications, 15 pages, originally published in 1995 in Tantalus 8. (When Spock and McCoy return to the Enterprise, it is discovered that both are suffering complications from their time on Sarpeidon. It’s complications of the heart for Spock as he recovers from the loss of Zarabeth, but complications of a fatal nature are affecting McCoy.)

Issue 3

The McCoy Files 3 was published in March 2018 and contains 121 pages.

This fanzine is a compilation of four updated and reformatted stories:

  • Theories, (originally published in Tantalus #4) 31 pgs. A mad scientist tests his mind control theories on McCoy. Will he kill his best friend?
  • The Replacement, (originally published in The DeForest Kelley Compendium 1st supplement) 24 pgs. When the Klingons’ healer dies, they abduct McCoy to replace him.
  • The Deception, (originally published in Abode of Strife #19) 44 pgs. McCoy stumbles into a dangerous phaser smuggling ring Kirk is investigating.