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You may be looking for Code 7, a Starsky and Hutch zine.

Title: Code 47, Level 3, Authorization 10 1
Publisher: Middle "C" Productions
Editor(s): Denise Stoltenberg
Date(s): 1990-1992
Medium: print zine
Fandom: War of the Worlds
Language: English
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Code 47, Level 3, Authorization 10 is a gen War of the Worlds anthology.

submission request published in The Blackwood Project #6

From a 1990 submission request: "The first issue is now open for submissions! Guideline requirements are: PG-
rated material only; no slash; no overt
 violence; no suggestive language."

Issue 1

Code 47, Level 3, Authorization 10 #1 was published in 1990 and contains just over 300 pages.

front cover of issue #1, Barb Johnson
back cover of issue #1

A flyer in The Blackwood Project says that "Two [1] of the stories listed in this zine appeared in Cell-Phase Matching but have been included for the sake of continuity. You have an option, however, to obtain C47 without these stories if you've already read them. Without the two stories, the price is $16.00 Just specify which format you'd like."

  • Editor's Page (For Your Eyes Only)
  • Among the Philistines (missing scene) by Denise Stoltenberg (also in Cell-Phase Matching #1) (1)
  • Official Memos from General Henry J. Wilson (3)
  • Judgment of Solomon by Denise Stoltenberg (also in Cell-Phase Matching #1) (4)
  • Tomb of Lazarus by Denise Stoltenberg (also in Cell-Phase Matching #1) (48)
  • Lamentations by Denise Stoltenberg (98)
  • This is for Remembrance by Denise Stoltenberg (141)
  • The Evil that Men Do by Denise Stoltenberg (225)
  • Unto Every Time... by Sandra Stoltenberg (261)
  • A letter to Starlog (281)
  • a letter to Frank Mancuso, Jr. (283)
  • Where the Silent Wind Blows by Sandra Stoltenberg (286)
  • special section called Quinn's Gallery featuring works by Chris Haire, Barb Johnson, Lee & JJ MacFadden and Lana Merkel (287)
  • flyers for other publications (296)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Code 47 is a novel by the editor in the form of short stories in the same setting. The main theme seems to be that Paul Ironhorse cannot be happy because there has been so much tragedy in his life, so much that he feels unable to give of himself, and he can't give his love to more than one person at a time. While we all love a wallow, this one has taken the idea to uncomfortable, and wordy, extremes. Throughout the zine there are long, open conversations between Paul and almost anybody else dealing with his feelings and past loves. Some of these go on for many long paragraphs. The Paul Ironhorse I saw on TV would not "spill his guts" at all, or perhaps under very harrowing situations. Look how hard it was in "Vengeance is Mine." I just couldn't believe that he would have those words coming out of his mouth. And the panting, unrequited love for Suzanne was embarrassing.

However, there were some nice sequences in "Lamentations," where Harrison has been lost in a plane crash in the snow. This story relies on adventure for the plot, and not much on the Paul/Suzanne tension. Norton gets work to do and has some excitement of his own. I liked the scene where Harrison is trying to come to grips with the necessity of eating a rabbit he found frozen in the snow.

But then the story goes back to Ironhorse's tragic love life. But then the story goes back to Ironhorse's tragic love life.

The writing style is wordy and stilted. Ironhorse's background was improbable and unlikely -- particularly regarding his age during his early (read: young) military career.

I have read a lot of fanfic, as much B7 and WOW as I can find, so this isn't a comparison to professionally published works.

Characters in fanfic should be kept as shown on the screen, or believable explanations for why not shold be made. The Paul and Suzanne in these stories are so wimped-out as to not be believed. The Ironhorse family background reads like a soap opera; likewise, Paul's experiences after his return from a Vietnamese POW camp.

Quinn's Gallery (nice title) has some poetry and artwork by Lana Merkel, Lee & JJ MacFadden, Barb Johnson, and Chris Haire. This section was done very well and the artists have done terrfic work.

Perhaps next time, the editor can be herself edited in the effort to improve her writing skills and to get a second opinion before letting her work see print. [2]

Issue 2

Code 47, Level 3, Authorization 10 #2 was published in March 1991, approx. 300 pp. -- they stopped numbering after 275 or so. There is a gallery of illos at the end.

cover of issue #2

The round robin story, Junior is My Name, was originally meant to be published in this issue, but due to the "graphic description of mayhem," it was published separately.

  • Judas by Denise Stoltenberg (Quinn's army makes a surprise attack on Whitewood. Coleman hovers near death as Harrison and Omega Squad search for Sylvia. Ironhorse is out of the country on a secret mission, and Norton must deal with a security leak that threatens the Cottage.)
  • Quantum Warrior by Jo Seaver (crossover with Quantum Leap -- Sam suddenly finds himself in the body of a certain Colonel.)
  • Forgive Us Our Debts by Denise Stoltenberg (The Advocacy send their agent to infiltrate Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, the headquarters of the Strategic Air Command.)
  • The First Noel by Tammy Croft (The team helps Ironhorse learn how to celebrate Christmas.)
  • Children of Light by Denise Stoltenberg (It has now been a year since Q'Tara left, but now the Synth is back, pursuing a renegade who brings shocking news for the Blackwood Project about their ally from Qar'To.)
  • To Curse the Darkness by Cheryl Benson (The team discovers that a new SF novel too closely parallels their own secret work.)
  • Night Sounds by Denise Stoltenberg Twin Peaks/War of the Worlds story (Strange goings are happening in Twin Peaks, and the team decides to check it out.)
  • Jack of All Trades by Devonne Ashleigh Sterling (Ironhorse is sent to London on assignment by General Wilson, and a series of Jack the Ripper-style killings suggest alien involvement.)
  • Exodus by Denise Stoltenberg (An alternate to the Second Wave, using first season format and characters from the second season.)
  • Quinn's Gallery (artwork and poetry)

Issue 3

Code 47, Level 3, Authorization 10 #3

Issue 4

Code 47, Level 3, Authorization 10 #4 was published in 1992 and contains 362 pages.

cover of issue #4
  • Days Of Future Passed Book One—Prelude To Disaster: The Day Begins (69 pages)
  • The Stranger With My Face (Crossover with FANTASTIC JOURNEY) (7 pages)
  • Days Of Future Passed Book Two—Transition: Forever Afternoon (32 pages)
  • A Time To Kill, A Time To Heal (7 pages)
  • Days Of Future Passed Book Three—Illusions: Nights In White Satin (86 pages)
  • Interlude: The Stars Shine No Less Brightly When Clouds Obscure The Skies) (3 pages)
  • Dodger (Crossover with CHINA BEACH) (9 pages)
  • Where Eagles Dare (Crossover with TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY) (25 pages)
  • Parable: The Last Wall (6 pages)
  • And The Shadow Of Death Stain It (4 pages)
  • Exodus: The Conclusion (35 pages)
  • Big Bird To Freedom (Crossover with CHINA BEACH) (5 pages)
  • Pan Troglodytes (Crossover with QUANTUM LEAP) (3 pages)
  • The Wizard Of If (Crossover with THE WIZARD OF OZ) (5 pages)
  • Forge Of Honor (26 pages)
  • Empty Solitude (5 pages)
  • Interlude: Shadows (4 pages)
  • The Company Of Angels (3 pages)
  • Illustrations (17 pages)


  1. ^ appears to be three
  2. ^ from The Blackwood Project #8