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Synonyms: emoporn, idfic
See also: id vortex, kink, wangst
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A fanfic is called a wallow if it self-indulgently lingers on certain id vortex elements, in particular h/c, angst or smarm, and draws these out beyond what would be necessary for plot or character development in a more minimalist style, and is sometimes repetitive in going back to the same angst or h/c buttons again and again, i.e. "wallows" in them. For example Beach could be described as a wallow, as it takes over twenty chapters for Jim and Blair to get from the beach to a motel. There is a certain overlap of "wallow" with emoporn, but the latter does not indicate the same sense of being drawn out or repetitive as wallow. The term is sometimes used with a negative connotation (similar to wangst), but can also be used neutrally.

Examples of Use

  • In S and H #37 (1982), the term "wallow" is attributed to a fan named Anne in the Blake's 7 fandom. It had a letter talking of the term wallow, "Anne [in the Blake's 7 fandom?] invented the term 'wallow' for over-emotional writing, and she will be remembered for that, if nothing else."
  • From Interphase #3 (August 1976): "Dig right in, all ya closet McCoy-freaks. Enjoy. Devour. Wallow!"
  • From a 1983 review of The Possessed: "No, I did not enjoy this zine, but those who enjoy wallows with sexual overtones possibly will." [1]
  • From an author's description of her Starsky & Hutch story, Parenthetically Speaking: "An exercise in the art of a minor wallow." [2]
  • A group of fans wrote The Generic Wallow in which they poked fun at the formula.


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