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Name: Master and Apprentice Archive Recs
Date(s): 2005–2011
Moderator: favyan
Founder: favyan
Type: fic rec
Fandom: Star Wars
URL: m_a_recs
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m_a_recs was a Livejournal comm for posting fanfiction recs for fic posted on the Star Wars slash archive Master and Apprentice. It was suggested on JournalFen and started by favyan.[1]

MA.org is a huge, huge archive of Star Wars slash fics. Most of them suck.

Every now and then, though, you may get lucky and run into a real gem of a fic. The metaphorical rose growing out of a pile of shit.

If you happen to find such a thing and decide to post here, it'd be nice if you offered these four things, in no specific order, in your post:

1. Name of the fic
2. Name of the author
3. Link to the fic
4. A short explanation of why you think the fic is good

This community is not made by nor has any affiliation with masterapprentice.org. It's simply made by a fan who loves the site but hates digging through it trying to find something worth reading.[1]

m_a_recs received 13 posts and 32 comments between November 26th, 2005 and July 13th, 2011.


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