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Title: Beyond Antares R-Rated ("B.A.R.")
Publisher: Astrex; R & S Clarke
Editor(s): Susan Smith-Clarke and Joanne Keating
Date(s): 1981(?)-1994
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Beyond Antares R-Rated is a slash and het Star Trek: TOS anthology with nine issues.

It is the sister fanzine to the gen Beyond Antares which was also published by the Astrex Star Trek Club. Copies of both sets of fanzines are in the Australian National Archives.."[1]

From Media Monitor, "More adult Star Trek fiction by the group from down under, a definite good read for those who want a good, dirty read!"

Issue 1

Beyond Antares 1 - R Rated contains 47 pages.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Beyond Antares 2 - R Rated was published in December 1981 and is 43 pages long.

  • First Contact (10 pages)
  • Together, a poem by Sharon Carter (reprinted in Communicator #9 in 1983)
  • Fille De Joie (11 pages)
  • Interlude (3 pages)
  • Illustrations (8 pages)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

There were only 100 copies were made, so they are probably sold out now, but the editor indicates that further issues were being planned. In the first story, 'Contact,' the Enterprise passes through a barrier which enables to her to leave her ship's body and take on the from of a beautiful (of course) young woman and have a close encounter with Kirk. Unfortunately, the ship cannot function without her, so she had to return to whence she came, but at least Kirk learns that she does not just 'take and take,' that she returns it all as best she can.

Another feature of this issue is the poem, 'Together.' I don't care much for Kirk/Spock stories, since they all seem necessarily out of character, and I don't like many fannish poems since they usually lack any real impact, but this one was well-written enough to get my attention. In it, Kirk recalls past lives when he and Spock were together, beginning with Alexander the Great, and then proceeding through what seems to be mostly Vulcan history. The poem assumes that these reincarnations have no connection with the blood ties of past lives, or the dust of any particular world it evolved from, that people cna be reborn on different worlds in different forms but with the same emotions. It would seem that beneath diverse exteriors, all creatures are one in the galactic nest. An intriguing thought.[2]

Issue 3

Beyond Antares 3 - R Rated contains 40 pages. It is undated.

The short author's note says this zine was available to members of STAC, a fan club active in 1973, so this is likely an early 1980s reprint of a 1973 story.

front cover of issue #3
back cover of issue #

The zine contains a single poem called "Fiona" and a novel called "Just a Wee Bit O' Scotch," both by Susan Clarke. The novel is a love and adventure story featuring Montgomery Scott and an ofc named Fiona.

The story was originally written in August 1969, and is an example of published drawerfic.

On the cover:

  • "Just a Wee Bit O' Scotch" by Susan Clarke.
  • "Dedicated, in revenge, to twae bonny lassies, who, methinks, are wee faggots and daft buddies... (but then aren'twe all?)"
  • "Note well that this is a copy of the original manuscript of "Just A Wee Bit 'O Scotch" by the original authoress—all other copies are of a stolen plot. This draft completed August, 1969."

From the zine: "Please note that this is the third issue of Beyond Antares, available for 75¢ to members of "STAC" (no postage charged)... This story was written a long time ago now (it hardly seems that long) so I'm sure there are a lot of technical faults in it that I would not make now. It was written for my own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of my friends. I do hope you will accept it for what it is and will like it and enjoy it yourself. I'll be glad to enter into correspondence with anyone over it."

Issue 4

Beyond Antares 4 - R Rated contains 32 pages.

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5, Roslyn Paterson
back cover of issue #5, Michael McGann

Beyond Antares 5 - R Rated was published in April 1985 and is 81 pages long.

The art is by Lana Brown, Shayne McCormack, Mike McGann, Roslyn Paterson, and Elsie Sager.

From the editorial:

For this issue, we are trying an experiment. Included is a section called "The Alien Connection" containing stories from Battlestar Galactica, TJ Hooker, and Blake's Seven. Some contributors have indulged their fantasies and provided what could only be called "wallow" stories, which have been added to this section of the zine, as well as those first mentioned. The fate of this section depends heavily on you contributions/response to it. No reaction, no continuation of this section. We wish to keep B.A.R. primarily Trekorientated. However, we will accept multi-universe stories as well as other media ones for our "Alien Connection."

You will note that this issue is 80 pages, spiral bound and (in our opinion) of really good quality. Doubtless you'll also have noticed the higher price. We hope that you won't mind this when you've actually read the zine.

From the description of the Minicon Wallow Story Competition:

A 'wallow' describes a particular piece of fan literature wherein the major characters must endure all manner of pain, suffering and other physical and mental hardship if they are to make it to the final page.

This type of story is a contrivance by which the author can force her characters (and I say HER because, like the 'Mary Sue' genre, the perpetrators are generally female) into closer physical contact and greater emotional visibility than is typical.

Although these stories do provide emotional satisfaction for a small section of their readership, most consider them tedious, or at best, humorous, hence the derogatory title 'wallow'.

The following short pieces were entrants in the MINICON 'wallow' competition. They are satirical of 'wallows' in general and T.J. Hooker in particular, and are very funny. (At least, they had the MINICON audience in stitches.) As the MINICON attendees thought they deserved publication, we would now like to share them with you.

The first entitled 'AN HOUR IN THE LIFE OF T.J. HOOKER' is a travesty of the T.J. Hooker television series. It plays very much on the 'the streets are a jungle' and 'you're not fit to spit on my boots, gutter-scum' language prevalent in the series. Although very violent in content, the piece is in fact a condemnation of the violence on 'cop' shows.

The second tale takes on a form intoduced to me by my first year English professor, wherein you compose a story, then delate certain vital parts of speech, (e.g. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, parts of the anatomy.) You then ask the assembled audience, who have not yet heard the piece, to call out the correct parts of speech to fill in the blanks, (e.g. You ask for a noun, answer 'Articulated Lorry', you ask for a verb, answer 'Undulate'. This game often brings out the smartass literati in all of us. The results are always humorous and often have everyone paralytic with laughter.

The last takes on the more conventional form of a 'wallow', where the characters must assist each other from one paragraph to the next; woebegone, limping and diseased though they may be. It was the eventual winner of the prestigious TURGID BEE AWARD for the worst wallow in the contest: an admirable achievement Jill.

As you (hopefully) giggle your way through theanext few pages, please keep this In mind: some people take this stuff seriously !#$£e*%#!

  • Editorial (3)
  • Prelude to Living by Ruth Collerson (5)
  • That Which Was by Lana Brown (Uhura/Kirk story) (7)
  • It's Lost, poem by Sue Clarke (22)
  • A Song, poem by Sue Clarke (23)
  • Untitled by Anonymous (25)
  • Lover? by Sue De Nim (26)
  • Like Father, Like Son by Yeoman Jones (Saavik/David Marcus) (27)
  • Omicron Delta IV by Sue Man Chew (Erotic dreams, both het and slash) (29)
  • Night Songs, poem by Bev Wright (34)
  • The Triangle Syndrome by Patricia De Voss (Chekov story) (37)
  • Truffles: The Roddenberry Fan Fund (46)
  • Memo to All Personnel by James T. Kirk (47)
  • Education by Anonymous (48)
  • Who Did What? by Anonymous (Sulu and Scotty return to the Enterprise battered and bruised, refusing to say how they got the injuries; it is suggested it was because they'd visited a S&M club) (49)
  • Reviews and Ads (reviews of What is Honor?, Spock Enslaved!, Companion #2, see those pages) (52)
  • The Alien Connection:
    • The Minicon Wallow Competition: An Explanation (a short explanation of wallow stories (defined here more as hurt/comfort, and the winners of a competition at a Minicon, entries were parodies of the genre) (58)
    • An Hour in the Life of T.J. Hooker by Ghengis R. Hawk and Nubile La Pash (There actually isn't any "hurt/comfort" in this story, just a Hooker being violent, horrible, and killing people in explicit ways.) (T.J. Hooker) (59)
    • A Wallow Entitled: PAIN, SUFFERING AND OTHER INTERNAL INJURIES by Karen Irving (written in the style of the game, Mad Libs) (Star Trek) (62)
    • A Wallow by Jill McNeill (64) (Star Trek)
    • The Eternal Triangle by Yeoman Jones (Starbuck/Boomer, Battlestar Galactica (1978) (67)
    • Avon—Towards Destiny by Sue Man Chew (Avon/OFC, Avon/Cally, Avon violently rapes a woman in brothel, has an affair with Cally. Reprinted from an unspecified issue of E-Man-Uelle. Blake's 7) (74)
  • Ads (80)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

50pp, offset, card covers, spiral bound. Compared to other 'R' zines this is to be congratulated for its sensitivity and subtlety. From Patricia de Voss we have 'The Eternal Triangle' featuring Chekov, the least known of the bridge crew. Both he and Kirk loose this one, Catherine Spenser. The 'Alien Connection' gives us Blake's 7 - Avon finding a compassionate Cally, wholly unexpectedly; 'The Eternal Triangle' from Battlestar Galactica, when one small mistake turns into almost a major catastrophe. T.J. Hooker and an African expedition for some Enterprise crew also featured. 'Omicron Delta IV' - a planet for pleasure? Or as McCoy says an Eden with a snake where wishes are granted literally! 'That Which Was' - Uhura running away but finding out you can't run. You have to stand and face your problems especially when they are your superior officer! Very enjoyable.[3]

Issue 6


This was promised to be an all-Blake's 7 issue, and all that material ended up going into the zine The Other Side instead. See more about this in the editorial for issue #7.

Issue 7

cover issue #7
1988 flyer for issue #7, click to read

Beyond Antares 7 - R-Rated was published in 1988 and has 80 pages. It was edited by Susan Clarke and Joanne Keating.

The front cover is by Lana Brown. Other art by Lana Brown, Gina Brown, and Sakura Allison.

This issue says it was copyrighted jointly by Susan Clarke and Bill Hupe, with Hupe having permission for North American distribution.

This issue is primarily slash. 'The Alien Connection' contains stories from Battlestar Galactica & others.

From the editorial:

Greetings and welcome to Issue Number Seven of Beyond Antares R-Rated. For the completists among you, there is no issue #6 as such. We'd promised a purely Blake's Seven issue for that and provided it in the form of Blake's Seven: The Other Side. That magazine unfortunately did what tribbles do best and we're currently typing #5.

This issue, we feel obliged to warn you, contains more slash fiction than we have previously published in B.A.R. It reflects, perhaps, the changing nature of adult fiction in Star Trek fandom at least. Although Blake s Seven fiction seems to be swiftly following this trend. It actually took Trek fandom quite a while to get to that stage. I read my first K/S story back in 1975 in GRUP but fandom had been well and aiive for 8 years and almost the entire time, there had been fan fiction - starting with THE SPOCK'S SCRIBES, then SPOCKNALIA.[4] It must have taken B7 fandom a whole twleve monthes before slash fiction raised its head (did I iust say that?) (Oh. Brother - Joanne) We'd like to hear from people about this. There's not too many places that you can express your opinions on the matter of adult fiction esp. since NOT TONIGHT SPOCK folded. B.A.R. will continue to come out - albeit irregularly - when we have enough material to do so, and when we have sold out of the previous issue. There are no past issues. However, we are considering doing a "Best of" collected volume if there is enough interest in our doing so.

  • Editorial (2)
  • An Earther Word by Lana Brown (Klingon/Romulan story) (3)
  • Eros Ascendant by Felicia Leonard (Kirk/Spock) (5)
  • Song, a poem by Bryn Lantry (10)
  • Human Love by Bryn Lantry (Kirk/Spock) (11)
  • Guru, poem by Bryn Lantry (13)
  • 1, 2, 3, poem by Edwina Harvey (Star Trek: TNG, the first for this zine in this fandom) (14)
  • The Lord of Katalin by Julie Bozza (Alley and Spock) (15)
  • Second Homecoming by Wally (Kirk/Spock) (25)
  • Spock's Price, poem by Julie Bozza ("with thanks and appreciation to Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath, for "The Price and The Prize") (36)
  • Shadows in the Air by Peter Graham (Klingon story, sequel is in Katra: The Living Spirit (misidentified as Katra: The Erotic Spirit by the editor. The sequel is called "And Lay Her Essence Bare.") (37)
  • The Alien Connection (67)
    • Emergency Mission by Su Man Chew (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) (Starbuck/Boomer) (68)
    • Failed Experiment bu Su Man Chew (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) (R-Rated) (72)
  • Reviews (78)
  • Ads (80)

Issue 8

cover of issue #8, Michael McGann

Beyond Antares 8 - R-Rated was published in 1990 and contains 80 pages.

It has art by Mike McGann, Robert Jan & Melody Rondeau.

From the editorial: "Once again, we reiterate -- we want Trek primarily -- all forms of Trek -- then any other media in an adult framework... not necessarily about sexual relations -- just about adult feelings and relationships."

Issue 9

cover of issue #9, Michael McGann. Note: Marked for sexual assault/rape; minimized.

Beyond Antares R-Rated 9 was published in February 1994 and contains 125 pages. It was a special explicit het edition and may include some slash edition. Front cover art by Michael McGann, no interior art.

From the editorial:

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the dealers' room, and go back to reading your adult Trek fiction, Clarke & Keating Ink break the drought with their latest issue of BEYOND ANTARES R RATED... #9 in this rather stretched out series. But what an issue, and certainly worth the wait with the material!

Liandra Burton comes from across the Tasman, which makes her a distant cousin of a kind. She approached us at a convention with a plain brown sealed envelope and the wishes that we opened it after we got home as this kind of thing is still illegal in New Zealand. And it is! Be kind to her as a new slash writer, but do share your reactions with her as she wants to know.

Wally, who is perhaps best known for being a Professionals writer au extraordinaire, comes to us with a great slash story about Kirk and Spock. And before you say, but of course, we introduce a new writer to B.A.R., Sheri Hawke who offers a Picard/Riker story to its pages. TNG is long overdue to be introduced and we hope this will herald the way for more stories. Yes, that's a hint!

This might have been an all-slash issue without the contribution by J.M. Lane. J.M. has written a long story of change which, although there is a homosexual relationship in it, chronicles Spock's evolving relationship with Christine Chapel. This story took a lot of thought and time to develop and I am sure that J.M. is keen to hear what you think.

Lastly, but definitely not forgotten is Roslyn Von Werstak's story of Spock and Saavik's relationship, especially after Genesis. It is very softly written about what would be a sensitive subject for a non-emotional (or trying hard to be) Vulcan. Her poetry will touch you.

Dolly Weissberg's poems are a joy to present - sensitive and evocative and we appreciate her waiting so long to see them in print.

We're pleased to present this latest issue, and we look forward to continuing the series of zines. In fact we have something special coming up for the next issue, concerning spies, Klingons and lots of hot scenes.... spying's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. However, we are still, and always, looking for good material of an adult nature to go in the issues. We put out the zines when there is enough material to make an interesting, varied, and good issue. We welcome the chance to read your contributions, so please do send them in. An s.s.a.e. so that we can let you know that they have arrived safely and that we are using them, would be appreciated. With overseas contributors, please include 2 i.r.c.s for an airmail reply. Also, if your contribution is a long one - anything over 10 pages - please send a copy of it on 3.5 inch disk as well. It makes our typing job a LOT easier and your disk is always returned to you afterwards. There was no "Alien Connection" this issue as we had no contributions from any other genre submitted, however, we will include this section whenever we have material for it.

  • Editorial (2)
  • Shore Leave by Liandra Burton (Kirk/Spock) (Kirk teaches Spock to play racquetball, then they go get massages. The massages turn sexual, and Kirk tricks Spock as he takes the place as one of the masseurs.) (3)
  • Dialogue by Liandra Burton (Kirk/Spock) (poem) (10)
  • A Little Bit of Good P.R. by Sheri Hawke (Picard/Riker) (They both get drunk at a party, have sex, don't remember it the next morning, but then decide to have more sex now that they're sober.) (15)
  • My Beloved by Dolly Weissberg (poem) (18)
  • Images by Wally (Kirk/Spock) (19)
  • Caught Between Two Worlds by Dolly Weissberg (poem) (36)
  • No Dammit by Liandra Burton (Kirk/OMC, Kirk/Spock) (37)
  • Sweet Captivity by JM Lane (Spock/OMC, Spock/Chapel) (52)
  • Memories Past by Roslyn Von Werstak (poem) (118)
  • Loose End by Roslyn Von Werstak (Spock/Saavik) (119)


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