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Synonyms: Whump, hurt/comfort, get'em
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Bonk has at least two fannish meanings.

One, it is a slang term for sexual activity.

Two, it is a synonym for whump or hurt/comfort. According to To Slay or Not to Slay: Why We Write 'Get-em' Stories -- & Love 'em!, and one primarily used in early UK fanworks.

Examples of Use

Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.



  • from an ad for Doin' the Job: "Lots of bonking on Martin, lots of great smarm..."
  • from the editorial for Zap: "Zap 3' is the same formula as usual, 'Kirk-bonking Janet-Quarton-style,' with only one exception."
  • from The Bizarro Zine: "Bonk the Seven -- Get-um stories are great--but what happens when everybody's hurt and there's nobody left to comfort?
  • from the editorial of Reckless Emotion: "Herein you will find (she said modestly) some of the finest angst (hoo-boy!), bonking (physical and emotional), male bonding (with NO slash) and lots of comfort (not much hurt) ever put between the covers of a zine."
  • from a review of Double, Double: "It will not disappoint anyone looking for something more than the run-of-the-mill, bonk-and-pity-Peter stories so rife within this fandom."
  • a panel at Orac: "Bonks and Wallows: Why you always hurt the one you love."
  • in 1987, an editor included a glossary of terms in Gambit #1 (a US-published zine about a British fandom): "Bonk/Bash: Not to be confused with "bang," a story in which the main character suffers numerous calamities both physical and mental. Better known in the U.S. fandom as a hurt/comfort story."