Janet Quarton

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Name: Janet Quarton
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Janet Quarton is an influential and long-time Star Trek fan. She lives in the UK and has been a participant in the UK Star Trek fan community since the early 1970s.

She was was the president of Star Trek Action Group from 1973 and 1981. She wrote: "I joined STAG as soon as I saw it advertised and was always proud of my membership number -- no. 2." [1]

Janet, along with Sheila Clark and Valerie Piacentini, founded ScoTpress which published 145 zines between 1975 and 1996.

She also ran a number of cons: the STAG and Empathy Star Trek Midi-Con and STAG Con in 1981.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation character Q was named after Janet. [2]

In 1991, Janet wrote of her involvement with Star Trek fandom and STAG, see A History of Star Trek Action Group by Janet Quarton.


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