Valerie Piacentini

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Name: Valerie Piacentini
Alias(es): Ray Newton, Jane Jones, N N West, perhaps Martin Coates
Type: fanwriter, zine publisher
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, The Professionals
URL: gen Star Trek stories on the ScoTpress site, slash K/S stories at the K/S archive; Professionals stories
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Valerie Piacentini writes Star Trek: TOS fanfic and was one of the founders of ScoTpress. Much of her gen fanfic was originally published in ScoTpress zines and is now available online at the ScoTpress archive. Ray Newton[1] and Jane Jones[2] are the pseuds on her K/S slash stories. She is also N N West in the Professionals fandom.

In 1991, Valerie wrote of her involvement with STAG and Star Trek fandom, see Memories of STAG and Star Trek Fandom by Valerie Piacentini.


Notable Stories


  • The Prize, a famous early Kirk-as-slave-story, and Ancient-Vulcan story.
    Summary: On a Vulcan where Surak's Reforms never happened, the warrior Spock acquires a Human slave.



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